First Infatuation

Who was your first childhood crush? What would you say to that person if you saw him/her again?

Hmmm, now here is the thing. I am not sure which one is my first true crush (there have been so many) because I met one lady when I was 11 and the other was when I was 12 or 13 but I think it is the latter. That’s probably because I became aware of sex and the womanly body at the age of 12.

Not much to say, this girl was almost 2 years older and she was in the same school as me, in the class ahead of me. Her name was Sophia and she was fair, tall and had thick curly hair. I kinda fell in crush with her almost immediately on seeing her but it took me many months before I got the guts to speak to her. We ended up becoming friends but she never really knew about my intense crush on her (I think she knew but thought of me as a cute younger kid) and I never really spoke about it to more than a couple of friends at my school.

She left the school the next year and I think I only saw her once or twice since. A few years later back in 1997 I saw her while at the bus stand and I smiled at her and she recognized me and smiled back at me. That was the last time I ever saw her. I wonder what she is doing now. If I saw her again, I would say hi and talk a bit about the old days back in our school.

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Roshcilles Heel

So I last 3 days or 3.5 days before I had to give up. Saturday I went to work and it was ok even though there was some pain in my ankle. But I felt ok by the end of the shift at 1:30 am. On Sunday, as I blogged earlier, I went out with my best buds and after dinner we did walk a lot at the mall which in hindsight wasn’t the best thing for me. Monday, yesterday, I thought I was ok but I went to work and after some time my ankle started hurting again. I also have this problem that I need to walk around the training room while I train and hence that could also have contributed a bit.

By 8pm I was hurting a bit more so I decided to go home and have a colleague cover the sessions for the day. I spoke to my boss and post dinner at 8:45 pm I hired a cab and by 10pm I was back home and lying down in bed resting for a while before watching some tv and going to sleep. Today I went to another hospital and tried to see the Orthopedic doctor but he was in surgery all day and hence I went to see the casualty doctor and explained the whole story. She asked me to get an x-ray done and so I paid for it and went to the nurses in the x-ray ward and got my foot and ankle x-rayed. The doc said that it doesn’t look like there is a fracture of any sort but to be doubly sure she wanted me to come back tomorrow and see the ortho guy. She prescribed me some painkillers and told me to take rest.

I am resting today and tomorrow, other than the visit to the hospital. I don’t want to take anymore leaves. This ankle thing is bugging me already. Enough is enough, heal already you stupid heel! (sometimes I crack myself up :D )

Star Trek : Renegades

So we have yet another fan film (or in this case a series pilot) based on the Star Trek universe. This is the 4th that I have watched and one that I like a lot just like the other 3. Star Trek: Renegades is a fan film based upon the Star Trek franchise that features several characters from commercially produced Star Trek series, played by the same actors who realized them for film and TV. Made on a budget of roughly $375,000, the film was largely funded through crowdsourcing, and the film’s producers claimed they were going to submit it to CBS as a spec TV pilot (however CBS have turned down the offer to make it into a series). The completed pilot film was released for public viewing via YouTube beginning August 24, 2015. Plans have been announced for a web based series, much like Star Trek Continues.

It is about 10 years after Voyager comes back to earth. A now 143 year old Admiral Pavel Chekov, head of Starfleet Intelligence, is worried about the crisis that the Federation is in as an unknown alien force is destroying the Federation’s main suppliers of dilithium crystals (the primary catalyst for the fuel used in faster-than-light travel). Space and time have folded around several planets, isolating them from outside contact. The phenomenon is unnatural – someone or something is causing it to happen. Chekov gets a message from his friend Admiral Satterle (Herbert Jefferson Jr.) that he is on to a conspiracy within Starfleet and that he is to trust no one. Before the message is over, Satterle is killed in an explosion, which Chekov knows is sabotage. Not knowing who he can trust within Starfleet, Chekov enlists Commander Tuvok, the current head of Section 31, to put together a covert renegade crew of outsiders who will have to find out the people behind this. Tuvok knows of an able leader – Lexxa Singh, a descendant of Khan Noonien Singh – but who is in a Federation prison!

