Planet Mine

You get to design your own planet: tell us all about your planet — the weather, the seasons, the inhabitants. Go.

Welcome to Planet Roshan. Discovered in the year 2016 it was named after it’s discoverer, Roshan. Hence the name. It is a lush green planet with 40% land mass and 60% water. There are no hot summers, harsh cold winters – just gentle and cool breezes all year long, nice cool showers, a mild yet crisp winter with some snow and beautiful autumn seasons as well. Nothing extreme but yet everyone will love all the seasons.

We have lots of dogs and cats, cattle, horses, some other animals as well. No insects, we just don’t need them. No reptiles either. Lots of birds. Lots of green fields, meadows and hills and snow capped mountains. Lakes, rivers and ponds. No deserts and no ice fields. Wild animals are enclosed in areas where they have plenty but are kept away from the human folk. No tornadoes or hurricanes and no huge thunderstorms. No quakes either. And now for the humans.

It’s just me and lots and lots of hot women. Big butts and busty and long hair. Blondes, brunettes and redheads. Lots of women. All randy. And I have a ton of viagra! Watch out ladies here I come! Ok, time to stop being disgusting.