Roaring, Belly Busting, Tears Streaming Laughter

What was the last thing that gave you a real, authentic, tearful, hearty belly laugh? Why was it so funny?

Recently, I was rewatching episodes of Friends & Fraiser and they always put me in a good mood and make me laugh. And yes, no matter how many times I watch the episodes of these shows I still break into hearty, belly laughs with tears coming down my cheeks as I wallow in mirth & humour. Also I watched an old Abbott & Costello clip that made me shake with laughter and I nearly fell off my bed as I was laughing uncontrollably!

Oh and even more recently? Well last night’s scoreline in which Germany completely destroyed / annihilated Brazil at the World Cup semifinals with a devastating (for Brazilians and their fans) scoreline of 7 goals to 1! An asskicking of the ultimate order! I laughed so hard at the Brazilian fans and players crying and the memes that have popped up all over social media sites.

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Desolate Frame Of Mind

If you could paint your current mood onto a canvas, what would that painting look like? What would it depict?

I don’t think I would want anyone to see the mood I am in painted onto a canvas. It might be horrifying for a vast majority to see. Especially the kids and the young adults; please have parental supervision.

Imagine a blood soaked, nuclear wasteland of a landscape. Imagine a sky filled with dust, debris, smoke and waste falling all over the atmosphere. Imagine screaming, screeches and horrifying roars and wails. Imagine dead bodies, ripped flesh, blood dripping, broken skulls and bones and dead babies littered all over the ground. Imagine the most horrifying monsters, ghouls, creatures & demons roaming around feasting on the carcasses and the remaining humans and animals. Imagine flesh being ripped apart in the jaws of these said creatures.

That’s what it would look like if I were to paint my mood onto a canvas. Cheerful, isn’t it?

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If I Inherited An Old Grand Mansion

You just inherited a dilapidated, crumbling-down grand mansion in the countryside. Assuming money is no issue, what do you do with it?

If I win a grand mansion which needs a lot of work but if I had the money to renovate it, I’d fix it up and make it a luxurious guest house / tourist home and run an ayurvedic health clinic in there. You know the kind where guests book a room or suite to stay for a few days while they get their ayurvedic treatment done in house.  That’s what I would do, since it’s a big business here. I’d hire a few ayurvedic practitioners, medics & masseurs who are skilled in their trade and I’ll manage the whole thing.

Lots of foreigners come to Kerala as well to get treatment for a few weeks at a time. I’ll make it rich. Make sure it’s like a resort thing, arrange for some good chefs to prepare good, scrumptious food for the guests and also set up a gift shop at the entrance so that the guests buy some knick-knacks as a memento of their say in my mansion. That would be great and I’ll hopefully make a lot of money through it!

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My Prize For Winning A CCD Twitter Contest

About 2 months ago I had taken part in a caption making contest that Cafe Coffee Day was running on Twitter. They had 10 photos and chose the funniest for each as the winner. I was the winner of the 2nd photo. I finally got the prize delivered to my residence (albeit after following up with them on Twitter as well as email)


This afternoon while I was out I got a call from FedEx informing me about the package and I have them directions to my apartment. As I was away mom signed it for me.


The first item in the box is this espresso machine that you see above here. Kinda works like a filter coffee I guess. I have never used one before but I will try it out say by tomorrow.


The second item in the package was a tin of Dark Forest coffee that Cafe Coffee Day sells in their stores and on online. I will try that one out as well as soon as say tomorrow. Hope it is good!


The third item is the large coffee mug that you see on the right. It came in this little box. Unfortunately I already have a very similar coffee cup that I had bought from CCD a couple of years back. It’s basically the same with just some added images – truth be told the added images makes the cup look rather tacky and I much prefer the old design!


Now the bad thing – the coffee cup comes with a saucer. However the saucer was broken in transit and I got it in several pieces, as seen here in the photo below! I dunno if it was the fault of FedEx but that is terrible!


And the last item in the box is this “Cafe Moments” card that they sent me – it works like a debit / prepaid card at any CCD outlet and they had put in Rs.100 in the account to start me off. The total value of the prize package is Rs.1000. Here is the video of the unboxing in 2 parts.