Tuvok gets Lexxa to agree to the mission, dangling the hope of finding her older sister, and she is released from prison and joins her crew of outcasts – Dr. Lucien (Sean Young), Ragnar (Gary Graham), Icheb (Manu Intiraymi), Fixer (Edward Furlong), Jaro Ruk (Kevin Fry) & Ronara (Chasty Ballesteros) – on board their ship, The Icarus and head to investigate. They must evade the USS Archer led by Captain Alvarez (played by Corin Menec) who is unaware of the nature of the Icarus’s mission and stop the aliens led by Borrada (Bruce A. Young) before they can destroy earth using two weapons that case the folding of space. Robert Picardo has two brief scenes as Dr. Lewis Zimmerman while Richard Herd does a brief appearance as Admiral Owen Paris. From Star Trek Continues we have Grant Imahara as Lt. Masaru & Vic Mignogna as Garis coming in to support the Renegades team. Lexxa and her team are able to stop the aliens in time and also uncover a couple of conspirators in Starfleet.

In the end the Icarus crew is given two extra crew members to replace the ones they lose in this mission & their freedom in exchange for the occasional covert operation; they will never be part of Starfleet or having any status in the Federation and in fact will be hunted down as only Chekov & Tuvok will know of their arrangement. Sounds like a good premise for a regular tv series. What did I like about the show? The choice of main cast was good, having Picardo, Russ & Chekov was a huge plus. Wilkinson looks great as does Chasty B but I think Manu as Icheb was just excellent as was Edward Furlong as Fixer (check out the surprise about that character). Some of the others were really not good, including the crew members of the Icarus that die, the villains and what the heck is with that great great granddaughter scene with Chekov? That was my least favourite part of the movie. Make isn’t the best but hey they barely had a budget and that also shows on the sets where they have to be on planets. Starfleet headquarters and the Archer’s interiors looked very tacky to me. However the space scenes and battles were awesome as were the CGI effects on Icheb’s new enhancements. Very well done.

I’d give this movie / pilot a 7 outta 10, maybe an 8 considering the budget.

Three Old Men Reunited Again!

Today was the day that I finally got to meet Anil & Madhu after a very long time. Since last October in fact! Anil has been back from Dubai for a few weeks now (he is not going back and instead is going to look for a job here or elsewhere) and Madhu is on holiday from his work in Qatar. So we needed to meet. Despite me having an ankle problem we decided to meet for coffee at around 11am in Bay Pride Mall.

After a while of chatting over there we went to Golden Dragon for beer and Chinese food. They only had King Fisher but that was ok for us.


We munched on several stuff including this well done Chinese chicken salad. The dragon chicken was the star of the show, also good were the spring rolls, golden fried crispy prawns but the Chicken Satay was a bit too much for us. No fried rice or noodles just these starters.


At around 2:30 pm we went to the Center Square Mall and went to several stores as Madhu looked for a pair of shoes to his liking but we never found anything he liked. We ended the day with a fruit salad & mango ice cream and then went back to our respective homes.

My Right Foot

So back to work after a 3 day gap. Wednesday was a changed off due to it being a nationwide work strike. And due to the minor injury on my right heel ( luckily it’s not the actual ankle otherwise it will swell up a lot and it would be a lot more painful and it would be much more difficult to walk.

So it’s almost healed but I will keep the crepe bandage on for a couple of more days. Maybe till Monday. I am working today to compensate for Monday and Sunday I am going to meet my best friends Anil and Madhu for lunch. We will keep it simple and not walk much anywhere due to my foot issue. We’ll meet somewhere for coffee and then talk for a while before we get some beer and Chinese food (which is the usual).

But I will take it easy and avoid walking around much. I don’t want to sprain it further and make matters worse.

Food (Beverage) Review # 48

And this is it. Something I have been waiting for since I first learned about Guinness stouts back when I was a teenage in the early 1990s. Never thought I’d ever get a chance to try one unless I left India but there I was in Chennai at the Moon & Sixpence Irish pub and I ordered a Guinness. It was disappointing but I wonder if it was just a bad case or can? Tasted tinny & metallic.


So if you have not been living under a rock, under the oceans or in some secluded forest, you would know and probably love the Minions. They were the loveable small, yellow creatures first introduced to us in Despicable Me and continued to charm us in the sequel. Minions is a standalone and yet serves as a prequel to the franchise as it gives us an origin story for the Minions as well as show how they came to be Gru’s henchmen. The film stars Coffin (as the Minions), Sandra Bullock, Jon Hamm, Michael Keaton, Allison Janney, and Steve Coogan, and is narrated by Geoffrey Rush.

