Is The Music Industry Dying A Slow Death?

The music industry is in such a terrible state right now. Just look at the popular artists that sell and make money now – women who bare a lot or wear next to nothing and sing pathetic lyrics that wouldn’t tax the brain of 4 year old and rap / hip-hop nonsense that is downright insulting. Lots of singers – where are the musicians? The few actual artists and bands that are making money by selling their new records right now are just a handful. A lot of the bands & artists are still touring and selling out stadiums, arenas and or theatres and still making money that way.

Today I watched an interview with a famous rocker who has been in this business for decades, having first recorded albums back in the late 70s. He has since been part of a big world arena-rocking band and then as a solo artist and has recently been with a supergroup. He stated in the interview that making new records, with the quality that the band wants, and selling so few records isn’t worth it anymore. The amount of money they spend for the studio work and then making the cds and marketing them is just about the same as what they make on sales and that is not beneficial. They may make some money off ticket sales and that is enough for a touring band but what about new music? If you check the discography of most rock bands, the ones that are successful are making a new record once every 3-4 years and maybe even 5 years. In that 4 or 5 year period they will tour probably 2 or 3 times. A lot of fans are satisfied listening to the old songs because who is buying new music anymore anyways?

I remember a time when I bought so many records – first cassette  tapes and then cds. Nowadays the options are so few and ofcourse there is online music so I haven’t bought a cd in ages. I kinda miss those days though. The two big music stores have closed down in my city long back and only a few small outlets remain for international music.  Is the record industry dying a slow & painful death?