A Walk Around Iqauit, Nunavut

Alex and Luke are Canadian social media travel superstars who have this project of visiting every state, province & territory in North America and learn about the people & places. This video is their visit to the remote northern territory of Nunavut in Canada. The very new territory is little known by most North Americans, so they set out to explore and share our findings for your behalf. Watch as they walk around the city of Iqaluit (Nunavut’s capital city) and discover all sorts of interesting and sometimes quirky things.

The Three Ultimate Wishes

Remember those lovely genies who grant wishes? Well, you’re one and you’ve just been emancipated from your restrictive lamp. You can give your three wishes to whomever you want. Who do you give your three wishes to, and why?

If I were a genie and I just became emancipated from my restrictive and very cramped lamp and I can give three wishes to whoever I want – and it’s not me – then I would have to think about it a lot first.

See the way I look at it I would give it to a person who will think like me and chose the following three wishes:

  1. Every human being is granted excellent health and access to easy & heavily advanced medical care that can be kept in all homes and used as easily as say applying deodorant or using a razor and which enhances our bodies and those of our animal friends so much that we stop all illness and even aging so no one dies.
  2. Everyone has beautiful homes so that every human being individual or families takes up dogs and cats as pets and can provide plentiful food and drink to everyone using food and drink dispensers that will installed in each house and the dispensers/replicators can also create clothing and other materials for you as well.
  3. So now that we have eradicate hunger, thirst, homelessness, illness and death the third wish is for easily accessible for all intra & inter galactic exploration so we can get down to increasing our knowledge of the universe.

If anyone can promise to wish for these three things than I shall grant them wishes to you!

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2014 World Cup – Quarter-Finals

The quarter-finals are done and the 4 teams that I fully expected to win and go through to the semi-finals are through. But it wasn’t easy for any team and it looked like it could go any which way. So our semi-finals for the 2015 will look like this:

Germany vs Brazil : Germany and France had somewhat similar routes to the quarterfinals; they both started out with a bang and scored multiple goals in their opening games but things slowly petered out and they both had a solitary goal win and a draw in their next two matches and another low scoring win. But while Germany looked solid in defence and more likely to score the French had only Benzema and to a lesser degree Pogba who looked sharp in attack. Germany scored in the 13th minute through Mat Hummels and looked like they could score more but in the end it was enough. Brazil has similar style of a run as Germany but they are at home and have a huge advantage behind them. They faced a battling Colombia in the quarterfinals who gave them a run for their money but it looked like the hosts were on a gear higher and scored early as Thiago Silva gave them the lead. Just before the 70th minute Brazil scored again from David Luis before James scored via a deserved penalty to give the yellow fellows a tense last 10 minutes of the game. However Brazil will be without their star Neymar (out injured) for the rest of the tournament while captain David Luis is suspended for the Germany game. Advantage Germany in a huge way.

Netherlands vs Argentina : In a rematch of the 1986 semifinals Argentina faced off against Belgium, another side that is a dark horse in the tournament. And for the first time since 1990 (24 years) the Argentines are through to the semis after a solitary goal victory by Gonzalo Higuain which came as early as the 8th minute. That would prove enough for a win as the Belgians faltered to score even though they had plenty of chances and came close. Netherlands faced off against Cinderella side and unlikely quarterfinalists Costa Rica who took the game to the Dutch. The Dutch came close to scoring on several occasions and especially in the extra time they hit the cross bar twice and the goal post once. Will no goal come for the attack minded Dutch? And then in what is being hailed as the best substitution in the history of the World Cup, coach  Louis van Gaal sent Tim Krul in virtually the last few seconds of extra-time just to take the penalties as he and his coaching staff that the Newcastle goalie was better suited to saving them than first choice Jasper Cillessen to save the penalties and he did, saving two out of five! What a tactician! An unlikely world cup hero and the answer to a trivia question for the years to come. I give a slight edge to the Dutch against Argentina as they seem to be cool as cucumbers even when things aren’t going their way.

The Odd Trio

Today, you can write about whatever you what — but your post must include, in whatever role you see fit, a cat, a bowl of soup, and a beach towel.

She woke up at the crack of dawn to clean the apartment from ceiling to floor and wall to wall. This was our first date and she wanted to create an impression and she told me over the phone last night that I was about to be blown away. She was planning a big 3 course meal with a big desert and possibly more! The ‘and possibly more’ dangled at the end of the conversation like the most tantalizing of delicious juice fruit from a tree. I was excited and couldn’t wait for the next evening to role by.

