Day 2 Babysitting Barfi

The second evening with Barfi went without much incident as well. Reached there by 6:45 pm got Barfi from my sister’s in laws’ place and me and the Barfster went to the apartment and chilled for bit. While I had a coffee, he feel asleep at my feet as I got online. When I got hungry, I made myself a grilled cheese sandwich and Barfi wanted some of it as well. I broke off a piece and placed it in his bowl but dude was insistent that he wanted what was in my hand itself! So he ended up with half my sandwich.

At 8:30 pm I gave him his dinner and then took him out for a little walk. He slept as I made my little dinner and ate it in peace. However at night he didn’t sleep in the same room as me, he was playing with his toys out in the living room and didn’t even bother to check up on me at all. Here’s another video I made in the morning just after I gave Barfi his breakfast.

Take A Chance On Me

What’s the biggest chance you ever took? Did it work out? Do tell!

The biggest chance is one that I am yet to take. I have a decision to make in the next few days. I’m broke and I need money and therefore have been looking for a better job with better pay. Things have been tough. Well I got selected for and been offered 2 jobs. Unfortunately for me, I had to reject the first one because of the issues they seem to be having. They are a newer setup and the project I was interviewed for and got hired for was not the same as the one they wanted me to join. A few days after I came back from attending the interview in Trivandrum, I got the call saying that I was selected and they they would get back to me with details. 2 days later when the HR calls me, things have changed drastically from what we had discussed – the post was the same, salary was lower, project & process was different and the shift timings were terrible (4am to 1pm)

Now, knowing from recent experiences that late night shifts will create havoc with my health and affect my sleep and asthma problems, I was hesitant. Also the fact that I felt that this company was not organized enough. 2 days later they called again for confirmation and were still sketchy with the details. I stated the fact that I was not comfortable and asked for an email with details and an offer letter. They sent me the confirmation email on the date of joining but no offer letter or details and I was to join 2 days later, as dates changed. I said no and explained why in the email. They said “let’s see what can be done” but haven’t called back till now. That was on Monday (14th April).

Since then I have applied for, interview over the phone and been selected for another job which I feel  is better for me but…there’s a couple of issues. One is that the job requires for me to travel quite a bit within the state – which they were upfront about from the get go. Which is fine since they will reimburse me for stay, food and travel. That’s alright, even if I do not like traveling much. The second part is this trip for an induction to be held in Mumbai (Bombay) which they didn’t tell me during the interviews but sent me the info in an email! And the cost of travel and stay is going to be terrible on my already broken down wallet. They will reimburse me but… I’m sure that the cost of just the stay is going to be way, way more than what I can get reimbursed as per their policy.

So I am in two minds right now. I will be discussing this to the regional head when I meet him this afternoon. I am very apprehensive about this trip because of the cost but what else do I do?

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