Scary Kids On Halloween

It’s Halloween, and you just ran out of candy. If the neighborhood kids (or anyone else, really) were to truly scare you, what trick would they have to subject you to?

Oh boy! I would not want to be that guy – the one who runs out of candy and we have a bunch of kids in scary costumes standing outside the door with their buckets and their bags and holding them out expecting some candy. And there you are with fear in your eyes and no candy and having to open the door and smile awkwardly and explaining that you did have some candy but you are all out. The stares they’d give you at that point could melt steel.

So if I was ever in that situation to scare me all they’d have to say is “Mister, you’ve got to be kidding us.” and then they’d take axes and knives from their costumes and stalk me until I cave and give them all the money that I have on me and say “Here, take this. It’s better than money! It can buy you booze!” and cry in a corner until they decide to leave but not before threatening me once again.

Man that can be scary!

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Kerala Bars To Be Restricted To Heritage, 4 & 5 Star Hotels

In a much awaited decision, the Kerala High Court on Thursday granted partial clearance to the new abkari policy of the Kerala government, paving the way for the closure of all 2 star & 3 star bars in the state. It however allowed bars attached to four-star and heritage category hotels in the state to function. Justice K Surendra Mohan held that “the abkari policy, to the extent, it excludes hotels having four-star and heritage category hotels from the eligibility to be granted FL-3 licences under the Foreign Liquor Rules (FLR), is set aside, being arbitrary and violative of Article 14 of the Constitution. The consequential amendments to the FLR as well as the proceedings of the Excise Commissioner cancelling the licences of such hotels are also set aside.” The Bench also dismissed a petition filed by the bar owners an hour after the judgment seeking permission to allow them to function for two weeks. The court observed that the apex court had already permitted the bar owners to function till the High Court passes an order so there is no need to further extend the order.

Since the fate of both two and three-star hotels has been concluded by the Supreme Court in the Surendra Das case, the challenge against the exclusion can no longer survive. However, in the case of hotels with four star and heritage classification, there was absolutely no material to justify a conclusion that there were any complaints with respect to their functioning. The state submitted that it was decided that no new licences for three-star hotels would be permitted from March 31, 2012 onwards. It was its avowed policy to reduce liquor consumption in the state stage by stage and to achieve the goal of total prohibition within a 10-year span, the state submitted. As many as 250 bars will be shut down today as per the order in this regard.

Faced with the prospect of the immediate shutdown of their bar operations, three-star hotels in the state are likely to apply for four-star or five-star licences to stay in business. Following the Kerala High Court verdict on Thursday, only four-star, five-star and heritage restaurants could continue with their bar operations in the state. “There are about 262 three-star restaurants. Most, if not all, would apply for a four-star licence as there are only small differences between the two categories,” said Biju Ramesh, working president of the Kerala Bar Hotel Association. According to industry officials, the room size, bath room size prescribed by the Hotel & Restaurant Approval and Classification Committee India for both three-star and four-star restaurants are the same. The only major difference is in the air-conditoning facilities offered. While the rules prescribe air-conditioning facilities for common areas and passage ways for four-stars, these are not required for three-star restaurants.

“Air-conditioning facilities for common areas are not a big problem. To save their investments, bar owners would apply for four-star category licences,” said Ramesh. Jose Dominic, CEO of CGH Earth Group, said the group’s two resorts – the Brunton Boatyard and Marari Beach – are currently in the three-star category though the facilities are of the five-star level. “We would go for a five-star licence due to the new liquor policy,” Dominic said. They need to begin the process from the scratch. There could be new educational institutions or religious establishments that have come up within the prescribed limit from the time they first got the licence. The three-star hotels may first apply for a beer-and-wine parlour licence, which is allowed now under the rules.

Trio No. 3

Today you can write about anything, in whatever genre or form, but your post must mention a dark night, your fridge, and tears (of joy or sadness; your call). Feel free to switch one ingredient if you have to (or revisit one from previous trio prompts).

