Time Machine; Boldy Going Foward

Congrats! You’re the owner of a new time machine. The catch? It comes in two models, each traveling one way only: the past OR the future. Which do you choose, and why?

Hmmm so given the option of getting a new time machine (where are all the old ones?) and having the choice of either only going back in time or only going forwards in time? Which would I chose?

While it is tempting to go back in time and see a lot about our history or even pre-historic times and learn a lot about our past (what really happened at Stonehenge or how did all the dinosaurs all die out or hey are those aliens building the pyramids?) and maybe even kill off a few religious figures before they can do their damage, I think I would pick going forwards to the future.

I wanna see how we progress as a species and evolve. I want to see if we finally get rid of all our negative baggage and build the comfy spaceships that allow us to travel the universe and see what’s out there. If we finally make first contact with other alien races and exchange knowledge and information (and maybe cuisine). How we explore new worlds and make new friends and learn more about the planets and stars.

Yeah baby, let’s go forwards in time. Full speed ahead!

Prompt from the Daily Post at WordPress.com.

Beer & Chinese Food With Anil & Madhu

A year later we meet again – Madhu was back in India on a month’s vacation and he treated Anil & myself for dinner & drinks last night. Actually he had just reached Cochin early yesterday morning and took a long sleep and then called us up. I knew he was reaching Cochin early and thought he’d need some time to spend with his family and was surprised to get a call from Madhu at 6pm asking me to get ready by 7pm. Anil would pick him up on his scooter and meet me in the city.

So I changed my clothes and got ready and met them outside Center Mall but we ended up not going in there. Instead we debated and decide to go to Couchyn for some beer. So we enjoyed an hour or 90 minutes there drinking a few beers and some peanuts and also shared half a plate of chicken tikka. Couchyn, which is now one of the only few bars left open that we can go to, started filling up and by 8pm it was quite crowded, which is odd for a Tuesday night.

After what felt like a quick 90 minutes we left and then was debating where to go for dinner. We finally decided to go for some Chinese and after listing out the list of places decides to walk the 10 minutes to Chinese Garden in nearby Pallimukku. We had some hot n sour chicken soup, shared some noodles & fried rice with dragon chicken, shrimp manchurian and some other shrimp stuff that I cannot recall this morning! It was all good. It started raining a lot by 9pm and we were lucky that it started dying out by the time we finished dinner.

By around 10 pm we walked back to Couchyn because that’s where Anil had left his scooter. We stopped so that they could have a smoke (which is rare for them and I don’t smoke at all) and then I caught an auto to come back home. I was in my room, dressed in my night clothes by 10:30pm and watched some Fraiser till I fell asleep.