Arsenal 2 Manchester City 2

For a few minutes it looked like we were going to win and establish ourselves as title contenders with an emphatic victory at home over the defending champions. Well we managed a draw but were really lucky not to have lost the game to Manchester City even though Arsenal played well. Arsenal were denied victory by Martin Demichelis’s late equaliser as they fought out an entertaining draw with Manchester City at Emirates Stadium. England striker Danny Welbeck made his Arsenal debut after his £16m move from Manchester United – and should have celebrated with a goal only to strike a post when clean through early on.

Sergio Aguero made Arsenal pay for that miss by putting City ahead before half-time but goals from Jack Wilshire and Alexis Sanchez saw the Gunners in sight of a memorable victory. Their hopes were dashed when poor marking at a corner allowed Argentine defender Martin Demicelis to beat Arsenal keeper Wojciech Szczesny to earn a point seven minutes from time. Sadly if Szczesny left it, Matheiu Flamini was in the perfect spot to head it away. In a frantic finish, Aleksandar Kolarov hit the post for Manchester City and Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny cleared against his own post as the Premier League champions threatened to snatch the three points, which would have been very cruel on Arsene Wenger’s side. Then came that late flurry in which City almost won and Arsenal lost defender Mathieu Debuchy, taken off on a stretcher with an ankle injury, but a draw was a fair result.

Positives : Sanchez is paying off his high transfer cost and looks settled in the team. Wilshire was excellent today and hope he continues to find his form. Wellbeck looks strong and  in a few games could make some solid contributions.

Negatives : Defense, defense, defense! Arsenal will need to restock their defense as it seems easy for a speedy & pacy forward to slip past the current players. Also this is where that defensive midfielder would have come in handy. In January, Arsenal better buy defensively strong players. Ozil tends to look listless; why on earth didn’t Arsene bring on Chamberlain for him in the last 20 minutes or so where the Ox’s strength & pace would surely have given City some nightmares?

Senators Calling For Football Style Cheering Section

According to news reports from the Canadian capital, the Ottawa Senators are looking to create a soccer (football)-style atmosphere at the Canadian Tire Centre this season. In order to boost the team and regular fans who haven’t had much to cheer in the last few seasons, the Sens are hoping this boisterous loud support will work to their advantage. Section 319 will be cordoned off for the Red Scarf Union – the team’s official fan group – for 10 games this season, according to Chris Hofley of the Ottawa Sun.

The “official supporters section” will allow standing, chanting, signage and supporters will be encouraged to generate as much noise (and maybe a little hatred toward the opposing team) as possible. Ottawa may be tip-toeing into the idea, but creativity appears necessary for the Senators; they are the only Canadian franchise that has experienced attendance issues over the past few seasons.

Well we do need something. With owner Eugene Melnyk unable to pump in enough money to buy or trade for top players who can score goals and letting go of some of our marquee names, the fans need something. Lean years are ahead!

Spiritual Machines

Machines, appliances, and gadgets sometimes feel like they have their own personalities — from quirky cars to dignified food processors. What’s the most “human” machine you own?

I happen to think most appliances, machines and gadgets have their own personalities once you get to use them for a while. Initially everything is just lifeless but after a few weeks you notice the traits and quirkiness of your devices. Like you computers and your smartphones. Even you washing machine. Our washing machine, bought 8 years ago, is a real bitch. Plus she moves around quite a lot when we use her. And at an angle, always at an angle. I am the one who usually moved her back in place. It’s a small space where we keep her, at one end of the kitchen, so I just go in the gap and push her with my hip and ass.

Hmmm I don’t use that many stuff, I barely watch tv anymore so I wouldn’t notice anything about it but yeah the remote control acts like crazy. And why wouldn’t it when my dad drops it on the floor a dozen times a week? The remote should be going fucking bonkers by now. Atleast mom is more careful about stuff like that. I don’t use a stereo system anymore. My phone is ofcourse a character. I need to replce her as soon as I get some money together cause it is really getting outdated. I want a new phone. And a new laptop! Ugh! Sometime next year I guess. No money now.

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Death Do Us Part

Death Do Us Part is a low budget Canadian indi-horror flick of the slasher genre. Directed by Nicholas Humphries the movie was co-written & co-produced by Ryan Copple, Peter Benson &  Julia Benson. The movie stars married couple Julia & Peter Benson, Emillie Ullerup, Kyle Cassie, Benjamin Ayers, Christine Chatelain, Dave Colette & Aaron Douglas. The movie was shot in a remote location on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Canada.