It was rainy and dark night when I rushed back home from going to the mall. It was a miserable day and it was getting the seemingly miserable ending that it deserved. The whole day had been one disaster after another and I just wanted it to end. On top of all the issues my fridge at home had completely died out on me and I had called a repairman to see if it was serviceable but was told that it was not salvageable. Hence I had rushed to the mall to visit the big home appliances and electronic goods store in the premises that promised a good deal on old and even damaged fridges.

Once I selected a model that I liked and paid for it, they took down my address and promised to deliver it the next morning. So I had to buy food that wouldn’t go bad in a single night and then get back to my apartment. As soon as I stepped outside it started to rain and man was it pouring! I was drenched while waiting for a taxi to take me back to my apartment building and I was in a foul mood. The taxi dropped me off in record time though and I was eagerly waiting to get into my home and change from my dripping wet clothes. And then…

It was her! She was waiting for me outside my door and not knowing when I would be back was in the process of leaving me a note. She had come back after 2 years working on her science project that had kept her away from our hometown and away from each other. We had parted in some bitterness and I fully expected not to ever see her again though I loved her so much. And here she was. We stood and started at each other for what seemed like an eternity and then she said “I’m back. Like I said I would!” and she smiled and cried at the same time. Standing there looking at her the 2 years melted away and I too smiled behind tears of happiness and longing and I took her in my arms and we kissed for a long time.

I was able to break away to catch my breath and still in her arms I lifted the bag I held in my hand and said “Pizza?” and we smiled as I opened the door to my apartment and we stepped in and closed the door.

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The New Zodiac Sign – The Dog

You’re tasked with creating a brand new astrological sign for the people born around your birthday — based solely on yourself. What would your new sign be, and how would you describe those who share it?

The new zodiac sign I can think of creating is the Dog. Now this zodiac sign is unique – anyone can be of this sign, irrespective of when you are born. That’s the beauty of this. As long as you share these ideals and characteristics you are a Dog! Or a Puppy!

You are friendly. You like making friends and will be open but you’re not stupid. You do tend to be cautious and the moment you feel threatened or you feel that your loved ones are threatened you will attack and you will bare your teeth. If they don’t want to hurt you and want to be friends – hey the more, the merrier.

You are loyal. That’s what it’s all about and so you are loyal to a fault. You have a smile for everyone and a hug if they need it. You love to be goofy and play around and laugh and joke. You like hanging out with your friends. You like getting a belly rub :) You love being petted.

You will love whole heartedly. That’s the only way to love. You will pine for your loved ones when they are away and rush to greet them as they are coming towards you. You will be the best friend all the time and thrive to please.

Just like a dog!

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My Own Doppelganger

You step into an acquaintance’s house for the first time, and discover that everything — from the furniture, to the books, to the art on the wall — is identical to your home. What happens next?

First of all I would be a  little bit flattered – imitation is also the best form of it eh?

So based on my apartment this person has light blue painted walls, old sofa sets, an even older dining table, a small fridge, a new washing machine, custom built cupboards (half of which are crappily done) two custom queen sized beds, old chairs, an 8 year old desk with enough space for just a laptop, small sized speakers and a mouse.

What the heck? If that happened, I would ask the person, why they have the same bad taste in decorating – mine because of money issues – and keeping old furniture because well it’s easier that getting new ones? And that they could do things a lot differently. I might even slap the shit outta that person a little bit. And kick him (if it’s a guy) in the nuts before I left.

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Jian Ghomeshi Sues CBC For Firing

In a surprising move the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) decided to part ways with their star broadcaster Jian Ghomeshi over “information” the public broadcaster recently received that it says “precludes” it from continuing to employ the 47-year-old host of the popular Q radio show.

The London born & Thornhill Ontario raised Ghomeshi has been with the CBC for almost 14 years as a national on-air personality on CBC Television and CBC Radio, and host of the daily arts program Q on CBC Radio One. He has hosted various series on TV and radio including The National Playlist, ZeD and spent three years as the host of the TV program >play. He has been hosting the daily arts & culture radio (and shot for video clips on Youtube) show Q, a show he co-created and developed since 2007 and which gained international notoriety when guest Billy Bob Thornton flared up for some silly reason.