Minions are small, yellow creatures who have existed since the beginning of time, evolving from single-celled organisms into beings who exist only to serve history’s most villainous masters. They find great masters—including a T-Rex, a caveman, an Egyptian pharaoh, Dracula and Napoleon — but after accidentally killing nearly all of them with their incompetence, they decide to isolate themselves from the world and start a new life in Antarctica. But after centuries of not serving a master they have become depressed and by 1968 so one Minion named Kevin seeks out to find a new master so that all Minions can serve him/her and enjoy life again. Stuart — a bored, teenaged minion who is obsessed with guitars — joins him reluctantly, as does an over-enthusiastic Bob, who is only choosen due to a lack of volunteers. After a long journey they find themselves in NYC where they learn of a a Villain-Con – a convention of super villains – in Florida and hitch-hick with a family of bank robbers and make their way to the convention.

There they become the henchmen for Scarlet Overkill, who is a world famous villain, and her husband Herb, and Kevin informs the other Minions back in Antartica, who have started working for a Yeti vbut accidentally kill their leader. Fleeing from the remaining angry Yeti, they travel around the world to find Kevin, who had already told them to meet the trio in England. In England Kevin, Stuart & Bob try to steal the Queen’s crown, as that is Scarlet’s biggest dream but have to flee from the security. Bob crashes onto the mythical Sword in the Stone and pulls the sword, Excalibur, out to defend himself. After he has pulled out the legendary sword, Elizabeth II is immediately removed from the throne and Bob is crowned as the new King of England. An angry Scarlet comes to England and confront the 3 but Bob abdicates his thrown to make Scarlet the future queen but she has them tossed in the dungeons to be tortured by Herb. But their unique physiology makes them impervious to torture and The three of them manage to escape when Herb eventually leaves to attend his wife’s coronation.

The three accidentally crash the coronation before Scarlet can be crowned Queen and Stuart and Bob are captured by super villains while Kevin hides in a bar where he finds Elizabeth. Kevin learns that Stuart and Bob are to be executed and breaks into Herb’s laboratory, with villains chasing him. He accidentally triggers an experimental machine that enlarges him, destroying the Overkill residence in the process, which scares the villains away. Kevin rescues his companions just as the other Minions arrive in London. Scarlet is distracted by the army of Minions and Kevin knocks her through numerous buildings. She sends a missile towards Kevin, which he swallows, sacrificing himself to save Stuart, Bob and the other Minions. Scarlet and Herb attempt to escape using her dress rocket but Kevin holds onto it as the missile inside him explodes, apparently killing Scarlet and Herb and shrinking Kevin back to his original size.

Elizabeth is once again crowned Queen of England. She publicly presents Bob with a tiny crown, Stuart with an electric guitar and Kevin with a knighthood. Scarlet—suddenly revealed to be alive—steals the Queen’s crown with Herb, but they are frozen by a young Gru, who takes the crown from them. Scarlet is disappointed until Bob gives her his tiny crown. The Minions see Gru as their new potential boss and chase after him to his home.

Funny and cute, Minions is a must see but I think the first two Despicable Me movies are better. I’d give it an 8 outta 10! Great soundtrack too.

Forward Drive

What is the one thing that drives you to wake up in the morning and do whatever it is you do? Is it writing, family, friends, or something else entirely?

The money. And by that I do not mean a huge sum of money but whatever I do get paid is the biggest incentive to wake up i the morning and do whatever it is that I do. I need the money – plain and simple.  I need it to pay my bills, take care of stuff at home and buy stuff and especially for food and drink. I need cash for that and there is no bigger incentive to get up and go to work that that.

So no matter what I will keep continuing to do what I do as long as I need the money I will find the motivation and drive. I need the good stuff, the good food, the drinks, the stuff I buy off eBay and other websites and the stuff I need on a daily basis. I need money for that. I someday hope to move to a better place, with more space and better furniture. In a better part of the city. Or in a better city. I hope to be able to retire someday and not worry about money as I have a bunch saved up.

That is the drive.

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Inside The Bubble

A contagious disease requires you to be put into quarantine for a whole month (don’t worry, you get well by the time you’re free to go!). How would you spend your time in isolation?

Only a month hmmm? I guess that will be ok and it will pass by quickly. As long as I have a few books to read, high speed internet and yes access to good food I will be fine. My mp3 collection as well and oh yeah a large flat screen tv with cable and a dvd player or something like that. Possibly a HDMI cable to connect the laptop to the flat screen so I can download or stream movies off the internet.

Will they provide good food? Like pizza, burger, steaks and stuff? What about alcohol and beer? I  guess that will depend on the kind of disease it is and the treatment required. But yeah I can stay away from the good food and drink as long as my mind is occupied and otherwise entertained. That’s all I ask for and yeah a comfy bed and chair. Bring it on!