She finished cleaning the apartment and then fed the cat and then started dinner going but it was getting late. The food wasn’t getting cooked in time and she still had to take a shower. I was on my way and stopped to by a dozen roses, a bottle of expensive wine and a box of chocolates. And only a quick stop at a drug store to get a packet of condoms. You know, the “and possibly more” part! She had just stepped out of the shower and grabbed a large beach towel to check on the food when I reached the building. As she set the table and placed a bowl of soup on the table to check on the taste, I got into and rode the elevator to her floor. The cat however was giving her trouble and jumped on top of the table and knocked the bowl of soup onto the floor. At the same time, I rang the bell and opened the door as I saw that it wasn’t locked.

So all this happened at the same time and with the sudden ringing of the bell, the cat jumping onto the table and knocking the bowl of soup onto the floor which also splattered some of the hot soup onto her leg. She yelled in fright and her towel came off the knot and fell onto the floor as I stood there and gaped at her awesome nakedness. That was a sight to behold!

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The Midnight Meat Train

Based on a short story by Clive Barker, The Midnight Meat Train is a 2008 horror movie directed by Japanese director Ryuhei Kitamura and stars Bradley Cooper, Leslie Bibb, Brooke Shields, Roger Bart, Ted Raimi, and Vinnie Jones. The movie looks like a cross between Sin City style production and Creep which is also about an subway/underground based killer / horror creature.

The story is pretty simple – a well dressed and strong looking man is assaulting and killing passengers who board the midnight subway trains in New York City. Without saying a word or letting on as to a motive he brutally kills them with a meat hammer and a hook. And unnatural strength. He is shown to be wearing a large ring with an 8 pointed star. The bodies are never found. Leon, a professional photographer is taking photos of NYC at night on advice of Jurgis, his friend & contractor, as he has been criticized by his peers for leaving a dangerous scene too early before taking the maximum shots. One night he saves a Japanese model from being abused by a trio of gangmembers and takes their photos but points to the security camera that could be used to identify them if they try and kill him. The gang leaves and the model thanks Leon before entering the subway train – the door of which was held open for her by the mysterious killer.

When Leon sees that the girl is shown to be missing in the papers the next day he decides to conduct his own investigations. His research leads him to believe that a butcher named Mahogany – who he had photographed at night and who has confronted him and chased him away – is the culprit and that he has been killing people in subways for the last 3 years. Leon takes his photos of the model and the gangmembers he shot, as well as a shot of the model boarding the train which clearly shows a hand holding the door open for her, to the cops but the lead detective Lynn Hadley is more suspicious of his motives. Leon’s girlfriend Maya also does not believe him and starts to worry as the investigation turns into a dark obsession that seems to be haunting him. Leon follows Mahogany to the subway train and witnesses a bloodbath as the butcher kills several passengers before hanging them on meat hooks. Leon is seen by the butcher and passing out on the subway floor, he awakes the next morning in a slaughterhouse with strange markings carved into his chest. The same detective investigates but finds no evidence of there having being killings on the train.

A concerned Maya takes the help of Jurgis and go through the photos and follow Mahogany to his apartment. When he is out they break in to find clues and discover small body parts in glass jars but Jurgis is caught and brutalized as Maya escapes. She goes to the cops but the detective threatens to arrest her for breaking and entering when they investigate and do not find anything out of the ordinary. Later however a cop calls Maya to tip her that Mahogany is about to board a subway train and she goes to see if she can find Jurgis. Leon meanwhile steels himself and goes after Mahogany armed with his own weapons only to find he butcher cornering Maya. The two men fight a bloodied battle until just before the train stops Leon is able to push his adversary off the train. As the train stops, the couple see that they have reached an underground cavern filled with bones of dead people. The conductor (who was shown helping and bossing Mahogany in an earlier scene) comes to the compartment and tells them to step away from the meat. And then a few terrifying reptilian creatures board the train and start feasting on the dead bodies hanging on hooks.

