The Staycation Is Done

Well…………………………….it’s back to work we go. I had to cut down my requested days off / mini-vacation by a day. So instead of 9 days off I got 6 days off with me having to go back to work to for two reasons – one is for a client phone call discussion and training and two is that I am asked to do some work for new hire folks and they don’t want to wait till next week.

So as I sit at home and wait till 1:45 pm (which is usually when I go take as shave and a shower and then have lunch) and then once I get ready I still have a little rest period before the company cab comes to pick me up (usually at around 3:15 pm as I my regular shift is from 4:30 pm to 1:30 am. I am still in a lazy and holiday mood so I guess it’s a good thing that I only have to work the one day this week. Immediately after this day i have my weekend to rest and relax and laze about and watch more tv or movies or go out if I want to.

I wish every week could be like this one. One day of work and you get 6 days off after that. 3 days to rest and relax and 3 days to shop, eat out, drink and party! It will be so good! Ok, back to reality!