What A Day @ Lulu Mall

It’s been a long day. After work yesterday I reached home at 2:30 am – well actually it was today early morning at 2:30 am – and went to sleep quickly as I wanted to wake up by 7. I did wake up around 7 ish and went on my morning routine of brushing my teeth, coffee, internet, checking Youtube. By 9 am I took a shave and a shower and got ready. I booked an Uber and within 5 minutes the car was at my building’s entrance. I had booked a ticket at the PVR in Lulu Mall and wanted to get there early, so I didn’t even bother with breakfast.


Due to a traffic block as caused by a section of the road being blocked in Kaloor, I got there only by 10:40 am and went in straight to Costa and got a coffee and a chocolate twister. After that I walked around for a while and still being hungry I went to Bloomsbury and had a lovely sandwich and cold coffee. I waited a bit more and walked around a bit more until it was almost 1 pm and time to get into the theatre. I took my seat in one of the premium seats and settled in the seat (not very comfortable, I prefer the ones in Cinepolis) and put on my 3D glasses. I liked the movie and enjoyed it.


By 3pm a friend named Ranjith met me just after the movie ended and we went for a late lunch at a place called Galitos at 3:30pm. It was a good lunch and we enjoyed it a lot. Then we went to Lulu Connect where he looked for a phone while I bought an iron for my home (as I had broken the old one a couple of nights ago). That done we parted ways and I went to Lulu Hypermart and bought a few things and then booked an Uber and made my way back home. We had to take the off beaten path due to the traffic jam and it took longer than usual.