Jian has responded to the firing on Sunday as he released news that he was launching a $50-million lawsuit claiming “breach of confidence and bad faith” by his employer of almost 14 years. He followed it up by opening up about the allegations with a lengthy post on his Facebook page. Over the past few months the Star has approached Ghomeshi with allegations from three young women, all about 20 years his junior, who say he was physically violent to them without their consent during sexual encounters or in the lead-up to sexual encounters. Ghomeshi, through his lawyer, has said he “does not engage in non-consensual role play or sex and any suggestion of the contrary is defamatory.” In his Facebook posting Sunday evening, Ghomeshi wrote in an emotional statement that he has “done nothing wrong.” He said it is not unusual for him to engage in “adventurous forms of sex that included role-play, dominance and submission.” However, he said it has always been consensual.

Ghomeshi blames a woman he describes as an ex-girlfriend for spreading lies about him and orchestrating a campaign with other women to “smear” him. Early last summer, the Star began looking into allegations by young women of sexual abuse by Ghomeshi over the past two years. The Star conducted detailed interviews of the women, talking each woman several times. None of the women filed police complaints and none agreed to go on the record. The reasons given for not coming forward publicly include the fear that they would be sued or would be the object of Internet retaliation.  Last year Carla Ciccone wrote an article for the website XOJane about a “bad date” with an unidentified, very popular Canadian radio host whom readers speculated to be Ghomeshi. In the days that followed, Ciccone received hundreds of abusive messages and threats. An online video calling her a “scumbag of the Internet” has been viewed over 397,000 times. Ciccone’s claims about the behaviour during her “bad date” were far less severe than the allegations of abuse from the women now accusing Ghomeshi, who fear the online backlash could be significantly worse for them if their names were made public.

More details will follow I’m sure.

The Invention Of Lying

The Invention Of Lying is a 2009 fantasy romantic comedy co-written & co-directed by Ricky Gervais and Mathew Robinson. The film The film stars Ricky Gervais as the first human with the ability to lie and has a supporting cast featuring Jennifer Garner, Jonah Hill, Louis C.K., Rob Lowe and Tina Fey. The movie has a not so subtle dig at religion, in particular Christianity.

The film is set in a city in current times but in an alternate universe or reality in which no human has the ability to lie and hence tell the truth at all times. This makes for harsh & blunt truths being said at all points, which comes out unintentionally cruel and ofcourse totally hilarious for us the viewers. As there is no lying there is no concept of religion or god/gods at all. As there is no fiction the film & television industry has no movies but documentary style narratives & lecture style historical readings. Mark Bellison is a lecture film writer who is struggling as he has been assigned the “boring” 1300 period and is about to get fired. He goes on a date with the more successful and pretty Anna McDoogles, who tells him that she is not physically attracted to him because of his appearance and his financial status but is only going out with him for dinner as a favour to their common friend Greg. Also Anna’s mother is pressurizing her to get married and have kids. Anna seems to enjoy his company though.

The next day he is fired from his job as his films are not drawing enough interest and his landlord evicts him as he has only $300 left and the due rent is $800. Mark goes to his bank to withdraw the $300 but as the system is down the teller asks him how much money is in his account. Something reacts in his brain and he says $800 remembering the due amount instead of $300, thereby telling the world’s first  lie. The system comes back on but instead of giving him only $300 as it shows in his account, the teller assumes that the computer is faulty and gives him $800! Mark tests out his new found ability to lie by telling a gorgeous woman that they must have sex or the world will end. She believes him ofcourse but he is unable to go through with it and pretends that he gets a call saying that the danger has passed. He then uses lies in preventing a police officer (Edward Norton) from arresting his friend Greg for drunk driving, getting money from a casino, and stopping his neighbour Frank Fawcett (Jonah Hill) from committing suicide. This last one makes him realize that he can do a lot of good for people as well by just lying to them. He then writes a screenplay about aliens invading the earth in the 1300, forging documents, and then that all the humans who remained had their memories wiped. The script is sold and he becomes wealthy from the sales of the movie.

