Food, Anyone?

My appetite seems to have gone missing. After almost a week of eating very little during my 6 day bout with fever and sinusitis. During those 6 days and even yesterday I couldn’t really eat much and my taste buds and appetite seem to have wilted. I could barely put down 2 slices of bread on those days, though yesterday atleast for breakfast I could eat. I had 4 slices toasted and with honey. I had a bit of rice for lunch a coffee with cashew nuts for evening coffee but by dinner, even though I was hungry and craving  meat, I couldn’t manage much.

I saw pepper chicken on the menu in one of the office cafeterias and wanted to try that as it looked delicious so my colleague and I ordered that with 3 porottas each but I barely managed 2 porottas as I soon felt tired. I managed to eat most of the chicken but left the rest. I thought I would be hungry later but I wasn’t. That was at 8:40 pm and at around 1 am, all I wanted was some coffee. So I did get some.

Thought looking at some pics of food from this restaurant I have been dying to try out but still haven’t yet is making me yearn for some Arabian food. I always seem to want shawarmas once I come back from a fever. I dunno why. But I do love shawarmas.