Burger City

It is a good time to be a burger aficionado in Cochin / Kochi. In the last few years many burger joints have popped up in the city and it’s crazy that we have so many choices for really good burgers when we only had a couple until recently.

Yes we have 3 McDonald’s in the city, yes KFC chicken burgers and MarryBrown (the Malaysian franchise) has been around and yes Burger King is finally opening up an outlet in Kochi. And for a while we had a whole spate of KFC copies in the city that offered a chicken or perhaps a beef burger option (Chick King is the only one that seems to be going strong though they do not have beef). Yes we had some cafes that offer you a beef burger in their menu (like Coffee Beans which has a decent one) but they are known more for their sandwiches. And for decades we had restaurants that served you a small cutlet type patty and called it a burger.

But now we have – Burger Junction, Mash 24, The Grill Lab, Burger Lab, Burger Bees, Burger Spot, along with good cafes that serve delicious burgers like Cafe Papaya, Cocoa Tree, Tonico Cafe etc. What happened that suddenly Kochi is the newest place in India that serves you good beef burgers? No clue, but we the foodies of Kochi, love it! Bring on some more.