2016 In Review : A Personal Look Back

So just one more day to go, 2 including today, to 2017. 2016 has been good and bad. I wanted to take a look back at my 2016 and see what was the year that was.

January was about the same as December 2015 – a whole lot of working hours. Coming in to the office at 8:30 am and leaving after 8 or 9pm. Putting in a lot of hours and leaving for home tired and not doing anything much. February was good because I took a little staycation; 4 days leave plus my weekend. I didn’t do much; I did visit Lulu Mall for the very first time and enjoy my visit there. While I was in the giant mall I checked out several mobile phones from Samsung and decided to move to Android from Blackberry after coming to the realization that BB was going to be difficult to get the apps that you want plus their good models are very expensive. By the end of February I bought a new phone and moved to Android.

February 28th – the day I went to a movie theatre for the first time in 11 years!!! And now I can’t stop going! I go for atleast 2-3 movies in a month. In March I also started using Uber on a regular basis and prefer that to any other form of transportation at the moment. March also saw me visit Gurgaon (large suburb of Delhi) for work related purposes and it was my first visit to the capital region. I was there for 12 days and during the weekend I was able to visit a couple of awesome malls and enjoyed a few craft beers at two craft breweries/pubs. I will always treasure my visit to Gurgaon. In April due to work being done at our apartment building to remove the old elevator and replace it with a new one, mom, dad and I stayed at my sister’s apartment nearby. That lasted for almost 5 weeks. Good thing was I got to play with Barfi the pug a lot. I also started doing a lot of the supermarket shopping for home and I rather enjoy it.

I was able to become friends again with a colleague who I had a falling out with in October of 2015. It’s not the same but at least it’s much more friendlier now. June and July saw two new batches come and join the process I work for. So until late August we were quite busy. That continues in October, November and this month too. I got close to a few new people. My health took a bad turn in October with the mother of all fevers and a chest infection that refused to die out for several days. That has continued with the regular shift that I am in now. And yes the dreaded thing happened – I fell in love with a girl I cannot possible get. She is much, much younger than me. I love her dearly, I adore her and I want to be with her and make her happy, make her my whole world. But I know I can’t. It is a terrible feeling to go through but I have started becoming miserable. I don’t think that I can tell  her how I feel because why do it if nothing can be done. And yes, even I wouldn’t encourage it because of the age difference.

Being a lonely guy is bad enough at 40. Now being in love with a girl you cannot say that you are in love with is even worse. It just happened. I was close with her and it instilled a desire and yearning in my heart and I knew I loved everything about her. I miss her when she is not near me. I hope things get better in 2017. You have to be a better year.