Mark then asks out Anna again, hoping that his success plus the fact that she enjoyed talking to him will make her see beyond his appearance, but though she has a good time she says that she is still not attracted to him as if they were to have kids, she’d end up with “fat kids with snub noses” like him. As they finish dinner, Mark gets a call from the old age home – his mother has been taken to the hospital as she is near death. When he goes to see her, a tearful Mark consoles her and addresses her fear of eternal nothingness by creating the concept of an afterlife (though not mentioned as heaven) where everyone who dies has mansions of their own and gets to be with all their friends and family. She dies happy while the doctors and nurses appear awed by what he says. As news travels, a large crowd gathers outside his building to get more information about the afterlife. Spurred by Anna & Greg Mark comes up with “ten rules”, that he writes on the back of pizza boxes and that he talks to a “Man In The Sky” who controls everything and promises great rewards in the good place after you die, as long as you do no more than three “bad things”.

Later while they are sitting on a park, a now rich (living in a huge mansion) Mark asks Anna about the possibility of marriage and Anna asks him, if they marry, would his now being rich and famous make their children more physically attractive. Mark wants to lie but does not because of his feelings for Anna. Meanwhile, Mark’s rival at work, Brad Kessler, who used to be extremely mean to him, pursues Anna romantically and Anna feels that genetically they are a perfect match. As he can now have the one thing that Mark cannot have, Brad brags about his looks & physique to Mark, which makes Anna uncomfortable. They get engaged and Anna invites Mark to attend – in a scene where Anna hasn’t seen Mark in a few weeks, the depressed Mark hasn’t cut or shaved his hair in a while and comes to the door in a robe looking like Jesus (nearly killed me) – but Mark tries to get her to break off the engagement. Later Anna sees some boys bulling a chubby kid in the park eating ice cream and she runs to his support. Wiping away his tears, she cheers him up.

On the day of the wedding Greg encourages Mark to shave his beard and cut his hair and pursue Anna. Mark goes to the venue (a church like building, where you can “sit and think about the man in the sky”) where he objects to the marriage, but the officiant informs him that only the Man in the Sky can stop the wedding. Brad and Anna both ask Mark to ask the Man in the Sky what Anna should do but Mark refuses to say anything and leaves, wanting Anna to choose for herself. Anna walks out and Mark confesses his ability to lie and tells her that the Man In The Sky was made up. Anna struggles to comprehend the concept and asks why he did not lie to convince her to marry him; Mark states that it “wouldn’t count”. Anna confesses that she loves him. Some time later, the now-pregnant Anna and Mark are shown married with a son, who, it is implied, has inherited his father’s ability to lie.

Funny, silly and sweet and it has some awesome moments without being too in your face or slap-sticky in nature. It’s a different kind of humourous movie and may need an open mind to fully appreciate it. Nevertheless, I’d recommend this movie for everyone to watch. 8.5 outta 10!

RIP Jack Bruce

Legendary bassist & vocalist of psychedelic power rock band Cream has passed away. He was 71 years old and had been suffering from liver disease. He maintained a solo career that spanned several decades, and also played in several musical groups. Known as a vocalist and bass guitarist, Bruce was also a songwriter. He was trained as a classical cellist, and considered himself a jazz musician, although much of his catalogue of compositions and recordings tended toward blues and rock and roll. The Sunday Times stated “… many consider him to be one of the greatest bass players of all time.

Trained as a classical musician, Glasgow-born Bruce had a powerful melodic voice and was also a talented, jazz-influenced bass guitarist. He formed Cream with guitarist Eric Clapton and drummer Ginger Baker and was responsible, with co-writer Peter Brown, for penning the majority of the band’s songs. Their most famous hits include I Feel Free, White Room, Politician and (with Clapton) Sunshine Of Your Love, which features one of the world’s most frequently played guitar riffs. The group were distinctive for the high quality of their musicianship and played a key role in establishing rock as a serious art form in the late 60s. Cream sold 35 million albums between 1966 and 1968 and were awarded the world’s first platinum disc for their album Wheels of Fire.

