Not A Good Friday So Far

What a miserable day it has been. For one, the power has hone out twice this morning and the second time it had’t come back by 3pm and time for me to head to work. Not to mention that it is a hot and humid day again after a bit of a respite the last two days when it wasn’t so hot. Sweating while I am changing into my clothes isn’t the ideal way I  be leaving.

Also the iron box in my home isn’t working. The plug is missing a pin and hence it won’t get hot and therefore you cannot yoyr clothes. I didn’t have any shirts ironed out and hence had to wear a white shirt which I had just bought for the Mondays as we have to wear white to work. Which is a dumb thing but atleast I had a shirt thay did not need ironing.

So I am off to work sweating in my new white shirt and black pants. Wonderful Friday.