Arsenal 4 Newcastle United 1

Arsenal put their recent Premier League troubles behind them to move to within two points of the Premier League’s top four after an easy win over Newcastle. Arsenal score four for second straight game and are now two points behind Man United. Olivier Giroud headed the Gunners ahead from Alexis Sanchez’s cross and Santi Cazorla’s cute finish made it 2-0. Giroud added his second with a clever close-range finish, and Ayoze Perez gave Newcastle hope with a header. Cazorla completed an emphatic win with an audaciously taken cheeky penalty, to celebrate his birthday, after Paul Dummett’s foul on Danny Welbeck.

Newcastle had arrived in north London buoyed by their victory over Chelsea. Yet Alan Pardew’s side struggled to hit the heights that they reached in ending the Premier League leaders’ unbeaten start to the campaign. Arsenal dominated the opening half and should have led by more than Giroud’s 16th-minute header. Per Mertesacker had already been denied by the crossbar, the Germany defender’s back header from a Cazorla corner cannoning off the woodwork, before Giroud struck. Newcastle’s marking was non existent as they failed to pick up the France international’s run from Sanchez’s excellent delivery, Giroud planting a powerful header beyond Jak Alnwick from 12-yards out. Danny Welbeck thought he had doubled the lead with an 18th-minute chipped finish but his effort was ruled out for a foul on Daryl Janmaat, a harsh decision judging by television replays. Welbeck was unfortunate with an ambitious 32nd minute volley that flashed narrowly wide of Alnwick’s post.

Arsenal extended their lead when Cazorla skipped over Fabricio Coloccini before beating Alnwick with a cute 55th-minute finish. The Gunners went 3-0 up four minutes later as Giroud produced an exquisite piece of skill to beat Alnwick with the outside of his foot. Perez gave Newcastle hope with a stooping header from Colback’s free-kick, but Cazorla cemented an impressive home display from the spot after Welbeck was felled by Dummett. Bellerin, Debuchy & Chamberlin had good games for the side. 16 games played, 26 points.

Poor Man’s Weekend Feast

With money being tight going out on a regular basis or even on a semi-regular basis is not really that possible. So for the weekend I have to make due with a budget so I can enjoy myself while I watch some football or movies in the comfort of my bedroom. So I went out to the store this evening and made a few purchases. For today evening I had a packet of cream biscuits – the cream was Vanilla and the cookie part was chocolate – along with my coffee. Dinner was the tried & tested masala instant noodles a la Maggi with 2 duck’s eggs that I scrambled and mixed with it. And ketchup. I had a 600 ml of Pepsi to wash down dinner.

Later on tonight at 11 pm I will be watching some football which will start at around 11pm. If I am not too sleepy once the game is done, I might watch an episode or two of  one of my favourite tv shows. Tomorrow will be an easy & simple day, some coffee and a light breakfast. Post lunch, which will be the usual rice, veggies and a curry, I will have some more biscuits with spicy & tangy peanuts for the evening while I watch either more football or a movie or two! Simple stuff and that is weekend enjoyment on a tight budget.

The Maze Runner

Based on James Dashner’s 2009 novel of the same name, The Maze Runner is a 2014 American science fiction dystopian action thriller film directed by Wes Ball. The film, which is one of the latest in the spurt of  young adult themed semi-scifi kinda fiction, is the first installment in The Maze Runner film series and was produced by Ellen Goldsmith-Vein, Wyck Godfrey, Marty Bowen, and Lee Stollman with a screenplay by Noah Oppenheim, Grant Pierce Myers, and T.S. Nowlin. The film stars Dylan O’Brien, Kaya Scodelario, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Will Poulter, and Ki Hong Lee.