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Ankle / Heel Hurt

Well that’s another fine mess you got yourself into Roshan. What’s next?

Well that’s me then for the next couple of days. I hurt my ankle at the back, just above my heel and it’s been painful to walk these past couple of days. I banged it against a metal box that was deceptively tucked under a seat in a small coffee/tea shop and when I took my shoes off and swung my feet I hit the damn thing. So I went to the hospital today – nothing broken (I was afraid that there might be a hairline fracture) but I will keep this thing tied around my ankle for the rest of the week.

Two days off from work and a bit of rest.

No Ambition, No Drive, No Resolve

So Arsenal ended up disappointing all their fans – more like a slap in the face really – as the transfer window came and went and we didn’t sign a single outfield players. Yes we signed Petr Cech as a goalkeeper and that is a really good signing but we didn’t do squat about anything else. All through the transfer window we kept waiting and hoping that the club would show that it means business and is willing to challenge at both home in the Premier League, the FA Cup as well as in the Champions League. All the big and medium clubs were signing players to fill in the areas that they needed to be strengthened.

All we got were nothing more than a handful of rumours that mean nothing in the end. All fart and no shit! Arsenal & Wenger have been consistent in their commitment to lack of ambition and lethargy when it comes to the league. We needed a striker & a CDM – everyone knew that! With Wenger’s record, I am glad that he didn’t sell anyone instead! We were linked with some top players and we got nothing. The English league spent almost $100 million on transfers and Arsenal contributed to just $10 million of that. A club of our stature and history! Just $10 million. This is after one of the board members said that the club has $200 million in the bank and $60 million to spend on players.

I think we have to face it – with the mentality that Wenger & the board have at Arsenal I think most top players do not want to come here! There seemed like 1 or 2 who did want to come but we didn’t pursue them. This is ridiculous. Please chuck out this old geezer who does not want to win the league or do well in Europe – he has clearly shown that to us! He, like the whole world, knew that we needed a CDM as well as a good striker to challenge for the title and what did he do? Chased a fellow Frenchman for most of the time and he doesn’t even want to come here and in the end we got nothing. No backup plan no nothing. Idiot! I wish fans could get behind the club and not this manager who has clearly lost his marbles.

Forever Young

If there were a real Fountain of Youth, would you drink the water?

Yes ofcourse. Oh man who wouldn’t want to do that. But I’d want to drink it a few years ago. Atleast at age 29 because I think that is a good age. 27-29 would do me good. That feels like a good age to remain at forever.

But….I wouldn’t want to live in this age forever young. Can I not get a Star Trek style futuristic universe where we have a lot of things I want and be able to spends decades and decades of our lives exploring the alien worlds and interacting with all the aliens and beings on the numerous planets in our galaxy and beyond? I want that kind of a life and a universe for me and for everyone.

Some find dignity in growing old and dying but that’s because that’s all you know. If you had a choice, wouldn’t you want to live forever without aging? I certainly would but under these terms.

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Arsenal’s Transfer Deadline Rumours

It’s not gonna happen! It’s not gonna happen! But if only it would!

Arsenal have reportedly held talks with Paris Saint-Germain to sign duo Edinson Cavani and Adrien Rabiot, according to the Daily Mail. After giving up on the hope of landing Karim Benzema from Real Madrid, Arsenal have since turned their attention to PSG ace Cavani, and the Daily Mail claim they held talks on Monday to sign the Uruguayan striker along with Rabiot. However, it appears the move to sign 28-year-old Cavani could be too complex to be to be completed before the window shuts at 6pm on Tuesday.

Galatasaray are preparing an offer to sign Arsenal ace Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, the Daily Mirror claim. A French agent as reportedly been given permission to hold talks over a big-money deal to sign the 22-year-old. Oxlade-Chamberlain currently has three years left on his contract at the Emirates and Galatasaray are said to be “deadly serious” to entice him to Turkey. And Arsene Wenger’s hunt for a new striker continues as the Daily Telegraph cite reports in Russia claiming Dynamo Moscow have turned down a loan bid for Aleksandr Kokorin. It had reported that Arsenal were looking at signing the 24-year-old on a one-year loan deal with a view to a permanent move. However, Dynamo have rejected the offer put forward by the Emirates club.

Seriously Arsene Wenger leaving important signings till this late in the transfer window reeks of unprofessionalism. Time to resign and make way for an able & more capable replacement?