Kennedy Jamieson is a wealthy socialite who has waited her whole life to have the perfect wedding. Engaged to the charming Ryan Harris, the young couple is just a week away from the big day but hasn’t had a chance to celebrate their respective bachelor/bachelorette parties. Ryan’s best man Chet books has booked them a remote cabin in the woods to throw them a ‘Jack and Jill’ stag that they’ll never forget. Joining them on the trip other than Chet is Kennedy’s sister Hannah & her best friend Emily as well as Ryan’s shady cousin Derek. On their way to the cabin it is obvious that they may not like each other; Chet used to go out with Hannah but she thinks he is very immature and all the girls find Derek a bit creepy while he & Chet seem to be inches away from a fight. Derek has been dealing drugs and Ryan doesn’t want him to ruin what could be a great weekend.

The caretaker of the cabin turns out to be a super creepy weirdo named Bo, who tells them that they can’t party at the cabin – what the fuck would 6 adults do in a remote place you idiot? – and shows them the place, which has dead birds in the front porch. After Bo cleans up a bit the party of 6 settles in – Ryan and the girls will take the cabin while Derek & Chet will share a trailer next to it. Hannah goes for a run into the woods where she meets up with Ryan and they have sex against a tree! Seems this has been going on for a while. Only problem is Emily, who was creeped out when she caught Derek leering at her from a window while she was changing, was on a walk by her own and saw the whole thing and she is shocked. While this is happening Bo, sneaks into the couple’s bathroom and leers at Kennedy taking a shower. As evening sets the parting & drinking starts as they dance and play games. Bo comes in outta nowhere and demands that they stop partying but the group promises to clean everything up before they leave. Emily gives a necklace to Kennedy who informs her that she & Ryan will be moving to NYC after the wedding, which upsets Emily. A little later Derek, who has been hounded by calls from drug dealers, asks Ryan to get $20,000 to bail him out as Kennedy’s family is loaded but Ryan refuses, saying he can’t and they have a little fight, which is also seen by Emily.

While Hannah & Chet and Kennedy & Ryan pair off to play a scavenger hunt, Derek walks out in the woods and is killed by an unseen assailant with an axe. The others panic and regroup in the house and find the phones all destroyed and the lights out. They try to leave but get separated and one by one they are picked out for death by the unseen assailant. Chet is killed in his trailer and dragged out to the woods, while Emily is also found next to him. The assailant has also messed with their vehicle so no one is escaping in the night. Hannah is offed next by the assailant wearing a mask. Suspicion falls on Ryan, as Emily had confessed to Kennedy that she had seen Ryan having sex with Hannah and that she has seen him punch Derek, and Kennedy runs away from him and she is finally able to get a knife and stab him while he attacks her. A distraught Kennedy walks into the cabin and puts on her wedding dress as she contemplates her life ruined and as she steps out she finds Emily staggering towards her. Emily says she was only dazed and pretending to be dead to hide from the killer and the two friends are about to leave when Emily blurts out and blurts out details of the ways the others died – which she couldn’t have seen as she was supposed to lying unconscious.

Kennedy realizes that it was Emily who was the killer all along and accuses her of killing the other 4. Emily cries and says that she killed them for Kennedy as Derek was dangerous and Hannah & Ryan were cheating on her. She admits that she got carried away and killed Bo & Chet but now the two best friends could be together. An angered Kennedy attacks Emily and stabs her. Leaving her for dead she walks away but Emily comes to and attacks her from behind and smashes her dead with a large rock. She walks away and is picked up by a cop car and taken to the sheriffs office where a deputy listens to her story. Emily tells the events that happens, pretending to  be Kennedy and at the end, clearly out of her mind, picks up a pen and stabs the deputy and leaves the station.

The low budget aspect really stands out; the killing scenes are bad and lack any real gore. The plot though good with it’s twists, is hampered by some corny & cliched dialogues though the acting is ok. I do wonder why mid 30 year old would act like 20 somethings though, especially Chet & Derek. It’s like a group of friends went to party in the woods and shot a film. Production is not bad for such a low effort and it clearly isn’t aiming to be anything more than what it is – an indie flick with a cast of tv actors. 5 outta 10!

ROSHAN’S ELEVEN : Audiobook Narrator For My Blog

Your blog is about to be recorded into an audiobook. If you could choose anyone — from your grandma to Samuel L. Jackson — to narrate your posts, who would it be?

