Night & Day

Have you ever had an experience that was amazing the first time, but terrible the second time around? Or vice versa? What made it different the second time?

The vice versa is ofcourse alcohol. The first time a young person drinks alcohol it normally tastes terrible. You cough, you gag, you choke, you spit it out and you swear that you will never do that again. You will swear on your grandfather’s grave that you will stay away from this vile substance. Two months later….

I remember accidentally taking a large swig of whiskey from a bottle that I though was water from my fridge when I was 15 years old. We used to clean out whiskey and brandy bottles at home that my dad and uncles drank and use it to fill water and put it in the fridge. It so happened that my uncle had brought a whiskey bottle to my home, drank a little bit from it and left it in the fridge. I opened the bottle and poured a large mouthful into my mouth before feeling the burning sensation in my throat and chest and spat it out.

Something like that could have and should have put me of alcohol for the rest of my life but even though I rarely drink whiskey I do like vodka, rum & brandy.

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