Moving Regret

One of my regrets is not having moved away from home to a place like Bangalore for example when I was younger. I had the chance and the opportunity to get placed in a good company in Bangalore when I was 24-25 but I hesitated and I think I shouldn’t have. The price that I have paid is opportunity options, growth career wise and money wise. I could have more growth and made a whole lot more money if I had taken the chance and made the move.

Back then I was broke and things at home weren’t very good either. I went for an interview for a company and got through the first 3 rounds. Then I was asked to stay back and they told me that they liked me and wanted me to travel to Bangalore for the final round. I just didn’t have the money to go to Bangalore by bus or train and stay there for a night or two to finalize the process and see if I got hired. I wish I could have and the HR guys really wanted me to come but I just didn’t want to take the risk.

I’ve since not had that great opportunities to go and which have been great offers with really good salary packages. If I had I might have taken then 10 years ago or even 5 years ago. Now I feel it’s too late to make the move. But I wish I could have. I would have much more fun as well with all the pubs and entertainment options available for me.