My Old Computer + Music Room

Sometimes I miss the house my family lived in Thrikkakara from 1987 to 2006. The house was completed by 1985 but we only moved in permanently in 87 and for the most part loved living in the house. The only problem was the location which was difficult to get to the city from unless you drove a car or a bike. And buses weren’t that frequent until the early 2000s. So shopping even for the basic stuff was difficult. We relied on shopping in town or one of smaller shop that eventually started creeping up as the population of the small semi-rural suburb grew. In terms of entertainment there was nothing. I usually stayed indoors unless I had to go out.

We had 4 bedrooms, 3 with attached bathrooms and 1 room that was intentioned to be the den/common room in the upstairs floor. My sister got 1, I got the smallest one and my parents used the other big main bedroom until a few years later when they still used the bathroom and kept their clothes in there but slept in the bedroom downstairs. For a long while the common room was not used until the early 90s when I commissioned a carpenter to take some wooden planks and stuff and build us a big book shelf that could also store a few other big items. This boo shelf and two old tables were the only pieces of furniture in the common room until late 1996 when I got my first desktop computer and it became my computer room. I put a nice big chair in the room as well and it became my room, except for sleeping which I did in my bedroom.

I spent many long hours in the room reading or listening to music (I moved one of my stereo systems into the room, placing it on one of the tables) or playing on my computer. During the years I had that system I didn’t have internet at home as it was still too expensive for me to get a connection at home and the desktop died on me back in 2003 (after quite a few parts were changed). But I still enjoyed my time spent in the sanctity of my room. If only my mom had allowed us to raise my dog Shawny indoors (she had this irrational fear of dogs because of something stupid her father did when mom was a child) – if so me & Shawny would have spent most of our lazy afternoons in the room accompanied by music. I still do miss that room.