A teenage boy wakes up inside a rusty elevator that has come up from several levels below and is greeted by several other unfamiliar boys on a grassy enclave.  He makes a run from them but finds that the clearing, called The Glade, is surrounded by huge stone walls. The boy has no memory of who he is and how or where he came from but the leader of the group of all boys, Albi, says that he will remember his name in a little while. The boys all work and survive together in a sort of community and the boy is befriended by the second in command Newt, who shows him the work in the garden, and a chubby younger boy called Chuck. All the boys came up to the surface in the same way, one at a time every 30 days, without their memory and only remembers their name after a couple of days. The boy wonders what is beyond the opening in the wall adjacent to the Glade, but he is warned not to go through there, being that it is a maze. Newt, second in command and gardener, explains that the Maze is the only way out. The most able boys become Runners, who are the only ones allowed into the Maze. They search for an escape route during the day, but return before nightfall, since the Maze entrance closes at dusk, and no one has ever survived a night in the Maze.

That night at a bonfire party the boy remembers his name, Thomas, after a brief fight with Gally, one of the stronger boy. The next day Thomas is attacked by Ben, who has been stung by a griver, one of the deadly part organic-part robotic creature that prowls the Maze at night and the other boys capture him and banish him into the Maze, forcing Ben inside it as the walls close. The next day Minho, the leader of the runners and Albi go into the Maze to retrace Ben’s path but Alby is stung and rendered unconscious. Minho appears at dusk, dragging Alby towards, but is unable to reach the entrance in time. Seeing this, Thomas runs into the maze to try and help. All three boys survive the night, with Thomas successfully killing a Griever by tricking it into running into a closing wall, crushing the Griever, and they return the next day with Alby to the astonishment of the other boys. Gally fears that the peace between the Grivers and the boys will come to an end, wants to punish Thomas by banishing him into the Maze but Newt overrules him and makes Thomas a runner. The next morning a few of the runners with Thomas & Minho go into the Maze and find the corpse of the Griver and retrieve a mechanial part which has an LCD display with the number 7 on it, corresponding a certain section of the maze.

The next morning the very first girl is sent up via the elevator with two syringes of a medical substance and a note that reads that she is the final person to be sent. The girl, Teresa knows Thomas but he does not remember her. The boys use one of the syringes on Alby and he starts to recover. Minho shows Thomas a model of the Maze he has created with all the data they collected during the last 3 years and the two of them go back in discovering an escape route. They barely make it back after being forced to retreat by collapsing sections, and inform the others. That night the Grivers attack killing some of the boys including Albi. Thomas stabs himself in the leg with a severed sting and remembers that he and Teresa were part of the organization that created the Maze, and that all of this was a test, and not imprisonment as they all were supposing so. Gally blames Thomas and Teresa for everything and attempts to execute them. The Gladers stop him, and most of them follow Thomas through the maze’s escape route. They battle the Grivers losing a couple of the boys along the way and using the pattern in which the Maze sections open up every day, which Minho has memorized, unlock a password locked door behind which they find a lab with a lot of dead scientists lying about.

A video plays in which a woman explains that the earth has been devastated by solar flares and a pandemic, The youths in the Glade were all part of an experiment researching their apparent resistance to the pandemic. At the end of the recording, she shoots herself in the head as the lab is attacked. Gally then shows up with a gun he found and shoots at Thomas but Chuck jumps in the way and is killed while Minho kills Gally using a spear. Armed masked men rush in to take the group away to a helicopter and fly them over the walls and reveals a vast desert and they approach the ruins of a destroyed city. In the final scene the scientists, all alive having faked the scene in the lab, sit at a table and the woman states that the experiment has been a success, the group havingbought the bait, and the survivors are now entering Phase Two.

Not bad as far as the young adult films goes (I have no idea how the books are) and there is very little cliched stuff in it. The execution is good and I think the actors chosen did a commendable job. I’m not fully convinced though as we don’t too much of an explanation but seeing as this is the first of a series of films that negates some of it. I’d have to say this is a 7.5 outta 10!

Little White Lie

As kids, we’re told, time and again, that lying is wrong. Do you believe that’s always true? In your book, are there any exceptions?

95% of the time I think lying is wrong and should be avoided. The truth works out for the best in the end and even if it doesn’t, if you have a conscious, how satisfying is it going to be when you have sorted things out or achieved something by lying your ass off? Exactly, so if you have no moral standards or a conscious or any core values whatsoever you will be fine by lying but if you have some integrity, chances are that you will not be happy with it.