  • William Shatner
  • Morgan Freeman
  • Patrick Stewart
  • Kate Mulgrew
  • James Earl Jones
  • The voice over guy from Honest Trailers
  • Whoppi Goldberg
  • Christopher Lee
  • Jerry Seinfeld
  • Christopher Plummer
  • Bill Clinton

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Clothes and toys, recipes and jokes, advice and prejudice: we all have to handle all sorts of hand-me-downs every day. Tell us about some of the meaningful hand-me-downs in your life.

I think all of these things should be hand-me-downs as long as they are good and still hold some value and are suited for the situation. The only things I wouldn’t want to be handed down are prejudices & clothes; best to be avoided but in some families due to shortage of money or some other stuff like that. Even if they have money parents may want to have kids pass on their clothes to their younger siblings atleast in their formative years. Which is ok.

Everything else is fine. Toys, recipes are very important and certainly jokes – the good ones especially. I remember a few like some bad jokes that has lasted 2 or 3 generations.

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SG1 – Learning Curve

In the season 3 episode “Learning Curve”, the members of SG1 have made contact with a planet named Orban and the humans who live on this planet are technologically more advanced & knowledgeable than earth. However they know nothing about the Goa’uld or their threat and very little about the Stargate. After first contact an exchange of information is decided upon; while Daniel Jackson and T’ealc remain on Orban and help the Orbanians learn more about the Stargate and pass on information about the Goa’uld, while Major Samantha Carter and Colonel Jack O’Neill return to Earth and await the arrival of Kalan, the Orbanian liaison, and an Urrone (apprentice) girl, Merrin, who presents Sam with a Naquadah generator, and Merrin remains behind to explain the generator technology to Sam.

The SG team learns that Merrin and other Urrone children like her have been implanted with numerous nanites in their blood steam as well as their brains. The nanites superseding her normal brain synapses Merrin explains that the nanites were designed on Orban, that all Orbanians carry them as a means to gather information, and that each Urrone is given millions of nanites to assist them in learning large amounts of information very quickly, accounting for the high intelligence of the Urrone children that had been observed. Merrin also tells the group that each Urrone must undergo the Averium and that at each Averium all of the Orbanians are given one nanite, but does not explain any further. Later Kalan explains that an Averium is a ceremony where an Urrone’s nanites are removed and dispersed among the population to increase the Orbanians’ knowledge. Kalan replies that all the children who have undergone Avarium will remain with the others past Urrone in an institution as they cannot be taught because his brain will reject nanites. Dr. Fraiser hypothesizes that as nanites replace natural synapses in a the brain, the Averium reverts an Urrone’s mind back to an infant state. Daniel asks if it has been attempted to teach Urrone children without nanites, but Kalan appears confused.

This does not sit well with the SGC personnel, especially Jack who believes that children should be allowed to be children. He wants Merrin to seek asylum on earth but she does not agree with him saying that being chosen for Avarium is a great honour. Daniel, who remained on Orban, prevents Kalan from attempting to travel to Earth without first sending an IDC, but Kalan insists he must retrieve Merrin, as without her the Orbanian scientists waiting for her nanites will be forced to wait another twelve years as another Urrone is chosen to specialize in Naquadah generators. Daniel realizes the effect that withholding Merrin is having, and takes Kalan to the SGC with him. General Hammond agrees to allow Merrin to return to Orban and undergo the Averium, but Jack intervenes and takes Merrin from the base, without permission. He takes her to an elementary school where he know the teacher and has Merrin interact with the kids in playing games on the playground (she, like other Orbanian kids have no concept of “fun” or playing games) and takes part in painting class.

Eventually, Merrin comprehends the task and enjoys painting, thanking Jack for giving her the opportunity. Jack offers her amnesty again, but Merrin insists she must return to Orban and undergo the Averium to help her people. Jack takes Merrin back to the SGC and gives her a box of crayons before she returns to Orban. General Hammond threatens to Court-martial Jack, but he merely replies that he was giving Merrin a chance to be a normal child and will accept any punishment General Hammond decides to give him, which sways him into giving Jack no punishment. Several days later Kalan asks SG-1 to return to Orban, and SG-1 is taken to the institution for past Urrone. The institution is now filled with children playing, rather than sitting around in an infant state, and SG-1 is informed that all past Urrone children will now learn, without nanites, after their Averium, as a result of changes caused by Merrin.