A still alive Mahogany arrives and knocks Maya aside, and fights Leon once more before the photographer finishes the job at last by impaling the psychotic butcher’s skull on a blade. Mahogany grins in his dying throes, speaking the single word “Welcome!” The conductor then comes and overpowers Leon and beats him up and rips out his tongue. A bloodied Leon is helpless and can only watch as the conductor kills Maya with one of the butcher’s knives. He explains to Leon that the creatures have always existed below the city, and that the butcher’s job was to keep them satisfied by feeding them every night. These creatures have existed longer than mankind and there are a chosen few who serve them lest they wreck havoc on the entire population. Leon was marked a possible replacement as it was felt that Mahogany needed to be replaced and now having killed the butcher, Leon will take his place. As the movie ends, in a later scene the detective (also one of the chosen few) hands the train schedule to the new butcher, who wears a ring with the eight pointed star on it, a symbol for the group that feeds the creatures. It is Leon who now wears a similar suit and goes to the subway and boards a train.

Made on a budget of $15 million the movie only made back around 8 million back, flopping at the box office. It’s a weird little movie that has it moments but does little to spark the imagination. Lots of blood flying about and some body parts being mangled and cut out but it ends up being a little cartoonish. I give it a 6 outta 10!

Not A Party Animal

Since many are marking their country’s “birthday” in the US today, we wanted to ask: How do you celebrate yours? Are you all for a big bash, or more of a low-key birthday boy/girl?

I used to love parties. Have a big cake, lots of good food, get presents by family & friends and have a blast. Enjoy myself and have other enjoy themselves as well. I used to have those kind of parties held by my parents at our home until I was 18. Then I got fed up of the idea of having a party thrown at your house by you and your folks.

Honestly I can’t remember what I did for my birthdays for the ages of 20-25. They seem to be a blank and not in the good way. I just don’t think I celebrated them with much aplomb other than perhaps having some good food bought from a hotel or perhaps made at home and ate in silence in front of the tv along with my folks. My 26th birthday was spent in Calicut as I worked there at the time and since it was Friday I spent the evening siting in a bus riding to come back home to Cochin and eating a late dinner with my parents. 27th birthday was at home and I remember that I bought my first cell phone on that day as a present to myself.

My 28th birthday was spent at the hospital as my mom was admitted there for a few days. My 29th was a lonely affair but one I seem to remember so fondly (you can read the simple way I celebrated it here) for some reason. My 30th was a similar one but I actually forgot that it was my birthday until almost 11:30 am! I spent the evening post work at a bar. 31 was with my two best friends at a bar drinking it up and having a blast. 32 was with a colleague in a bar. My 33rd birthday saw me with a sprained ankle that I had suffered a few days before but I still did have a bit of fun (you can read about that here). My 34th birthday was a rather nice and special one as I took my team out for an early dinner (which you can read over here) but to make up for it my 35th & 36th birthdays were sad affairs. Last year was just fine but this year – it’s gonna be the worst one ever! I gua-fucking-ran-damn-tee it! It’d gonna be a sad, sad affair! Fuck it!

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Food Review Video #12

For my 12th food review video it’s Pizza Hut’s Chilli Paneer pizza. Late one Sunday night as I napped at home my parents, my sister & her kids were out shopping and they brought back dinner for me. Is a paneer, onions & chillies pizza. Apparently they ordered a chicken something pizza but got handed this one by mistake. Didn’t feel like it was chicken! Anyway it was good. I would rate it a 7.5 outta 10!

I Am South Indian, Not East Indian

An online chat with someone, an American, I recently met through a Facebook group.

He : Are you East Indian?

Me : No I am South Indian.

He : Where’s that?

Me : South part of India

He : Yeah but you are East Indian, right? From India?

Me : No, I am South Indian from India. My home state is Kerala which is in the south. If I were from West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha and also the union territory Andaman and Nicobar Islands, then I would be an East Indian!

He : No! Indians from India are called East Indians.

Me : I am Indian. And I am South Indian. Because I am from the south part of India.

He : This confusing! I’ll talk to you later!

The Ridiculous Behaviour Of Indian Cricket Fans

A huge bunch of Indians can be an intolerant & idiotic lot who sit in their mighty big well and believe that the world outside does not exist. This latest incident just highlights the moronic behavior of these assholes. Maria Sharapova earned the wrath of some Indian cricket fans who were miffed when she replied “I don’t” when an interviewer asked her if she knew who Sachin Tendulakr was. The reason the question was asked was because Tendulkar was in the stands along with some other other major celebrities including David Beckham. Sharapova knows who Beckham is and has met him a few times but being a Russian, who has also spent a lot of time in the US, she is not a cricket fan and is unaware of the man considered and called rather ridiculously as the ‘god of cricket’ by most Indian cricket fans as well as some abroad.