At times though you have to lie and do it for the greater good. You need to think it out; is your little lie going to do more good than harm and can you live with yourself after that? Lie! Is your lie going to help a lot of people or even one person who deserves it – lie! Can you make things better – then lie! See how it goes? You have to weigh the pros and cons. If you one lie can help people and avoid trouble, there is no harm is lie. Ofcourse all depends on the nature of the lie.

Are you lying for personal gain, to attract more money, for getting a girl / guy you fancy (and that lie is a huge part of sealing the deal), getting fame, glory, getting your way – don’t lie! Simple as that. Situations may wary slightly but in the end, if you are a good person you will know the difference. That is a quality you should try and pass on.

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5 Things That I Want

List five things you want.

  1. Money, lots of money. I need some money, a lot more money. I just need a whole truck load of cash to get my life back in line and sort out a bunch of stuff.
  2. I need a new, well paying, good job like right now! Yesterday even. I need to feel productive and active and contributing once again. I am tired of my life.
  3. A nice apartment of my own. I want to live in my space. I don’t want to be here, I want someplace that is my own. Paid for and not renting. 3 bedrooms one of which I will make into my den and 2 bathrooms attached, a nice kitchen, a living room / dining room and a balcony would be nice. Or a house – not too big but with a big, green grass filled backyard.
  4. A spanking new computer with the latest specs and/or a new laptop
  5. A family of my own – loving, beautiful wife and 2 dogs and 2 cats as our fur babies

True Detective – Season 1

True Detective is a much talked about and ballyhooed tv series that has only completed it’s first season. I wanted to check it and out and check it out I did – and I don’t know what the fuss was all about! The HBO created and written by Nic Pizzolatto, with the first season directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson (both executive producers of the series) with Michelle Monaghan, Michael Potts, and Tory Kittles. It follows the case of two Louisiana State Police Criminal Investigations Division homicide detectives’ hunt for a serial killer in Louisiana across seventeen years. It’s dark, it’s deary and it’s brutal – so they also had to get two characters who symbolizes a lot of that darkness and doom. Hey I like Harrelson a lot and think he’s fantastic but McConaughey kinda plays the same kinda roles in a lot of movies that aren’t comedy / action.

In Louisiana two homicide detectives Martin Hart and Rustin Cohle are investigating the death of prostitute Dora Lange, who’s body is foun wearing deer antlers surrounded by symbolic imagery and objects, including twig latticeworks resembling Cajun bird traps. Finding a body with Occult imagery in rural heavily Christian Louisiana means that the case receives heavy priority and lots of focus. It doesn’t help that most people, including his boss & other cops, don’t like Rusty for his dour persona and is considered to be rude. His daughter’s death in a car accident, which led to the collapse of his marriage, the beginning of his drug habit, and four years as an undercover narcotics investigator is the reason Rusty is the way he is. Marty tries to be social with him and has him over for dinner, introducing Rusty to his wife and 2 daughters but Rusty sees through the fact that Marty is cheating on his wife and sleeping with the court clerk. Infact for a show that is only 8 episodes and is supposed to be detective drama, an awful lot of time is spent on showing naked chick having sex with Marty and then the fall out that happens when the affair goes sour. The show switches back & forth between events of 1995 and two cops interviewing the ex-detectives about the case – Marty, having been divorced, runs a successful private investigation firm while Rusty works in a bar.

Although the celebrated evangelist and cousin of the governor, advocates a police task force focusing on “anti-Christian crimes,” including the Lange murder, it is obvious that a former local church had more than normal practices going on in their premises. In the wreckage of a burnt-out church Lange attended, they find a wall painting depicting a human figure wearing deer antlers – Lange’s diary had repeated references to “Carcosa” and a “Yellow King”. Rusty in particular has a dim view of Christianity and isn’t shy of voicing his opinions, while questioning the former pastor about Lange. While researching old investigations, Cohle identifies symbols similar to the Lange case in the death of Rianne Olivier, which was classified as accidental. Hart and Cohle visit Light of the Way Academy, a religious school run by Tuttle that Olivier attended, but find it abandoned save for a groundskeeper. They discover that Olivier’s boyfriend, Reggie Ledoux is an ex-con who was a cellmate of Dora Lange’s ex-husband, Charlie, and has since skipped parole. Rusty goes “undercover” to infiltrate the biker gang that Charlie is now cooking meth for.

