The Things I Never Got Around To

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do, but never got around to starting (an activity, a hobby, or anything else, really)? Tell us about it — and tell us about what’s keeping you from doing it.

There’s a bunch of stuff I’ve always wanted to do but never got around to starting like:

  • learning to play the guitar, the keyboards and the drums
  • never took flying lessons
  • never completed swimming lessons
  • never got married and found a home with the wife
  • never took up French lessons
  • never got my driver’s lisence
  • never bought a good camera
  • learn how to cook food beyond my tried and trusted few stuff
  • learn how to play chess
  • join a gym
  • start and stick  to an exorcize program
  • get a tattoo
  • shave my head bald
  • go on a long trip to see the places in India I want to see
  • go abroad on a holidau
  • move to Canada

I’m not commenting on reasons why I haven’t started any of them (except I do know how to ride a motorobike and can swim a bit but am not good at holding my breath underwater).

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I Am A Bat Bad Man

Another stupid baby bat flew into the apartment. It flew inside in circles and then came into my room as I opened the door. After 20 minutes of it flying around my room it came to a stop on my curtains. Finding no way to guide it to the open windows, I whacked it with mosquito bat and broke it’s wings I guess. I scooped it into a plastic bag, while it screeched and tried clawing at the plastic, and threw it out from the balcony. One semi-dead bat!