Battling Fear

How would your life be different if you were incapable of feeling fear? Would your life be better or worse than it is now?

I think it would have been great for to have not felt fear in certain points in my life. Taken the bold decisions at points in my life where I should have. They would have fared me better and I think my life would have been much better of if I had taken those decisions boldly and bravely because it would have been worth it. Plus I could have afforded to do so at that point in time.

I think we should look at things as they are, make our choice based on the facts and on a cool head and then decide what to do. If you feel that you can afford to take the leap, do it. It will be so much more worth it and you have bragging rights in the end. But I think fear is important as it keeps you from making a rash choice and making things that much more difficult for us. I think a level head is needed at most times but there are so many times in the past where I wished I could do the impulsive thing because thats what I really wanted to do so badly. But fear kept me back and I thought I should be wiser.

Battling fear is a tricky one. If you have less to lose, fear tends to go on the backburner. I wish I could be that lucky. Everything I do I keep thinking, I need to be sure that it’s the right choice. I do not want to regret things a few days down the line. Not having to feel that is a great thing indeed.

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Escape Plan

Describe your ultimate escape plan (and tell us what you’re escaping from).

I have often thought about starting afresh in another place, leaving it all behind here and going off to a place where non one knows who I am. If I wanted to I could live in total anonymity and not make more than the casual of acquaintances and not have any connections to anyone but perhaps a landlord and the local bartender.

Being the futuristic scifi nerd that I am, my ultimate escape plan would be to pack a few belonging in a small starship, enough space for a couple of rooms and stuff, and take off into deep space. Find a small, peaceful planet with plenty of rivers, lush green grass meadows and mountains but no people on it. Land the ship in a nice secluded location and spend the days in quiet solitude.

But in reality….just two days away from home would be great. It wouldn’t even have to be very far. Somewhere in the district. Pack a bag, a book and head to a nice hotel somewhere. Just a room with room service, ac and cable tv. That’s not hard to find and it’s dooable. But I won’t tell anyone where I was. Just pay the front desk, get food and drink delivered to you. Sit in bed all day, read eat a pizza and some beer and relax. Watch some silly movie all night long. Just switch your mobile off. It would do!

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