Fight The Heat With Fruit Juice

This summer, like of the past few years, has been bad. Energy sapping heat and humidity which makes you sweat like you were leaking water. It starts in mid or late February and picks up in April. You sweat as you sleep and when you wake up your legs are sticking to your sheets. My head is usually soaking wet in the middle of the night.

I tend to drink a lot of water anyway but these months I drink a lot more. But there’s only so much water you can drink each day. I drink 3-4 coffees as well because I need it, especially as I am 40 and need that pick me up a couple of times in a day. But I’ve started to get back to drinking the best thing possible. Fruit juices.

I buy them from one of the stores when I shop for groceries and they always have offers. Buy 2 of any brand and get a 3rd one free. Minute Maid, Natural, Real – you name the brand, I will buy them. I buy a couple of litres a week and drink them during the day or the late evenings. Tasty and good for you as well. I wish I could get fresh juice all the time but it’s not realistic.

So now instead of vodka + juice, it’s just juice!