Meanwhile Marty’s mistress tells about the affair to his wife Maggie who leaves the house with the kids. Rusty’s undercover gig almost goes bust but he manages to get away and his contact leads him & Marty to DeWall Ledoux, Reggie’s cousin and cook partner. DeWall refuses to do business with Cohle but unwittingly leads him and Hart to a meth lab hidden in the bayou. Hart apprehends Reggie, who makes cryptic statements about Carcosa. Hart executes Reggie in a rage after discovering two kidnapped and abused children in the compound. DeWall flees and dies to a booby trap. The detectives plant evidence to make it look like a shootout has taken place, a scenario they report as fact to a police investigation. They are hailed as heroes at the station and in the press, and they receive commendations and promotions. Cut to 2002, while Rusty is consulting on a police interrogation, the prisoner asks for a plea bargain in exchange for the identity of Dora Lange’s real killer, who he claims is still at large and killing. The prisoner kills himself in his cell before Cohle can follow up. Cohle returns to Light of the Way Academy, where he finds dozens of twig sculptures and dark imagery on the walls. A former pastor in Tuttle’s ministries claims Tuttle covered up child molestation.

Tuttle complains to the police department following a tense meeting with Cohle, who has been warned to cease his investigation, and Cohle is suspended from duty anyway. Hart begins an affair with Beth, whom he met when he was working the Lange case and she was an underage prostitute he interviewed. After she discovers the affair, Maggie has sex with Cohle. After she tells her husband, he and Cohle fight. Cohle quits the police force immediately after. In 2012, Cohle presents Hart with evidence of a cult he believes is responsible for the disappearance of dozens of women and children. Among the evidence is a videotape of the rape and murder of Marie Fontenot, a tape Cohle stole from Tuttle’s home. He denies killing Tuttle, speculating that others did it to prevent Tuttle being blackmailed over the tape. Hart agrees to join the investigation. They learn that Tuttle had an illegitimate half-brother with the surname Childress, whose son had scars on his face. They also learn that their former colleague Steve Geraci cut short his investigation of the Fontenot disappearance on the orders of his boss, Ted Childress, then the sheriff of Vermilion Parish. Hart and Cohle waylay Geraci to coerce the details from him. Meanwhile, Gilbough and Papania ask directions to the burnt-out church from a groundskeeper, the same man Cohle encountered at Light of the Way Academy in 1995. They drive off without noticing his badly scarred lower face.

In 2012, the “man with the scars” is shown living in squalor in a large house with a female relative, with whom he has a sexual relationship. Later, he goes to work painting a school, where he watches children on the playground. Hart and Cohle extract details from Geraci by showing him the Fontenot tape. Hart intuits that the “green-eared spaghetti monster” may have been the scarred man covered in green from painting a house in Dora Lange’s old neighborhood. They trace the paint job to a small business owned by William Childress that employed a man with scars on his face. They visit William Childress’s home, the house where the “man with the scars” lives. Cohle pursues the man, William Childress’s son Errol, through a labyrinth of trees and tunnels, which Errol identifies as Carcosa.

At the end Cohle discovers an idol, draped in yellow and covered in skulls, and briefly sees a spiraling vortex. Hart discovers William’s decaying corpse in a shed and then runs to Cohle’s aid. Hart and Cohle are both badly wounded fighting Errol but manage to kill him. Papania and Gilbough arrive with backup, called to the scene by Hart. Hart and Cohle recover in the hospital while Papania and Gilbough connect Errol to dozens of missing-person cases and murders, including Dora Lange’s. The Tuttles, however, escape prosecution. Hart breaks down into tears when Maggie and their daughters visit him. Cohle reveals that during his ordeal he felt the loving presence of his dead father and daughter, and the experience has given his life renewed purpose. The two detectives reflect on the universal battle between light and dark.

All Or Nothing?

“Perhaps when we find ourselves wanting everything, it is because we are dangerously close to wanting nothing.” — Sylvia Plath. Which do you find more dangerous: wanting nothing, or wanting everything?

