Trip To Trivandrum

So I’m back from my little trip to the state capital of Trivandrum. I made the mistake of taking the bus both to and fro, which resulted in a longer journey both times. By train it would have taken me 4 hours & 30 minutes on average but the bus rides were both 6 & a 1/2 hours both ways. KRSTC does take it’s own time. Next time I will ensure to take the train.

I left to the bus station after a quick & early lunch from home and as soon as I reached the station I was blasted with a hot wave of urine & shit smell! Ah, India how sweet you smell! The problems persist in the 21st century and the train stations and some trains and bus stations have that familiar yet disgusting smell that reminds you that “progress” is a selective state. I only had to wait 15 minutes for a bus headed for Trivandrum and with my bag and two purchases I made at a concession stand at the station – a cold bottle of water and a packet of biscuits – I was the first passenger to enter the bus, pay for my ticket and take a seat. It was an uneventful journey, with only the heat and the duration being of note. I reached Trivandrum city at 7:40 pm and took an auto to my aunt’s house – which surprisingly I remembered the way once we reached the housing colony. As stated in the previous post, I hadn’t been to Trivdandrum in almost 12 years.


I had some coffee and then took a bath before dinner. My aunt sleeps at around 10:30 pm and I retired to the guest room at the same time and read for 30 minutes before I too left for dreamland. The next morning after a bath, shave & breakfast I left for Technopark and went to get a pass to enter the giant IT park. I had a little trouble finding the office as it is a newer one in the park and they haven’t setup all the boards. I was in their offices for about 1 hr & 45 minutes and then left back to find a bus or an auto to take me back to my aunt’s place. The hot sun didn’t help me much and I was sweaty & tired as I reached her home for lunch. A 20 minute rest & after refreshing myself I went to the Trivandrum bus station and looked for a bus coming home. Once again I had a long ride, 6 hours plus and was thoroughly tired on reaching my apartment.

To make matters worse, the wire of the fan in my bedroom burnt off last night and I had to sleep in the living room as I needed a fan but couldn’t get comfortable enough and hence sleep lasted maybe 2 hours. At 5 am I took my phone and started listening to music in my bedroom as it was a bit more cooler and so was able to relax on my bed and sleep for a bit but yes the mosquitoes were biting! Still tired now at 1pm but atleast we got a person to fix a new fan.


At every bus stand this is a common sight – small stalls that sell you snacks, water, cool drinks, etc etc. We had a 15 minute stop over at Kollam for tea or coffee and I took this photo from my seat.