Fill My Shopping Cart

I like supermarkets and the hypermart / Big Bazaar stores that we have here in the city. Both are located in prime busy shopping malls though Hypermart in Lulu is much bigger and has way more variety of items than Big Bazaar has to offer. That’s also because Lulu Mall is much larger than Center Square mall which houses Big Bazaar.

I find it relaxing to have so many things you need in one big place. I like taking a shopping cart or trolley and walking around, looking at the aisles and checking out things I haven’t bought before or which aren’t available in the smaller stores that I usually go to to buy things. I like checking the prices and finding bargains or discounts or 3 or 5 of the same items which if you buy them together you get a really good deal. I even like the occasional talking with a stranger or helping an older couple with something. Finding good things to eat or stuff that you can easily cook up. That’s all part of the community of shopping in a large supermarket.

What I don’t like is the families who bring a bunch of kids, screaming babies and small kids who want to run around and dash into you. I also hate the lurkers and the idiots who aren’t there really for shopping and will buy a cold drink or two and waste your time and the cashiers’ as well. Women who bring three kids in place them in the shopping carts and only buy 3 to 4 items that they can easily get at a corner grocery store! These people ruin the whole experience for the rest of us.