Bruce was born in Glasgow on 14 May 1943 and was educated at Bellahouston Academy and the Royal Scottish Academy of Music, to which he won a scholarship for cello and composition. Bruce left the academy prematurely to pursue a career as a jazz and blues musician in London and in 1962 joined Alexis Korner’s Blues Inc with whom Charlie Watts, later to join the Rolling Stones, was the drummer. Later Bruce joined Ginger Baker in the Graham Bond Organisation but left after three years. Bruce then played for John Mayall’s Blues Breakers, where he first met Clapton, before joining Manfred Mann for a brief, unhappy stint which Bruce found unacceptably over-commercial. In the end it was Baker who initially asked Bruce to form Cream with Clapton, who insisted that Bruce would be the singer. Cream split in November 1968 at the height of their popularity in part because Bruce felt they had strayed too far from the music he wanted to play. He recorded several solo albums, including Songs For A Tailor and Harmony Row, which were a synthesis of rock, jazz and classical formats and which featured leading UK musicians such as guitarist John McLaughlin, blues saxophonist Dick Heckstall-Smith and drummer Jon Hiseman. Bruce also worked as session man on carefully chosen dates with such rock musicians as Lou Reed and Frank Zappa.

For many years Bruce fought addictions, in particular with a long-term heroin problem. In 2003, Bruce developed liver cancer. He was given a transplant which his body initially rejected and he was left gravely ill. However, he recovered and in 2005 he went on to re-form Cream who played a series of concerts at the Royal Albert Hall. Later Bruce toured the world with other projects. In June 2011, he played a special concert at the Royal Festival Hall in London, which was celebrating its 60th anniversary in an evening that marked the 50th anniversary of the blues in Britain. Bruce played with his Big Blues Band. The next year he played at the Gerry Rafferty tribute concert in Glasgow when BBC Scotland recorded a one-hour documentary on Bruce. His death was announced on his website.

John Symon Asher “Jack” Bruce (14 May 1943 – 25 October 2014)

Sunderland 0 Arsenal 2

Alexis Sanchez capitalizes on 2 mistakes from Sunderland in each half (one by Wes Brown and one by Mannone) to score both goals in a 2-0 win for Arsenal. The Gunners were lacklustre and lethargic, making mistakes galore and lucky for them they were facing Sunderland. A better team like Chelsea, Man C or even Liverpool would have ripped us apart. Terribly & sloppy, sluggish play from Carzola especially and Wellbeck was off his game. Worse Gibbs is injured – AGAIN! What is this now, his 10th in 2-3 seasons?

Sunderland were unable to exorcise their embarrassment at Southampton as Arsenal won at the Stadium of Light. Alexis Sanchez capitalised on Wes Brown’s dreadful passback to clip Arsenal ahead after half an hour. And, despite performing with more resolve than in their 8-0 defeat at St Mary’s last Saturday, Sunderland lost another bad goal in stoppage time. Goalkeeper Vito Mannone dawdled with the ball at his feet, allowing Sanchez to steal in and secure the win. The late goal ensured that Arsenal would win this fixture for the fourth consecutive season but Arsene Wenger’s side were far from convincing.

I think Wenger will have to sell a couple of players from his large midfield squad – Carzola, Flamini, Chamberline, Arteta – and make room for a couple of solid players who can win the ball and also create a lot more chances for the strikers to finish. As of now they are losing possession terribly. And Gibbs getting injured is worrisome – hopefully it isn’t too serious.

Mask Off / Mask On

We’re less than a week away from Halloween! If you had to design a costume that channeled your true, innermost self, what would that costume look like? Would you dare to wear it?

Unfortunately we in India do not have this tradition of celebrating Halloween and dressing up in various costumes to go trick or treat. In some MNC companies they have adopted this as part of the office culture and encourage people to participate. Personally I think we could do with some of that fun that everyone who does follow the tradition seems to enjoy. Kids & adult dressed in various costumes, going to parties or even to work and having a blast. And then the “trick or treat” – ah what fun that would have been as a kid! I’d still enjoy seeing kids here do that and keep some chocolate bars/candy for the kids who would happen to pop by.

