How My Blogging Has Changed

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“How has your approach at blogging changed since you first started your blog?”

When I first started blogging back in 2002 on Blogger, it was more of updates from my life. Hey I did this, hey I went there or this happened this week. And basically I felt I wanted to start a blog because I had just moved from my hometown of Cochin to Calicut (a city 5 hours away) and living away from my friends and family, I though it was a good & cool way of sharing what I was doing to my people. I even had the tag line “A Cochin boy living in Calicut” for it. I also would just state what I had seen in movies or tv and any albums that I had purchased but no reviews. Also I probably had one or two small posts each week. Yeah, compared to an average of 2 posts a day now and several movie and tv series episode review these days. And I wrote a bit about my life there and the things happening at the company.

Once I came back to Cochin (in 2003) I blogged a bit more but the style remained. Later my blog morphed into a profile of football & hockey players with the odd wrestling bit thrown in as well as football match reports. I wanted to start afresh and thus created a new blog in the 3rd quarter of 2005 which is more in line with what I am doing now. And I follow the adage of one of the first bloggers I started following, Toronto Mike, in that this is my blog and I write about me, everything that I like and love and things that I feel strongly about. And that’s the only way I want my blog, a personal blog, to be unless it’s a themed blog – cooking, photography, travel etc.

I prefer this format for personal blogs. And the blogs that I follow are mostly like that as well.

Coins In A Fountain

Have you ever tossed a coin or two into a fountain and made a wish? Did it come true?

I’ve seen this done so many times in the movies and on tv shows that I really want to find a fountain somewhere near me and tossing a coin in. But the only ones I have seen here are in the lobbies of big hotels and if you drop a coin in their fountain…they will throw you out.

I think it’s an Italian thing isn’t it? Or maybe the French – these two nationalities are the ones who always come up with these romantic things. And they’d look so cool doing it to, with flair. I dunno but seeing it happen in a tv show or in a movie is always sweet and nice to see. I like those moments that are probably a throwback to the old days.

So the next time I am near a fountain, I will throw a Re. 1 coin and wish for my dream woman to come and find me!

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