Wander Lust

Tell us about the top five places you’ve always wanted to visit. GO!

I’ve always wanted to go abroad and other than India, where I am from and where I live, I have only been to ever been to Kuwait (born and raised there for 11 years) and a brief trip to the UK but I was around 2 years old and do not remember. So, here are my top 5 places that I’ve always wanted to visit in order:

  1. Canada – especially part of Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta & Quebec
  2. The United Kingdom – England & Scotland baby; I want to pub a pub
  3. The United States Of America – a select few states & cities especially parts of the East Coast and West Coast uptil San Francisco
  4. Spain – who doesn’t want to visit Spain
  5. The Netherlands – especially Amsterdam, Rotterdam & Utrecht

So that’s my 5

Prompt from the Daily Post at WordPress.com.