To me it seems like wanting nothing could be more dangerous. Unless you are some kind of hermit or ascetic – and even they want something – everyone who is alive wants some thing or things. It’s against human nature to not want anything. However there are people who want close to “nothing” in that, they have very few desires or wants or needs. Maybe not needs but the other two definitely. And that could mean that they have given up all hope and given up on life.

That to me is more dangerous and serious to a person’s mindset than wanting it all. I want a lot of things, I want all my dreams to come true. I want it all. I have a lot of desires. I need a lot of things. I want and crave a lot more. I am not greedy but I want my share and I want to feel that I have a lot. But I have limits and I know it (I think). Being so makes me human and makes me want to improve and change. Otherwise I might as well be dead or dying.

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Galatasaray 1 Arsenal 4

As there was much thunder & lightning I switched off everything at 12 am and thought I’d wait. But I fell asleep and missed the match – only to wake up and find that Poldi & Ramsey have scored a brace each for a 4-1 win. Maybe I should miss a few more games. Arsenal hammered an abject Galatasaray side but could not claim top spot in Group D as Borussia Dortmund avoided defeat in their final group game.

The Gunners – criticised for defeat at Stoke on Saturday – responded with three goals inside 30 minutes, Lukas Podolski powering an opener. Aaron Ramsey slotted a second and added a stunning left-footed 35-yard volley. Wesley Sneijder hit a free-kick consolation before Podolski rolled a second with the final kick of the game. It was fitting that Podolski, impressive throughout, ended the night by netting his third goal of the season with a powerful run but light finish. He has only started six times in Arsenal’s faltering league campaign but led from the front as Wenger’s side delivered the response he asked for after defeat against the Potters. Arsenal – sixth in the Premier League – eased off after the interval and counted on captain Per Mertesacker to produce a superb goal-line block to deny Umut Bulut from four yards.

Wenger had introduced three debutants in Stefan O’Connor, Ainsley Maitland-Niles and Gedion Zelalem by the time Wesley Sneijder whipped in a powerful free-kick from 18 yards with a minute remaining. The effort flew past Wojciech Szczesny – who handled efforts well on his return from a four-game absence – but Podolski ended proceedings with a flourish, passing the ball into the net from 10 yards. In the round of 16 we could face either of the following teams : Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona or Paris St-Germain, Porto, Monaco.

I Ain’t Too Fancy But If I Could…

You’re given unlimited funds to plan one day full of any and all luxuries you normally can’t afford. Tell us about your extravagant day with as much detail as possible.

Hmmm, I’m not sure. You know what, if I had some extra cash lying around I wouldn’t mind spending a week in a nice, luxurious hotel room or in a resort and just lounging around watching tv and ordering room service. Or at some luxury spa being massaged and pampered and getting lots of goodies there as well. That would be nice. I’d get myself a full body – well from the neck below – wax to get rid of all the body hair. Ah, cool liquids, cool liquids to drink please.

Maybe a house boat ride on the backwaters of Kerala. Eating lots of fried fish and squid, hmm and washing them down with beer. That’s the kinda relaxing I’d want. So either of these would be fine. Otherwise just give me the cash and I’ll take a bunch of my friends and go to a 5 star hotel and book a few rooms and we’ll have a party! Lots of great food and drink and some entertainment too! That’s it for me.

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Sour Milk In My Coffee?

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at a medical lab / clinic in Kadavanthara (Ponnurunni area) as my mom had to go in for a scan and a mammogram. We left after an early lunch and took a 4 wheeler auto taxi, driven by a woman, that took us via the new AL Jacob bridge route. The ride was ok although my mom has some difficulty in getting in the slightly elevated vehicle inspite of the step. We made it there by 2pm and paid at the counter for the procedure. After a brief wait we went to the first floor where some of the tests are done and sat in the smallish waiting room. As there were less seats and a wait of atleast 45-60 minutes for her turn, I decided to let her wait there while I went outside.