The response of these miffed idiots was to litter social media and in particular Maria’s official Facebook page with abuses, taunts and spam to show that they are are ignorant & intolerant bunch of idiots! They started a hastag in Twitter called #whoismariasharapova and the story of this incident was carried in numerous websites and the comments in some of them can shame the rest of us Indians who know how to differentiate between an insult and someone not knowing a sportsstar from a sport she does not follow and has no interest in.  Indians would not major stars of some other sports but cricket, tennis & football – yes they do know! And that’s because those sports are popular here. It’s simple logic and yet this simpleness escapes the “brains” of these idiots.

The behaviour of some section of Indian cricket fans is typical of the ignorance / rudeness / backward thinking of some sections of our society. This whole ‘incident’ has highlighted not Maria Sharapova’s ignorance of a sport that is celebrated in only a few nations but the fact that some Indians know nothing about the rest of the world! Most non-cricket playing nations would be hard pressed to name Tendulkar or any other top cricketer. It’s like ice hockey or baseball – 99% of Indians do not know the name of the NHL legends or the baseball greats whereas even little kids in Canada and the US will know their fav sport personalities and same for European & South American nations. I don’t like cricket, I personally couldn’t care any less about it. The only reason I know Sachin & Dravid and them players is because I live in India where these names are on constant rotation on tv, newspapers & social media. Stop acting like idiots and behave like decent human beings!

OLP Drummer Jeremy Taggert Leaves Band

This was shared by the band on their official Facebook page on 30th June – but because of my internet problems I only read it today.

It is with sadness that we say goodbye to Jeremy as the drummer in OLP. Jeremy was important to us all and we wish him nothing but the best as he explores life outside OLP and pursues new goals.

A wise man once said “change is the law of life and those who only look to the past are certain to miss the future.” We will always treasure our past but we are truly excited about the future. We’ve just finished recording new music with producer Mike Elizondo and will be showcasing some of the new material on the upcoming summer shows.

We look forward to seeing you all this summer.

Raine, Duncan and Steve

A google search later I found out that Jeremy had announced it on Monday himself that he has left Our Lady Peace after 21 years with the Canadian rock band. “It’s been an absolute wonder to grow up in this band,” Taggart said in a statement posted online in which he called his decision “sad.” The drummer added: “I’d like to thank all the incredible people who accepted us into their hearts, and supported our (my) dream of making records and playing concerts.” Taggart said he is looking forward “to the next step in my life” and insisted he will continue to support Our Lady Peace.

Taggart was only 17 when he joined Our Lady Peace, who held auditions in 1993 to replace drummer Jim Newell. He performed on all eight of the group’s albums. Our Lady Peace has several shows scheduled this summer, including July dates in Victoria and Edmonton and August gigs in Lewisporte, Nfld., Niagara Falls, NY and Toronto. “I will not be playing any OLP shows this summer,” Taggart explained on Twitter. “I encourage you to go and get banged up there anyway.” The band, fronted by Raine Maida, is reportedly in the studio working on new material. Our Lady Peace has not yet commented publicly on the departure or how it plans to replace Taggart.

Taggart is one of my favourite drummers in the world and he is a fun guy to watch on tv interviews. It won’t be the same without him in OLP.

2014 World Cup Round Of 16

The long matches have come to an end and by that I mean the pre-quarter finals or round of 16 games. Never have so many games gone to extra-time or been won in the dying minutes in any tournament ever played. The stronger & more favoured teams won but they struggled to do and I guess the heat and humidity played a big factor in this. But we have a good lineup for the final 8 and things look very exciting. So after a 2 day break from matches, we will see on July 4th:

Brazil vs Columbia : Brazilian superstar Neymar & co will face a big hurdle in the form of Columbia with their own superstar in the making James Rodriguez, who has already scored 5 goals in this world cup. Brazil needed a penalty shoot-out to book their place in the quarter-finals of the World Cup after a 1-1 draw with Chile in Belo Horizonte. David Luiz claimed Brazil’s opener in the last-16 encounter after 18 minutes, but replays suggested that the final touch may have come from Gonzalo Jara after Thiago Silva flicked an inviting corner from Neymar towards the back post. Chile found themselves level shortly after the half-hour mark as Alexis Sanchez capitalised on a lack of communication in the Brazil defence, firing beyond Julio Cesar and into the bottom corner. It took a tense penalty shootout in which Brazilian goalie Cesar emerged as a hero to save a couple of shots for Brazil to win and advance to the next round. Columbia’s win over a toothless (ok I just had to do that) Uruguay side minus the suspended Luis Suarez was more straighforward with a James brace enough to shut down their South American rivals.

