A Little Bump On The Head

Yesterday we had a close call while coming back home. When I say we I should say me and the Uber driver and when I say yesterday it’s actually early this morning after work and on my way back home. Firstly though I was ready by 4am to leave I had some problem with the Uber app on my phone. I couldn’t connect the ewallet app PayTMto Uber and hence couldn’t book a cab as I don’t have cash with me. I tried and tried to reconfigure it but it just wasn’t getting through.

I waited for almost an hour. I was not feeling great as I had this chest infection and sitting in the place where I was sitting I also started shivering. A very young girl colleague of mine, who I adore, and who had left at 3:30 am kept me company on Whatsapp saying that she wasn’t going to sleep until I reached home safely. I told her not to wait up for me and to go to seep as I didn’t know when I could fix the app and that I would manage. She wasn’t taking no for an answer. Another colleague came by and saw me shivering in the small room and offered to get me her phone to book the Uber and it worked. By 4:45 I got the cab and got into it. However…

We almost had an accident while coming home at around 5-5:15am. Some drunkards riding triple on a bike hit the car. They were trying to overtake the car on a narrow section of the road that is still having construction. First time the driver swerved to avoid them as they tried to overtake us just before Lissie Junction. Then again they sped up and this time hit the car. I had a little bump on my head as the driver braked suddenly. Those idiots went on by. We waited for a minute or two and then continued on and I reached home.