Interview With Count Roshculla

I’ve just come back from attending round 1 of an interview at a company that I have already applied and attended and interview for a similar position back in December 2012. Back then I was called by the Recruitment head for this company’ Kerala office sand the DGM of operations of their Andhra Pradesh center – both former colleagues of mine. After I had a round with their VP of operations, I was passed over for the job for someone who was working on a similar project in another state and they needed the person to join immediately. It felt awkward that I would be going in again today but it’s new people that I am meeting this time around and hence that balances things out.

I’ve been on the lookout for a new job for a while now. I got two offer letters back in April for 2 different jobs after I had attended the interviews – one was for a new company based in Trivandrum and the other was for a 2-3 year old company that had just doubled their profit in the last quarter and were expanding. Although I got selected for both jobs in the end I declined the offers for good reasons. The new company looked and felt unstable; a week after the interview they called me to inform that I was selected but 2 day later the project that I was to sign up for changed to a much lousier one, the pay decreased and the timings sucked (early morning and I was concerned about my health). I told them I was not comfortable with the sudden changes and I sent them a mail declining the offer.

The second one was a problem in clarification between their HR (the first call I had) who sits in Mumbai, their Kerala head (who sits here in Cochin) and their Director (who runs between Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and other places). The HR gave me one view, the local guy gave me another. By this time I was selected but confused and doubtful. I was sent the offer letter and about to join but then declined stating the reason that I wasn’t sure about the extensive travel involved. And then the Director called – he was very polite and tried to explain and clear all my doubts but I said no, even though I appreciated his call. I didn’t think it was something I would be able to do and politely said so.

I hope I find a well paying job soon, one which I can do well and will be in a situation to really make a contribution.