So what would I dress up as. Now costumes as you see them in Western countries would be very expensive here and you don’t have good store or companies that would make the stuff that I’d want them to make. I would like to be a Starfleet officer or Klingon / Vulcan/ Cardassian officer or maybe a Jedi Knight. A comic book superhero – The Phantom or The Flash or a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle etc. A Vampire, Zombie, Werewolf or Mummy. Maybe Captain Jack Sparrow? Or A Ghostbuster! The options are endless.

So I’d do different stuff each year and have fun with it.

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Hypothetical Situation Question

This question comes from a discussion I had with a friend of mine. The discussion of a hypothetical situation was – We discover a planet or planets/moons in another solar system that are perfect for us (without doing any terra-forming or anything of that sort) weather wise et all and are really beautiful and it would be really beneficial for us (health wise etc) to move there. And suppose that humanity does actually become technologically advanced enough to ship as many humans and equipment needed and it’s purely voluntary as you can also remain here on earth.

She says the really religious people will choose to remain and work it out on earth and most of those (90%-95%) who are secular / agnostic /atheists and perhaps not too religious will choose to go. Do you guys agree? Would you opt to go to this planet or planets and live there in this situation? Or would you choose to remain on earth?

Mirror Universe Me

Many of us had imaginary friends as young children. If your imaginary friend grew up alongside you, what would his/her/its life be like today? (Didn’t have one? write about a non-imaginary friend you haven’t seen since childhood.)

I never had an imaginary friend as a kid growing up. I had alter egos, ones that I even created and continue to develop as a character to this very day. He is Mirror Universe Roshan. He is everything I am not but is still a different version of me. A version that I long to be.

He has had an excellent education and finished an engineering degree from a good university in Cochin and then got into a program that would lead him to join a major company in Canada. He works for a year back in Cochin and then heads to Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Halifax, Montreal, Quebec, Saskatoon or any number of their good cities) and works for a huge communications giant. He settles in and makes a few good friends who will be friends with him for the rest of his life. After 3 years he visits his family back in India and then goes back again post vacation and meets the love of his life. They date and fall deeply in love and spend all their free time together. A couple of years pass, 3 or 4, and they get married.

They now live in a nice big house close enough to each other’s work and live a nice and simple life with some luxuries but nothing too extravagant. They share their home with 2 dogs and 2 cats and are seen as a really nice & happy family by everyone who knows them. Occasionally they travel to see other places too  but like spending time with each other and their furry pets at home. Simple life – I wanna be him!

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Food Review #22

For my 22nd food review – it’s a big one folks – we have 4 videos and we’ll do this in 2 parts. Sujith & I were in Golden Dragon (a Chinese restaurant chain) – the one in Ravipuram – and had a big meal. We started out with the Shrimp Chilli in Honey Sauce – it’s amazingly delicious and the only 10 outta 10 dish so far!

For our second starter dish we ordered the Chicken Spring rolls.

Our 3rd dish was the Golden Fried Crispy Prawns, a dish we have had a couple of times before.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – 1, 2 & 3

Despite being a fan of horror films and watched a whole lot of them over the years, I hadn’t watched anything from the hugely popular franchise of slasher films that started in 1974 called The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Although I had heard of it, seen review of some of the movies and seen a couple of clips around the time they did the remake. Among the horror fanatics on Youtube, this series of movies is a huge deal and you can see many Youtubers proudly displaying their collection from this franchise. I kept wondering just what the heck is so good about this movie franchise and finally decided to check them out and lose my TCM virginity, so to speak.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) directed and produced by Tobe Hooper – Well it’s good but I am not that impressed. It’s nothing to scream and shout about. Perhaps I am being spoiled by years of watching scary & gory films and this being a film from 1974 and watching it 40 years later it doesn’t have that same affect on me. Had I watched it back in 1974 (well I wasn’t born yet but you get the idea) for the first time I would have been more impressed. And that goes for most horror flicks of that time. Movies that scared me when I was a child aren’t scary at all now. The plot is about a group of friends – Sally Hardesty, her wheelchair bound brother Franklin and their 3 friends Pam, Jerry & Kirk are traveling in rural Texas to an old family homestead after visiting the grave of their grandfather. On their way the pick up a hitchhiker – the most annoying and irritating person ever to have hitchhiked in the world since the beginning of time – who acts like a total imbecile and slashes Franklin’s arm with a straight razor for not paying for a Polaroid he took of the group without asking first. They push him out but the group is doomed. After they reach the homestead, Kirk & Pam head up to a neighbour’s house to ask for gas and are killed by Leatherface – a large man with a chainsaw. By sunset Jerry goes to look for them and is also killed by Leatherface. Finally as it is dark and they are worried, Sally & Franklin (who has a stupidly acted scene earlier, stinking up the film) go to the house to look for their friend and Frankie boy is killed but Sally manages to escape – mainly because Leatherface is too busy posturing with his chainsaw instead of killing her!