I walked a few minutes looking for a small cool bar or a hotel so I could get a cool drink and I found a hotel. I went in and took a seat at a table at the far end and when the waiter came I asked for something cold but they had none. Not even a lime juice! Not wanting to get up and go further away from the lab, I asked him for a coffee instead. A couple of minutes later he brought me a medium sized glass of coffee with milk. I took a sip of it and immediately knew that there was something wrong with the coffee! It tasted terrible and either the milk had got sour or he accidentally added something else (like salt or some spice) along with the sugar! I managed two sips but it tasted so bad that I left very quickly and did indeed find a store near by and drank a nice cold Mango drink to get that awful taste from my mouth.

I came back in 30 minutes and there were some seats available. I settled in one and skipped through 5 Outlook magazines waiting for scan and mammogram to be completed and by 4:45 pm we were outta there. We hailed another taxi and came back home and I went to a small store nearby for some provisions and a little snack for our evening coffee.

What Do You Think Happens When We Die?

What do you think happens when we die?

I really don’t know. And neither do you! So don’t pretend. I certainly know some of what will happen, atleast to my body and since I don’t believe in a soul that lives on a spirit, that’s all that matters. Here’s what we know : unless I put it in my will with a lawyer signing on it, I’m pretty sure that my body will be burned in a funeral pyre because that’s what my family of Hindus follow. So when I die, they will place my body on top of wood, after everyone has had a chance to pay their respects, and using the latest electric method, the pyre will be light and poof I will go up in smoke…after a while. My body will be reduced to ashes.

If I get to it, I will have it in writing to donate my body – eyes, heart whatever – to anyone who needs it for spare parts. Or for science. That’s needed, someone has to benefit from it. If I don’t my body will either be burned or decay. If it was in the ground I could give back to the earth but Hindu families don’t do that and so I need that change in my will. As for heaven or hell or reincarnation – nice story bro but where’s the proof? Stories and make believe. That’s all they are.

The Strain – Season 1

The Strain is a vampire / supernatural horror drama tv series that debut in the summer and concluded it’s 13 episode first season. The show revolves around an old vampire who comes to New York City from Europe and unleashes his virus like vampirism with the help of a rich & powerful businessman who is ill and is promised eternal life and vigour in return. A small group of heroes led by a couple of scientists from the CDC, an exterminator, a hacker and an elderly pawn shop owner & holocaust survivor who fought the master vampire a couple of times back in Europe, seek to stop the spread of this disease that could wipe out humanity.

The series stars Corey Stoll, David Bradley, Mía Maestro, Kevin Durand, Jonathan Hyde, Richard Sammel, Sean Astin, Ruta Gedmintas, Ben Hyland, Natalie Brown & Miguel Gomez. Leslie Hope, Roger Cross, Stephen McHattie, Adriana Barazza & Inga Cadrenal form part of a large supporting cast. It was created by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, based on their novel trilogy of the same name. Carlton Cuse serves as executive producer and showrunner. Del Toro and Hogan wrote the pilot episode, “Night Zero”, which del Toro directed.

The series starts off with a plane landing in NYC with all the lights off and the doors sealed Epidemiologist Dr. Ephraim Goodweather and his team are sent to investigate. On board they find 206 corpses and four survivors. The survivors are quarantined until answers can be reached but with political pressure they are left to go home as they seem to be fine, despite the concerns of Eph and his team – Dr. Nora Martinez & Jim Kent, a CDC administrator. On the same plan a large box with a coffin inside is tagged to leave the airport with the help of Kent, as former gang banger just out of jail Gus drives it out to delivers it to the waiting hands of Thomas Eichhorst, an undead vampire acolyte of the Master, who is inside the coffin. Both Kent & Gus are unwitting accomplices – Gus is in it for the cash and Kent is promised that his wife, who suffers from cancer, will be moved to the head of the list for a new treatment. The four survivors start deteriorating in health and start to lose their hair and in case of the man, his penis, as they slowly convert to become vampires. The dead also revive and become vampires spreading out into the city, either killing and/or infecting more people during the night time.

