Some Alone Time

Well it’s one of those weekends again. I know, I know it’s only Thursday but hear me out. Mum is ill and has a skin allergy and hence it was best that she goes and stays with one of her sisters who has had it before and can’t catch it from her. She needs rest and it was best that she goes there and relaxes with her sister and another sister who is in town for a few days too.

Due to mum not being at home, my sister and I are a bit apprehensive to have my dad alone at home here by himself until I get back. As I work late evening shifts I will be back home only 4 am. He tends to do unnecessary cooking by himself and had a tendency to forget to switch of lights, the tv or the fan and worse – the gas. It is with this fear in mind and that he might need someone there at night just to check up on him that we told him to go and stay at my sister’s place where he will also have the company of one of my nephews and my niece.

So it’s me all alone at home. The maid comes in the morning and will clean and cook and she will put clothes in the washing machine for me, before I even wake up, which is usually at around 10am. I can have lunch here before I have to go to work, which is fine for me. Rest of the time when I am at home I will be alone. Kinda like it that way.