Excited For Star Trek Beyond

I am excited about Star Trek Beyond, the 13th film in the Star Trek franchise and the 3rd (and it looks like the final) movie from the alternate timeline also know as JJ Verse or JJ Trek era. This is despite the fact that I hated the fact that they made Star Trek Into Darkness, the previous film, which was basically a rehash of Star Trek : Wrath of Khan and the TOS episode Space Seed. Yes, I do not really like JJverse but it’s still Star Trek and I support the movies, I just don’t love them as much as I love the first 10.

But….recent trailers and video discussions have got me excited about Star Trek Beyond – despite what I think of a dirt bike in Star Trek and Beastie Boys music! It’s also got me hopping that the movie is gonna be good because it’s going to be extra special for me – this will be the very first Star Trek movie I will be watching in the theatres. Yes that is correct – this hard core Trekkie has never seen a single Trek film in the movie theatres. I became a Trekkie around 1995 and missed the movies that were released since then at the theatres. I watched them all on cable tv and on dvd and bluray format. I missed 2002’s Star Trek Nemesis by just a few days (it only lasted 2 weeks here in a theatre) and from 2005 till 2016 I didn’t go to theatres at all so I missed 2009’s Star Trek and 2013’s Star Trek Into Darkness.

So I will put aside my apprehensions and distaste for the JJ Verse and the JJprise ship, and I’m not too fond of Chris Pine as Kirk either and some other things, and I will support the film at the movie theatres by the 23rd. The movie comes out on the 22nd and since it is a Friday I will go the very next day. I will book my tickets early, grab a medium Pepsi and a small cheese popcorn and settle down in my seat. Hopefully it will do justice to the Star Trek name.