Death Of CDs

I saw a plastic bag filled with some music cds in the common room (where we keep a bunch of stuff, like books in the shelves, a steel cupboard with clothes, iron board and mini storage). It must have put in the bag been around the time I cleaned out my old steel cupboard in my room (last year in July) and sold most if not all of my cds and a bunch of cheap dvds to save space. My music cds (I have everything backed up on hard drives in mp3 format as that what I listen my music and haven’t play the cds in ages) were mostly all sold but apparently a few were still left behind.

20161027_133354There’s a few loved cds from some awesome artists like Pearl Jam, Neil Young & Nickleback. Artists that I swear by and have been a fan of for years (in case of Pearl Jam and Neil Young, a couple of decades) and under previous circumstances I would have only parted with them over my dead body. I remember a time when I had a huge cassette collection that was the envy of many rockers like me (alphabetically ordered) and later a nice, sizeable cd collection. However storing them in a small apartment is another thing when compared with the large house we used to live in. When we moved here in 2006 I knew that storing and keeping a large cds collection plus a dvd collection was going to be very difficult.

So I burned all my cds into my hard disk, then saved a copy on an external hard disk for safety. And for many years I only listened to the mp3s and never the cds. It makes sense to sell the cds as long as I had backups. And backup of the backup! And then sell the cds. Now I had more space for my display cases.

But looking at these cds made me nostalgic for the times when I would spend hours looking throw cassettes and cds of musical artists in music stores across the city. It was a simpler time I guess and I loved it. Now, all I have to do is buy the digital copy online and in a few minutes, voila! the mp3s are in my hard disk. But no physical copy and no cd cases and no cds art work. That is a shame in one way. Oh well, we can always download the artwork with pics of the artists I guess.