The plot of this episode shows earth humans, in this case specifically Jack O’Neill having trouble with the fact that the Orbanian kids not being raised the way earth kids are raised i.e, having fun & playtime while they also learn. Since their way is not our way he has a problem with it and tries to change it. He is ready to face tough consequences to ensure that the child gets a taste of what being a child is like on his world before she has her life altered. I find this to be a very though provoking topic.

Royal Baby? So?

A second #RoyalBaby will soon be joining the Windsors in England. Given the choice, would you rather be heir to the throne, or the (probably) off-the-hook sibling?

Great! So Kate & William are having another baby. Wonderful! I don’t understand all the excitement over the previous one, what’s his name George? So the prince & princess had a baby – who cares? Why should you go all ga-ga over it? I mean I know everyone loves babies and hey I am not immune to the effects of the baby coochie-cooing syndrome that seems to affect almost the entire population of the earth except for terrorists.  And I think even there maybe some terrorists who do like babies!

But there are so many babies being born everyday, why on earth will you choose to go crazy over the royal baby? I mean it wasn’t like only people of England or the UK went ga-ga over him – it was people everywhere. Especially the Western world, I think 90% of Asia & Africa were with me on this event. I was all “Oh! A baby? That’s nice. Cute!” and then I forgot about him. The women in some places were all “OMG! He smiled, he’s so cute. He yawned, I melted. Look he pooped – oh royal poop!” etc etc.

So the next royal baby – who cares, let them make babies and push Harry down the line yet again. Poor guy! As for me, I’d rather be the heir. It’s good to be the boss….or in this case, the boss to be!

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A Sticky Situation

You’re sitting at a café when a stranger approaches you. This person asks what your name is, and, for some reason, you reply. The stranger nods, “I’ve been looking for you.” What happens next?

He whips out a gun and sits down next to me. Keeping the gun out of sight but pressed against my ribs, he tells me to not draw any attention towards us. “Mr. Roshan we know who you are and that you are working for the government and attempting to bring our organization down. Let me tell you that we have friends in high places too. Politicians, religious leaders, business men – all powerful enough to keep us safe. And yet your investigations into our group is causing my bosses some headaches. I am here to put an end to that. In a few minutes a black van will pull up to the curb. You will join me and we will quietly leave this cafe and take a long drive to meet some of my friend. Drink your coffee – it will be your last!”

Faced with this threat and the possibility that I might meet my end at the hands of the likes of this scumbag and his cohorts, I needed to spring into action. My black coffee was boiling hot, having just been placed on my table barely a minute before scumbag approached me. I pretended to pick up the cup to drink and then – splashed the entire thing on his face. Stunned and burning from the scalding heat of the coffee, the scumbag screamed in agony and jumped to his feet, dropping the handgun in the process. Quick as a cat, I picked up the gun and as I got up, I headbutted him right in the stomach. Then I kneed him in the groin and as he doubled over in pain, I karate chopped him on the back of the neck and elbowed him on his back. As lay on the ground, I kicked him in the face that knocked him out cold.

The cafe patrons & staff were in an alarm right now and as they spotted the gun in my hand, someone screamed out loud. People ran for cover while others crouched in fear. I collected my back and ran out into the street, pocketing the gun as I stepped out. I quickly hailed a taxi and had him speed all the way to my apartment. I stepped in thinking that I had shaken off the goon and anyone he might have with him when suddenly – wham! Something hard connected with my head and the lights went out. When I came to, I found myself tied up and sitting on a chair with 3 big men who look like they chewed glass for breakfast on one side of the room. I looked straight and saw a hot looking blonde and a buxom brunette sitting on the sofa opposite me. The blonde was smoking a cigar and smiling at me while the brunette typed something on her laptop.

“So, we finally meet the elusive Roshan!” said the blonde smiling as she looked at me with her icy blue eyes. The brunette took out a big gun and fitted a silencer on it and stood up and aimed the gun at my chest. “Any last requests?” she said. How was I gonna get outta this one?

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Everybody loves food trucks! Well, atleast the food trucks that you see in the US, Canada & some other western nations. Chef is a 2014 American comedy film written, produced, directed by, and starring Jon Favreau. The film co-stars Sofía Vergara, John Leguizamo, Scarlett Johansson, Dustin Hoffman and Oliver Platt. Robert Downey, Jr. & Russell Peters have cameos in it as well.

