My Work Day

My days these days is so typically boring. Working 7pm to 4am is tough on you. Let’s see what happens in a typical work day.

I leave the office at 4am (yes starting off from here since that is the earliest part of the day for me in reverse order) and book my cab to take me home. I usually chat on Whatsapp with a couple of people from the same office on my way back. The drive takes about 20 minutes or so and add about 10 minutes for me to get from the 5th floor to where I keep my bag, take a leak in the washroom and go get my phone from the locker.

I usually reach home by 4:30 am and I unlock my door and get to my bedroom. I change clothes and switch on my laptop and get into bed. I usually will continue to chat and will watch an episode of whatever show I happen to be watching during these days and fall asleep usually by 5:15 am. I wake up just before 11 am and I brush my teeth, wash my face and get a strong, hot coffee. I will have lunch (no breakfast) by around 12:15-12:30 pm and am usually online till about 1:30 pm and then I will check to see if there are tv show episodes I have yet to watch from new shows or if there is a movie that I want to see.

Then I lie in bed again and watch stuff until 4:20 pm when I get up and go get more coffee and maybe some biscuits or something. By 5pm I go to the loo, then shave and shower and start to get ready. By 6:15 pm I am usually in an Uber headed to the office. By 7pm I am at my system and start the work for the day. By 8:30 pm or 9pm I go get dinner and then more work, attend conference calls or whatever I need to do during the work day. A break or two for coffee and it all begins again at 4 am.