Finite Creatures

At what age did you realize you were not immortal? How did you react to that discovery?

I think I was pretty young when I realized that all of us, including my family, friends & myself are mortal and that we all will eventually  grow old and died. And that the rest of us who live on after a loved one’s death do miss and mourn for the dead person. I was lucky that I never did experience someone close to me dying until much later in life. Would it have helped, if I had experienced it earlier in life? I dunno.

Since 1992 I have lost an aunt, an uncle I was close to and both my grandmothers. There were a few other deaths but not relatives I was really close with. In the last few years a couple of old friends & colleagues have passed away as well. I also lost two cats and a dog that I loved with all my heart. Losing pets is a lot devastating, especially since you can’t tell them how you feel in words and neither can they speak back to you. But yes the feeling is still the same even without understand the words and it is hard to get over. My dog was with me for 11 years and it has been a little over 10 since she passe but I still haven’t gotten over it and I still think of her every day. Not a day goes by without me thinking of my Shawny.

Which is probably why I came up with this fictional futuristic world in where all humans and other earthlings were infected by an alien created virus that added with a protective shield / forcefield stunted aging and made us all immortal and when you take into affect that our living conditions and technology have made us be able to live comfortable and cushy lives, things are awesome with no deaths, injuries, illness, thirst, hunger or pain. That sounds fine to me.

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Me vs Little Tiny Spider

So I woke up after a heavy sleep at 8:45 am and after brushing my teeth and washing my face I went to get a cup of coffee. First of the morning. A little after that I needed to go to the toilet and while I was sitting there, doing my business, when out there in the corner just under the sink I see a little spider coming out. I hate spiders, in case you don’t know. They suck and they are disgusting. Since I was still on the toilet, I picked up the bidet shower (you know the water hose pipe thingy on the sides of toilets) and squirted the little beast.

He scurried away under a plastic dice designed stool I have in the corner of the bathroom and which sits under my sink. Thinking he wouldn’t dare show up again, I went back to staring into space and doing my thing but lo and behold! the little beast shows up again. I hosed him again thinking that this would kill him but he scurried away yet again, only to come out in another 30 seconds. Persistent little bastard, aren’t you? is what I thought before I squirted him with a longer streak of water and he turned upside down and disappeared behind the stool. I was almost proud of myself which only lasted another minute when he comes out again!!!

This time I was even a bit pissed off and I squirted the bugger with a prolonged dose and he once again went belly up and disappeared behind the stool. Feeling like Clint Eastwood, I sat back and waited. Well? Are you going to show up again?A minute or two passed by and no little spider. “Oh, I must have killed him for good this time” but I wasn’t sure. I had completed my business but I didn’t get up. Hell, was I actually worried about the little guy, having gotten a grudging respect for him by now! I was sure he was a goner but there he comes out. “Alright spidey, atta boy!” I said to myself. He went off into the gap behind the sink’s hose.

Wait a minute! Was I actually rooting for a spider?

Food Review # 41

The McDonald’s Grilled Chicken Royale comes with two grilled chicken patties & 2 chicken cold cuts. I keep calling it the Grilled Chicken “Royal” instead of “Royale” in the video. In my defense…..nope I got nothing! My brain was probably roasted in the afternoon heat! Still a great burger and it was really delicious.