Carl Casper is a chef in a popular Los Angeles restaurant and is preparing for the visit of prominent food blogger and critic Ramsey Michel and is trying out some new dishes when the restaurant owner Riva intervenes and tells him to serve the usual classics that they are known for. Michel comes in and eats dinner and thrashes chef Casper in his online review. Disappointed Casper, who has his 10 year old son Percy create a Twitter account for him, calls out Michel on his opinion. By the next day Carl has almost 2000 followers and Michel taunts his back. Carl invites Michel back for a special dinner but Riva won’t allow the menu to change and after having a few words, Carl quits. That night he goes back to the restaurant and yells at Michel in public which is shot on several mobile phone cameras and the videos go instantly viral, giving Carl internet notoriety.

However his credibility & job prospects vanish and he needs a job quick. His wife Inez hooks him up with an agent who says she can him work on reality tv but Carl just wants to cook for people. Inez invites him to go to Miami, where she is from and where they met & fell in love, so he can spend time with their son Percy while she works. He also goes to meet Inez’s first ex-husband Marvin who hooks him up with an old food truck. Carl & Percy clean up the truck and go buy the equipment needed to start cooking and serving food. Martin, Carl’s line cook from LA who got promoted to sous chef after Carl quit, joins him in Miami and has the truck cleaned up and painted. Calling the food truck “El Jefe” they prepare and serve Cubanos, a form of Cuban sandwich, which gets them some notice. Pecy starts tweeting the locations where they will be and uploaded them to Twitter and sets up a FB page for them and they hit the road back to Los Angeles, stopping at several placed along the way where they sell a lot of food and gain popularity.

Having reconnected with his son Carl promises him that he can work at the food truck on weekends and when he is done with home work since he has become a good cook as long as Inez is ok with it. Soon “El Jefe” becomes a hit in LA with Inez back with Carl and helping him & Martin sell the food that they are cooking along with Percy. Michel comes to meet Carl and they bury the hatchet as the critic tells him that the food is excellent and that Carl is back to the groove he was 10 years ago when he first moved to LA and started cooking. Michel having made a ton of money selling his website invests in Carl’s business and they start a new restauant, with the same name ‘El Jefe’ and the finall scene is a ix months later, the new restaurant is busy and closed for a private event: Carl and Inez’s wedding.

Sweet and funny movie which focuses on food & social media stuff, family & loyalty with a light hearted theme. Funniest scene is when Russel Peters comes in as a cop and on recognizing Carl from the internet video asks him to pose for some funny pics! Loved that one! It’s a feel good movie and should be taken lightly. I’ll give it an 8 outta 10!

Food Review Video #18

For my 18th food review my cousin Sujith and I went to have lunch at Chinese Garden restaurant in Pallimukku. Chinese Garden used to be a family favourite from 1988 till around 1997 when all of a sudden it stopped being the place to go for Chinese food for members of my family. No idea why. Since then I have only been there a handful of times and although the quality of food has varied this time it was good. We had chicken noodles, lemon chicken and their special shredded beef. Enjoy

The Last Ship – Season 1

From blower-uper of big vechicles & buildings and loud noises & cliches, Michael Bay, comes The Last Ship, a 10 episode tv series about the lone American Navy ship that is fighting the battle to find a cure to a global pandemic that threatens to wipe out humanity. While the viral pandemic has wiped out almost 80% of the population, The USS Nathan James was out at sea in the Arctic away from the rest of the world and under ordered radio silence while on a secret mission taking two scientists who are conduction experiments and searching for the origin of the virus. None of the ships 213 men & women including the captain, are aware of the true nature of the mission until the end of the 4 month period and them trying to return home. They find that almost all of the world governments no longer exist and only a small handful of US politicians are running things back home. The series is based mostly on the 1988 novel of the same name by William Brinkley, with a nuclear war being replaced by the pandemic scenarios.

The tv series stars Eric Dane as CDR Tom Chandler, commanding officer of the USS Nathan James, Rhona Mitra as Dr. Rachel Scott, a paleomicrobiologist, Adam Baldwin as CDR Mike Slattery, executive officer of the Nathan James, Charles Parnell as CMC Hugh Jeter, the ship’s senior enlisted advisor, Sam Spruell as Quincy Tophet, a paleomicrobiologist, Travis Van Winkle as LT Danny Green, leader of a Naval Special Warfare Unit team aboard the Nathan James, Marissa Neitling, as LT Kara Foster, an officer working in the Combat Information Center & Christina Elmore as LTJG Alisha Granderson, Communications Officer. Prime among the supporting cast & recurring stars is John-Pyer Ferguson asTex, a private security contractor who joins the crew at Guantanamo Bay. Why on earth is Ferguson not made part of the main cast when he has so much to do and infact is the prime entertainment with his wise cracking and hitting on Dr. Scott from the 2nd episode onwards I shall never know!

