Night Sky Fireball Update

Here is an update on the ‘fireball’ spotted in the night sky on the 27th of February:

A suspected depression or an impact crater, believed to be caused by a ‘fireball’ spotted on Friday night in several districts of Kerala, has been located in Karimalloor village in Ernakulam district today. The disaster management team which rushed to the spot suspects the crater could be caused due to a meteorite fall. “The samples collected by the revenue department have been sent for further verifications to GSI”, said Sekhar Kuriakose, heading the disaster management team.

Residents of Thrissur, Ernakulam, Fort Kochi and Kollam tweeted seeing the ‘huge fireball’ between 10 pm to 10.30 pm. According to the residents, a flash was seen across the sky and few cents of land in 2 different locations of Ernakulam district where the crater was noticed were also found charred. The locals said they felt tremors and witnessed sounds with the passing of the ‘object’. However, authorities of the Disaster Management team dismissed speculation that the ‘fireball’ could be celestial debris, as the consortium of space agencies closely monitors any space related activities and would have notified the management of any such appearance.

Mr Kuriakose even dismissed the ‘object’ as anything related to ‘metal’ as Air Traffic Control radar system would have recorded it. Meanwhile, science author and cosmology researcher, Rajagopal Kamath, said that the ‘fireball’ could be “a rocket or satellite debris. It also could be stony chondrite meteorites as in many places people have claimed that they have seen a bluish flame, which is peculiar to any meteorites.”

Latest update : IT WAS a fragment of a meteor!!

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

You have the chance to write one last post on your blog before you stop blogging forever. Write it.

So let me start by saying to some readers – this is a fictional post. I am not quitting blogging as I enjoy it way too much and it is such a release for me. This is just an answer to this blog prompt. So here goes :

This is my last chance to reach out to you. Stay good, be nice to each other. Forget about petty differences and man-man differences that lead to quarrels and worse. Who the fuck cares about your beliefs as long as you stick to the law and do right and behave like a decent human being? No amount of bloodshed is worth it, stop fighting and killing and forcing people to believe in the nonsense that you were indoctrinated into.

If you are going to destroy us all just get over with it – one large planet size bomb that only kills humans. No animals or birds please. They deserve to live on in peace. We don’t, not the way that things are escalating.

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