Retarded Usage

If you could permanently ban a word from general usage, which one would it be? Why?

Well there are quite a few ones. What the heck is the word attrited? There is no such word but the MNC world in India uses this word a lot. I guess we could make it a word, start a new dictionary and add this word in. But until then, stop using it.

Blessed is another one. What the fuck are you saying that for? To say that your god preferred you over all those other millions? Yesh! I feel “blessed”. I am gonna puke. To say the least a lot of very religion connected words ought to be banned. Blasphemy as in the religious term; not only should it be banned but it should be laughed outta society as a whole. No such thing as a blasphemy charge. Killing is bad, a cartoon or a joke isn’t!

Oh another thing, and it’s not just one word – it’s several, usage of Hindi words in English sentences. Words like gyan, dil, ishq do not belong in a sentence in English. Unless you are saying the name of a Hindi movie while speaking in English. Also stop mixing them up in your film titles. You sound retarded!

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