You’ve been given the superpower to change one law of nature. How do you use it?

Hmmm well I would make it that no one grows old, sick and tired. No one dies because of it. How does that sound?

I’d make it that we are all protected by a flexible forcefield that makes it impossible for us to get killed and hurt and keeps oxygen in and protects us from harsh weather, radiation, poisonous gas and chemicals and solar flares. In our own little bubble that keeps us cozy and safe.

I would also make it that everyone who is born is assigned a home, protected and comfy and with all the necessary things he/she needs in life plus some luxuries as well. Food that appears at the touch of a button, clothing that can be made by dialing a few knobs on a computer screen and travel as easy as pie. All dogs and cats will be able to understand what you tell them and will be safe because they know what to do when you instruct them.

What a pipe dream!

Prompt from The Daily Post at