The New Elevator Is Now Working

Well the elevator thing has been replaced and the wirings and switches are done and the tests have been completed. Hallelujah! We can go home now. After over 3 weeks away, staying at my sister’s place, dad mom and I can get back to our apartment. I hope this is the end of all the elevator shit that has been happening for the last few years.

Last night I went back to our apartment and was happy to see the new elevator in working condition and waiting for someone to board it. I pressed the down button and wow, music. Haven’t lived in a place that had before (my sister’s place and some others do) and the voice tells you the floor and greets you, wishes you a good day. And there’s all these lights and indicators that are better than the older one. Fancy!

So I will pack my stuff today and keep it ready. We moved back in tomorrow. About time too!