They Promised Us A Shower & Gave Us A Trickle

Well I’m glad it rained a bit this afternoon but it didn’t live up to the expectation. It was quite dark by 3pm as the sky was overcast with clouds pregnant with rain but it only trickled a little bit when it promised a big rain shower. Quite disappointing as it has been a hot couple of days and with me having traveled to Thrikkakara and then to Palarivattom, where I walked quite a bit in the hot afternoon sun, I could have used some heavy & cool showers and would have welcomed them.

So I was off to the SBT bank in Thrikkakara which has become a monthly ritual for me. The journey takes almost an hour with the heavy traffic. Once I reached Kalamaserry I stoped at this tea shop for a glass of cold lemonade to quench my thirst that has built up in the humidity & heat. Then I take an auto towards the Cochin University Campus and head to the SBT branch there and sign the register for debiting money and then fill the form and took a token. In half an hour they called my token number and I handed in the form and waited until I got my cash. While there I enquired about exchanged an ink stained & soiled Rs.1000 note (that I’ve had with me for almost 3 years and which I cannot use) and they looked at it and gave me a fresh Rs.1000 note back! Ka-ching –  more money than I expected in my wallet.

From them I went to Palarivattom and had to walk a bit because the stupid bus authorities have changed the bus stop! When did this happen? So I had to walk double the distance – first to the Asianet’s Broadband office to pay my bill for 3 months (2 months in advance) and then I walked over to Dominos for lunch. I had a Coke and a bbq chicken & cheese pizza – yum! Oh and at the Asianet office I saw this really gorgeous and hot foreigner lady. Wow, she looks so fine!

Anyway that was it and then by 2:30pm I reached back home, tired and sweaty.