Eldritch Palmer, an elderly billionaire invalid, is the financial muscle behind the whole process as his money is used to get the Master’s plan in place with Einchhorst doing most of the administration. An elder pawnshop owner, Professor Abraham Setrakian who battled the former Nazi general and saw the Master in action while in a concentration camp joins Eh, Nora and Jim providing them with knowledge and some weapons to fight the vampires. Setrakaian’s wife and daughter were converted to vampires long ago and he had to kill them so his beef with Einchhorst and the Master is personal. Also joining the fight is Vasiliy Fet, a once-solitary rat exterminator of Ukrainian descent and Dutch Velders, an internet hacker hired by Palmer to control the information from going out via news sites, who is miffed that she was a pawn in an evil scheme. Palmer is finally bitten by the Master and gains his health and strength but hasn’t changed completed. As the vampires keep infecting people, Eph’s ex-wife and mother to their son Zack, is also transformed. Adding to the mix is a group of vampires, led by Mr. Quinlan, the head of a band of undead hunters who are sent to destroy the vampire outbreak, who recruit Gus to join them.

Rather good series and very well done on the budget of a television show. It got good rating despite some slow movement initially but things picked up towards the end. I’d rate it high and I can’t for next season, which will also be 13 episodes – I think this one needs to be 20 plus.

Arsenal 2 Stoke City 3

Stoke scored three first-half goals to again stun Arsenal who staged a brilliant yet unsuccessful fightback at the Britannia Stadium. A pathetic first half saw Arsenal come up short against Stoke City, who always seems to get the better of us. Stoke City! This is not Chelsea, nor Liverpool, not Man City, nor Man Utd, nor Tottenham or even Everton. Fuck not even Newcastle United! But Stoke City. And congratulations to them because for 60 minutes they looked good enough to thrash us. 4-0, 5-0 or even 6-0 thumping looked quite likely to happen. Peter Crouch slotted in after only 19 seconds, before Bojan sidefooted in the second and Jon Walters crashed in to make it 3-0 on the stroke of half-time. And the visitors were lucky not go 4-0 down when Bojan cut inside before firing past Damian Martinez. The Spaniard and his team-mates ran off celebrating, but the goal was overruled as a result of Mame Biram Diouf being offside.

Santi Cazorla scored from the spot and Aaron Ramsey volleyed in from a corner soon after to give the Gunners hope. However, Calum Chambers was shown a second yellow late on as Stoke held on. Arsenal’s first-half defensive display was as calamitous as those against Liverpool. and Chelsea last season. It all started to go wrong after just 19 seconds when Steven N’Zonzi whipped in a cross from the right and found Crouch, who steadied himself before placing his shot past Martinez. Olivier Giroud should have equalised with a header from four yards, and both he and his team were punished for the miss when ex-Barcelona player Bojan – one of the day’s best performers – opened up his foot to convert Walters’ cross. Sanchez had a good run profiting from a mistake at the back but hit the post – had that gone it, it would surely have been Arsenal’s game. Arsenal continued pressing to find that all-important equaliser, but their hopes of salvaging a point were rocked when Chambers was shown a second yellow for pulling back Bojan. Stoke held on and won all 3 points.

Resting Koscienly who is not completely fit and with Monreal injured, Wenger played Bellerin at RB with Chambers in CB partnering Per – our defense looked weaker than it has for the longest time. Arsenal were simply out-muscled by a more physical side. Giroud looked out of it, Alexis is showing signs of being burned out and his frustration shows. Podolski was brought on for 30 minutes or so and Campbell was brought on only in injury time!!! We have a lot of work to do; squad needs to be reinforced (I would sell a couple of these players) and new players need to be brought in that can play physically as well as they can play skillfully. Wenger is so beyond redemption, just fucking resign at the end of the season you moron.

Your Last Meal

mindbump suggested by Understanding Alice

“Your last meal – what would it be and with whom?”

I can’t think of anyone I’d want to share my last ever meal with. Not family nor friends. I don’t think I’d want them to see that. I’d rather do it alone all by myself. I’d probably be too emotional or they might be and I don’t want that to affect my last meal on earth. Hey, I’m a foodie and I’d like to enjoy my last supper.

As for what should my last meal be? A big feast baby. Some shawarma, some burgers, some pizza, biryani, some fried chicken, some beef fry, bacon ofcourse, shrimp, pork, my fav Chinese dishes, some hot dogs and some beer to wash that down. And some huge ice cream sundae at the end for dessert. That would be awesome.

And then I can rest in peace.