Food Review #166

Classy Beef lasgna from French Toast Cafe & Bakery with a Hazelnut Latte. The latte was weak and not good at all and the lasagna could have used some more seasoning but it was still good.


Busy Day Schedule Coming Up

I have a busy day tomorrow. The hope is to finish everything by 5pm or so and come by home for a relaxing evening and then spend Sunday in bed or online. The agenda – buy cloth for new pants, give them to a tailor for stitching, watch Wonder Woman and go shopping. The order is not important.

So I had a check at the movie timings and see that I can either make the WW movie at the 11:15 am show or the 5 pm show. Which is weird that they don’t have anything in between. I would have liked a 1:30 pm or 2:30 pm show which would have been perfect, giving me enough time for the shopping and then giving the cloth for stitching before the movie. And lunch ofcourse. But Cinepolis has these weird timings. So I booked a ticket for the 11:15 am show and after that I will either have lunch and then go to buy the cloth and then go shopping or buy the cloth, give it for stitching and then lunch and shopping.

I hope I can be back home by 5pm or atleast 6. I wanna relax.