Sally makes it to the gas station a few miles down the road and asks the proprietor for help but he turns out to be the father of Leatherface and he abducts her and brings her to the house where the hitchhiker (Leatherface’s brother) is also waiting. The men torment the bound and gagged Sally while Leatherface, now dressed as a woman, serves dinner. Leatherface and the hitchhiker bring an old man, Grandpa (John Dugan), from upstairs to share the meal. Sally is tortured a bit and screams (bloody murder loudly indeed) and is able to escape as the men decide to try and make grandpa kill her but he is too weak. Leatherface and the hitchhiker give chase, but the latter is run down and killed by a passing semi-trailer truck. Leatherface kills the truck driver but Sally manages to jump into the back of a passing pickup truck, still screaming and covered in blood, while a frustrated Leatherface wave his chainsaw in anger.

The sequel The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 took 12 years to come out, why I dunno. This time the film stars Dennis Hopper as “Lefty”, Caroline Williams as “Stretch”, Bill Johnson as “Leatherface”, Bill Moseley as “Chop Top” and Jim Siedow, who reprises the role of “The Cook”. Two rowdy young men are on the phone with the DJ of a small radio station in Texas, as they are driving in a car, when they are attacked by Leatherface using his chainsaw from a van that’s parallel to their car. Both the kids are killed (truth is they were real obnoxious assholes and deserved to be offed) and their bloody screams are recorded on tape. The DJ, Stretch, ends up contacting Lieutenant Boude “Lefty” Enright, the Hardesty’s uncle, who is still running his own investigation to find Leatherface & his family. he convinces her to play the screams on her show so the law enforcers and the people will have to listen to him. But things go wrong when Chop Top (brother of Leatherface & twin of the Hitchhiker) comes to the station at night and badly beats up Stretch’s co-worker LG while Leatherface goes after Stretch with his chainsaw. Before he can kill her, she manages to charm him and Leatherface, being a sexually repressed man, leaves her alone and smashes a lot of the walls of the station. BTW, Bill Moseley acts like a total asshole in this movie – I mean he is so shit and over the top annoying!

The brothers leave in their pickup with LG, presumed dead at this point, and drive off to their new hideout in an abandoned carnival ground decorated with human bones, multi-colored lights, and carnival remnants. Stretch calls Lefty and follows the brothers and gets trapped inside their home and is found by Leatherface but he tries to disguise her with the ripped off skin off LG’s face. She tries to escape but is caught by the Cook & Chop Top and is brought to their dinner table where they proceed to torture her for a bit. Left, with 3 chainsaws of his own, finds then and frees Stretch. After a battle, Lefty impales Leatherface in the stomach and he, Leatherface, the corpse of “Grandpa” and the Cook are apparently killed when a grenade goes off prematurely. Chop Top & Stretch, who was chasing her, escape and have a face off in carved out rock tower next to the ground. Top Chop cuts Stretch multiple times with a blade but using a chainsaw held by the mummified remains of the family’s grandmother in a ritual shrine, she cuts him and he falls to his death. Stretch is seen waving the chainsaw madly in the air, much like Leatherface, as the movie ends.