Hindering the journey back by the Nathan James crew is a rogue Russian military ship led up Admiral Konstantin Nikolajewitsch Ruskov who wishes to get the cure for the virus and reign over what remains of the human population by controlling it’s supply. Unknown to the crew of the Nathan James, Ruskov has a spy on board albeit being forced to do so against his will. The Russians have Quincy’s wife & daughter hostage on their ship and use that as leverage to get him to smuggle the original strain of the virus & research done so far back to them. However Quincy is caught and he confesses to what he has been doing so far. The crew decide to get the scientist’s wife & daughter back and plan a trade but instead sneak a team of marines into the Russian ship and get the hostages back, losing only one marine in the bargain. With the help of a Caribbean girl they find on a ship and who is naturally immune to the virus, doctors Scott & Tophet are finally able to create a cure. After testing on monkeys they caught on an island, they conduct the test on several of the marines and lose one female crew member in the process – but the cure is found!

US Navy (armed forces in general) praising, waving the American flag in a not so subtle way and filled with cliches that is hard to count. An episode is dedicated to Chandler & co being held by and then going back to rescue a Latin American village from their mob slave masters! Oh bad everyone else and hero US Navy! There is a blatant “God” & “Christianity” undertone in the show – “Amen, brother!” (I told you! Cliches a plenty) like the Navy & America is completely christian. Would it have been too much to ask to have some Hindu, Muslim, Arabs, Jews and yes some atheists in the mix? The Russian villains seemed to be outdated and that’s what you get for following a novel that was written before the end of Communist block. Sigh! Positives, cast is pretty good as are the special effects and production values which are Hollywood movie worthy. 7 outta 10 so far!

Advantage Of Foresight

You’ve been granted the power to predict the future! The catch — each time you use your power, it costs you one day (as in, you’ll live one day less). How would you use this power, it at all?

Hmmm, given the power to predict the future, I would take it even if it meant that I get to live a day less each time I do. If used wisely then I would only be giving up a handful of days or at the most a few weeks and that’s alright. If that means that I would be able to use this power to my advantage and gain a better life for me than so be it.

I would try to win big on lottery or on on online spots betting and make a lot of money. I’d be able to prevent disasters and accidents of higher magnitude and be able to save a lot of lives. I’d also be able to make the best choices for a lot of things and can reap the advantages of having this power to my benefit and live live to the max, enjoying the perks.

I’d try to make sure that each time I use it it’s the maximum benefit to both me and the people I want to help. This way I won’t have to do it too many times and keep the number of days that I lose in the process to the minimum. That’s what I would do.

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A Food Map Of India

An awesome map of the culinary delights from each state in India. Ofcourse for such a large number of people this list is incomplete but then I guess it would be hard to fit all of the deliciousness on one map. Still it’s a good start for foodies and the gastronomically inclined to try out.

Zoltar’s Revenge In Reverse!

In a reversal of Big, the Tom Hanks classic from the 80s, your adult self is suddenly locked in the body of a 12-year-old kid. How do you survive your first day back in school?

Oh boy to be 12 years old again! Remember being 12? I liked the age of 12 because the following happened….

  • I grew 3 inches taller from the age of 10-11 but unfortunately 162 cms is where everything stopped! But that height difference at 12 was pretty good!
  • Having always been a chubby boy I lost a lot of weight that year because I started a love affair with tennis. But I didn’t have a court nearby to go play at. So I played wall tennis – using the brick wall of our front yard and the cemented front yard which width wise was about 3/4 of a tennis court (minus the doubles’ lanes) but the length was good enough. So I played a lot of wall tennis and you all know that the harder you hit the ball against a wall, the quicker it was gonna come back.
  • Really got into playing some badminton & football with my cousins and at school
  • Had a girl have a crush on me for the first time in my life. She became a really good friend for the next 10 years or so until we lost touch. 3 years ago we became friends again.

So here;s what I would do if I suddenly woke being a 38 year old in a 12 year old body back in my parents house. I would so acknowledge that cute & pretty girl’s crush on me and make it happen. I would rule at all the games and become numero uno in school (I was a pretty popular kid ages 12-16 but I would rule supreme). I would appreciate my teachers even more (I was a teacher’s pet to a couple of them). I might even do better and study hard and stick with my good friends even more.

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