2016 Is Almost Done

Another year is coming to a close. And how quickly has it passed us by. Atleast for me it has seemed liked it. One minute it’s March and the next it’s late July and then December all of a sudden. I dunno but to me it feels like 2016 has gone on by quite quickly. I wonder if it is because of my work time shift from 4:30 pm – 1:30 am to a 7pm to 4 am shift. This means that I sleep a lot more during the day and hence have less time for myself during the work week and I usually use Saturdays to sleep in a bit, perhaps a big nap in the afternoon and go out on Sunday.

This might be what is giving me a feeling of the days going by quickly. Especially the last two months have gone by in the blink of an eye. This year has had a lot of famous people dying (I’m still here though) and a lot of negativity and more doom and gloom than what people in a year should be used to. Social Media frenzy, lack of etiquette and decency all sorts of shit going down is to blame. Oh and in India we also got demonetization in a large scale effort to combat black money, corruption and terrorism! What a load of a mess that turned out to be.

Well I am surprised at the quickness of it all. 2016, can’t say that I will miss you that much but boy did you fly by quickly.

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