Leatherface : The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 came out in 1990 & stars Kate Hodge, Ken Foree, William Butler, and a then-unknown Viggo Mortensen. Somehow Leatherface is still alive and has a new family! No idea how that happens. Michelle & Ryan, a couple who seem to be on the verge of a breakup are driving Michelle’s dad’s car from California to Florida. On a stop at a gas station in some rural area they meet Tex who shows Ryan a different route which should shorten their trip and asks for a ride. Ryan refuses but Tex gets angry at the perverted gas station owner Alfredo who is spying on Michelle as she is using the facilities. Alfredo gets a shotgun as seemingly shoots Tex as the couple race away in the car. As night falls, Ryan and Michelle, having taken the route Tex recommended, become lost and are attacked by a driver in a truck, who throws a dead coyote on their windshield. They stop to change a flat tire when Leatherface attacks and they just about manage to escape as he rips their car. They almost crash into another truck, driven by Benny and he drives off the road to avoid hitting them. Benny offers helps but is attacked by Tinker, who has a hook hand. Benny manages to get his gun but runs into Leatherface and is attacked again. Leatherface is lured away by Sara, a young woman who’s sister was killed by Leatherface but is killed later.

Leatherface then chases Ryan & Michelle and catches Ryan whose foot is caught in a trap. Ryan yells for Michelle to run as Leatherface attacks him and she runs into a house. She is caught by Tex who is in the house with a little girl and his mother – all of them are a family, including Leatherface & the Hookhand man. Michelle is tied up to a chair and nailed on the hand as the men bring in an unconscious Ryan who they later kill. Outside the family home, Benny finds and attempts to interrogate Alfredo as he disposes of human bodies in a bag, but he is unsuccessful, eventually knocking Alfredo into the bog and leaving him to drown. Benny finds the house and sees the family torturing a screaming Michelle and he fires shots into the house. The men fight as Michelle manages to escape; Tex is killed when Benny soaking him in fuel and burning him with a lighter. Benny rushes to Michelle’s aid, stopping Leatherface from murdering her, and knocking the killer into the bog. The pair begin fighting, and Benny appears to die when Leatherface forces his head into the blade of the chainsaw. He then turns his attention to Michelle, who grabbing a nearby rock, beats him over the head with it, leaving him unconscious under the water. As daylight breaks, a recovered Benny finds a truck and catches up to Michelle but is attacked by Alfredo. Michelle shoots Alfredo in the chest with a shotgun before the pair drive away, unaware that Leatherface is revving his chainsaw some distance away.

Whew! That’s a lot of killing. I have no idea from where the new family with a bunch of characters comes from and the little girl – who the heck is she – and I’m sure that there’s bound to be more such strange family members to be revealed as I go throw the rest of the series. My ratings are 5.5, 7.5 & 6 for the first 3 movies.

Interview With Count Roshculla

I’ve just come back from attending round 1 of an interview at a company that I have already applied and attended and interview for a similar position back in December 2012. Back then I was called by the Recruitment head for this company’ Kerala office sand the DGM of operations of their Andhra Pradesh center – both former colleagues of mine. After I had a round with their VP of operations, I was passed over for the job for someone who was working on a similar project in another state and they needed the person to join immediately. It felt awkward that I would be going in again today but it’s new people that I am meeting this time around and hence that balances things out.

I’ve been on the lookout for a new job for a while now. I got two offer letters back in April for 2 different jobs after I had attended the interviews – one was for a new company based in Trivandrum and the other was for a 2-3 year old company that had just doubled their profit in the last quarter and were expanding. Although I got selected for both jobs in the end I declined the offers for good reasons. The new company looked and felt unstable; a week after the interview they called me to inform that I was selected but 2 day later the project that I was to sign up for changed to a much lousier one, the pay decreased and the timings sucked (early morning and I was concerned about my health). I told them I was not comfortable with the sudden changes and I sent them a mail declining the offer.

The second one was a problem in clarification between their HR (the first call I had) who sits in Mumbai, their Kerala head (who sits here in Cochin) and their Director (who runs between Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and other places). The HR gave me one view, the local guy gave me another. By this time I was selected but confused and doubtful. I was sent the offer letter and about to join but then declined stating the reason that I wasn’t sure about the extensive travel involved. And then the Director called – he was very polite and tried to explain and clear all my doubts but I said no, even though I appreciated his call. I didn’t think it was something I would be able to do and politely said so.

I hope I find a well paying job soon, one which I can do well and will be in a situation to really make a contribution.