Sweet Tooth Cravings

What is your favorite sweet thing to eat? Bread pudding? Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies? A smooth and creamy piece of cheesecake? Tell us all about the anticipation and delight of eating your favorite dessert. Not into sweets? Tell us all about your weakness for that certain salty snack.

Not very choosy when it comes to satisfying my sweet tooth. I prefer good ole ice creams – even a simple ice cream cone (well the flavour and toppings like nuts might be there) is fine with me. I prefer it. Especially during the long months here in Kerala when it doesn’t rain and can get quite warm. Some chocolate ice creams scoops go really well. If I’m feeling like having something more elaborate I’ll go for a big sundae or a multiple flavour, multiple scoop dish.

I’m not big on cakes but once in a while a big chocolate cake slice with some cherry and or frosting with shaved chocolate slices can be good. I rarely have cakes though. Though since I tasted the simple yet elegant & oh so delicious pineapple upside down cake, I crave it from time to time. But all said and done, after a good meal I can settled for a big chocolate bar. A plain one will do or ones with nuts, almonds and fruit bits. I keep it in the fridge or the freezer for a while and have it slowly while watching tv.

That’s the best thing in the world!

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The Five-Year Engagement

Released in 2012 The Five-Year Engagement is a romantic-comedy film directed and produced by Nicholas Stoller. who co-wrote the film with its lead actor Jason Segal. Judd Apatow co-produced the film which also stars Emily Blunt, Chris Pratt, Alison Brie, Mimi Kennedy, David Paymer, Jacki Weaver, Rhys Ifans & Mindy Kaling.

The story revolves around a couple named Tom, who is a sous-chef at a fancy restaurant, & Violet, a psychology PhD graduate, who get engaged a year after they first met and started dating. After Tom proposes they have a nice formal engagement party with both set of parents and friends and then are in no hurry to get married as they want the perfect wedding. However Violet’s sister Suzie, who was upset at the party hooked up with Tom’s best friend Alex and she get’s pregnant and so the two get married before Tom & Violet. When Violet gets accepted into the University of Michigan’s post-doctorate in psychology program which lasts two years, this means a further delay as Tom quits his job to move from San Francisco with Violet to Michigan. As Violet settles into the program and begins to enjoy life at the university with her professor Winton Childs and the other candidates, Tom is having a hard time finding a suitable job so he settles for making sandwiches at a cool but much smaller restaurant. Plus he is disheartened as his boss told him that she was going to make him head chef at a new restaurant in town. He also takes up deer hunting with a friend he made at a party.

Tom and Violet’s nuptials get delayed even further when Winton receives NIH funding with Violet’s help, enabling him to extend her program. As time passes Tom becomes increasing disillusioned with his life & work and it becomes obvious to Violet when she sees him eat a stale donut despite her saying that she would get fresh new ones – her main thesis on people opting to eat stale donuts versus waiting for fresh donuts, associating impulse-control problems with personal and professional instability. While drinking at a bar with her colleagues Violet unloads to Winton about Tom and he kisses her. Regretting it, she goes to Tom and tells him that she wants to get married immediately and Tom happily agrees to make the plans.  Everything goes well until Violet decides to confess to Tom about kissing Winton. Tom gets disillusioned about their relationship, which reaches a climax when Winton comes to Tom and Violet’s rehearsal dinner to try to apologize. Tom chases Winton but is unable to do much as a much fitter Winton runs off. A drunken Tom then runs into Margaret, one of his Zingerman’s co-workers and has the chance to have sex with her, but opts out. He wakes up half-naked in the snow with a frostbitten toe, and he is taken to the hospital where the toe is amputated. Violet visits Tom at the hospital, before they call off their engagement once they arrive home.

Tom moves back to San Francisco and takes a job as sous-chef under Alex at the restaurant that should have been his to run and also starts a relationship with the hostess Audrey. However he finds it exhausting to keep up with her hyper lifestyle (which is so funny). On Violet’s birthday he talks to her and she blurts out that she saw him eat the stale donut and about her study, which angers him. Tom’s parents and Alex see that Tom is dissatisfied with his new life and motivate him to act upon this. He is fired by Alex who says he should be doing something of his own. Inspired Tom starts his own specialty Taco stand run outta truck which does well. Violet, meanwhile has been in a relationship with Winton and receives an assistant professorship at the university, but becomes upset when she learns she got the job because she was dating Winton rather than her abilities as a researcher and breaks up with Winton. After the death of her grandmother she goes to England for the funeral and is surprised to see that Tom also made it to pay his respects. He rekindles his relationship with Violet and breaks up with Audrey once he gets back to San Francisco.

Violet stays with Tom for a couple of weeks, working with him in his Taco truck until it’s time for her to go back to Michigan. While driving Violet to the airport, Tom says he can take his food truck to where she is and continue their relationship. However Violet proposes to him and says that they should get married right then and there. Tom reveals the engagement ring he gave her initially, stating he was planning on proposing to her at the airport. They both agree and head to Alamo Square Park where Violet has organized for their family and friends to be waiting for an impromptu wedding where Violet allows Tom to choose between various options for the officiant, clothing and music, and they finally get married.

Funny, really hilarious in places, gross and sweet in some scenes this is a really good fun movie to watch. I’m surprised that it didn’t do well – it just made $53 million on a $30 million budget. What’s up world – it’s not gross enough for you? I must say that it looked like Segal couldn’t get Paul Rudd to play his best friend’s role and so went out and go Rudd’s younger brother – no not really but man does Chris Pratt look, sound & act just like Paul Rudd. 8 outta 10! I liked it a lot.