France vs Germany : Unfancied Algerians took the game to the Germans, who has started the tournament on fire but has gradually slowed down, and it needed two goals from André Schürrle and Mesut Özil broke the deadlock, if not Algerian spirits. The Algerians got a consolation goal from Djabou in the dying minutes of extra time but it wasn’t enough to stop the Germans. France too were finding the going tough against a spirited Nigerian side who seemed to play better each match and who seemed to threaten more than the fancied French side. It took a 79th minute goal from Pal Pogba to break the deadlock. For 78 minutes, Nigeria’s Vincent Enyeama had been inspired in standing up to everything that France could throw at him. But then, just seconds after making a fingertip save to deny Karim Benzema, he rushed at a cross and gifted Paul Pogba what proved to be the decisive goal. A mix-up in added time with Joseph Yobo subsequently gave far more comfort to the scoreline than the French players had felt at any point of the match.

Netherlands vs Costa Rica : Netherlands played Mexico on a terribly hot & humid day that saw a sort of record being set – for the first time in the World Cup, FIFA declared that there be given a 3 minute break for the players to cool down and drink water due to fear of dehydration. The Dutch went behind in the 48th minutes ad Giovanni dos Santos scored and it looked liked the Mexicans would run away with a lone goal victory as the Dutch kept missing in the final 3rd of the field. But a superbly struck volley from Wesley Sneijder drew the match before Arjen Robben went down in injury time and the referee pointed to the penalty spot – Klaus Jan-Huntelaar converted to grant the win to the Dutch. Controversy struck when after the game Dutch winger admitted to diving to get a penalty in the 1st half but not for the penalty. Replays show that Mexican defender Marquez stuck his leg out and did catch Robben’s show toe and to me it looked like a penalty but Robben made the most of it and fell theatrically. Costa Rica faced off against Greece and lost a man in the 66th minute to a red cad. The game had to go to penalties after Greece equalized late in the game and the Costa Ricans came out winner.

Argentina vs Belgium : Argentina looked out of sorts against Switzerland and the game looked fairly open as the Swiss showed that they deserved to be there at that level of competition. They gave the Argentines a run for their money but couldn’t capitalize on the chances that they had in the match. Angel Di Maria scored deep in extra time to grant his nation a 1-0 win over the Europeans. And finally dark horses Belgium defeated the USA 2-1 in another game that went to extra time. Kevin De Bryun & Romelu Lukaku scored in the 93rd & 105th minute respectively to give the Belgians a deserved 2-0 win. Julian Green gave the fighting Americans a consolation goal in the 107th minute to give the Belgian players & fans a tense end of the game. But the Belgians would not be denied and saw their victory through.

Two days of rest and we will  have the battle of the last 8 on July 4th & 5th.

The Things I Never Got Around To

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do, but never got around to starting (an activity, a hobby, or anything else, really)? Tell us about it — and tell us about what’s keeping you from doing it.

There’s a bunch of stuff I’ve always wanted to do but never got around to starting like:

  • learning to play the guitar, the keyboards and the drums
  • never took flying lessons
  • never completed swimming lessons
  • never got married and found a home with the wife
  • never took up French lessons
  • never got my driver’s lisence
  • never bought a good camera
  • learn how to cook food beyond my tried and trusted few stuff
  • learn how to play chess
  • join a gym
  • start and stick  to an exorcize program
  • get a tattoo
  • shave my head bald
  • go on a long trip to see the places in India I want to see
  • go abroad on a holidau
  • move to Canada

I’m not commenting on reasons why I haven’t started any of them (except I do know how to ride a motorobike and can swim a bit but am not good at holding my breath underwater).

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I Am A Bat Bad Man

Another stupid baby bat flew into the apartment. It flew inside in circles and then came into my room as I opened the door. After 20 minutes of it flying around my room it came to a stop on my curtains. Finding no way to guide it to the open windows, I whacked it with mosquito bat and broke it’s wings I guess. I scooped it into a plastic bag, while it screeched and tried clawing at the plastic, and threw it out from the balcony. One semi-dead bat!