Taking A Short Trip

I’m heading out to the state capital city Trivandrum (name officially changed to the local language name of Thiruvananthapuram but I and a lot of others still call it Trivandrum) later this afternoon. It’s about 4 hours or so and I’m traveling by KSRTC bus. I’m going there to attend an interview at one of the companies in the Technopark area. I’ve been in contact with them via a recruitment agency from Friday and directly from Monday. I will take the bus this afternoon and hopefully reach there by evening without too much of a hassle and spend the evening at my aunt’s house. Her only son, my cousin lives here in Cochin with his wife & son.

I will attend the interview at around 10 am tomorrow and post that head back to the KSRTC stand and wait for the next bus back to Cochin. I haven’t been to Trivandrum in over a decade. Last time I was in Trivandrum – summer of 2002! I remember that I watched the World Cup finals between Brazil & Germany with two of my cousins, at my aunt’s house drinking a couple of (brandies I think) with dinner. A couple of my cousin’s friends were also there for the evening.

So until tomorrow evening, adios amigos!