My Secret Admirer

You return home to discover a huge flower bouquet waiting for you, no card attached. Who is it from — and why did they send it to you?

Well, I’m hoping it’s this bodacious babe I keep giving longing stares at everytime I see her at the office cafeteria. She is so hot and sexy with those eyebrows and eyes and red, pouty lips and those curves on that body. I have no idea what her name is and have been trying to find out and also the nerve to go and talk to her.

I find her hot and I find her desirable and I wanna make babies with her. But ofcourse, especially as she works in the same office as I do, I wouldn’t dare do anything so bold and brazen but if I do get an little chance, I will introduce myself and make friends with her. Once and it was a few months ago, I opened the door for her so she could pass first, as I am a gentleman and always do that, and she looked at me and smiled a grateful and thankful smile at me (oh how long that euphoria lasted) like in “chivalry isn’t dead?” but that’s been the extent of my interaction with her.

So I would hope it’s from her. She wants to have coffee…..tea…..and me! Not particularly in any order! And she wants to make babies with me. I am terrible, I know. And I make no excuses for it.

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Resident Evil : The Final Chapter

Here is another movie franchise which started out so well and gave us a couple of really good action-oriented horror films but then dwindled into “what the heck is going on; do the film makers even know what they are telling?” territory. Much like the other movie series I recently posted about – UnderworldResident Evil had become a shambles. I still enjoy watching Milla Jovovich kick ass plus she is hot as hell, so I watched.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is a 2016 science fiction action horror film written and directed by Paul W. S. Anderson. It is the sequel to Resident Evil: Retribution (2012) and the sixth and final installment in the Resident Evil film series, which is loosely based on the Capcom survival horror video game series Resident Evil. The film stars Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, Shawn Roberts, Ruby Rose, Eoin Macken, William Levy, and Iain Glen.

Picking up immediately three weeks after the events in Resident Evil: Retribution, humanity is on its last legs after Alice is betrayed by Wesker in Washington D.C. Alice then encounters the Red Queen, who tells her that she must return to where the nightmare began – Raccoon City, where the Umbrella Corporation has developed an airborne anti-virus which will kill every organism infected by the T-virus. In a race against time, Alice is captured by Dr. Isaacs, long thought to be dead, who reveals that the previous incarnation was a clone of his true self. Alice escapes and arrives first in Raccoon City, where she joins forces with Claire Redfield. After holding off Dr. Isaacs’ undead army, Alice, Claire and a team of survivors make their way towards the Hive. They again encounter the Red Queen, who tells them the origins of the T-virus: it was created by James Marcus, the founder of the Umbrella Corporation to save his daughter, Alicia, from an ailment that caused her to rapidly age. James was then betrayed by his business partner, Dr. Isaacs, and killed by Albert Wesker.

Dr. Isaacs and the board of the Umbrella Corporation then intended to release the T-virus on purpose in order to cleanse the world, save the rich and powerful with cryogenics in The Hive, and later rebuild it as they desire. After confronting Wesker and Dr. Isaacs at the bottom of the Hive, Alice also learns her own true nature: she is a clone of the original and still-living Alicia Marcus, who was unable to live a normal life due to her condition. Dr. Isaacs clone brought the army of undead towards Alice and the real Dr. Isaacs. Dr. Isaacs clone could not believe that he was a clone hence stabbed the real Dr. Isaacs to death. Alice then releases the anti-virus, eliminating all infected by the T-virus. Alice survives, and gains the memories of Alicia Marcus as a reward in order to reclaim the childhood she never had. The series ends with Alice riding a motorcycle to places unknown while being chased by BOW’s, stating that her job isn’t finished yet and that it will take several years for the anti-virus to circle the globe.

I have forgotten so much of the actual storyline throughout the 6 films that I had to go back and read about them. It’s all muddled and messed up and it all feels like they are making stuff up as they go along. Kinda just like Underworld which is obvious. Again too bad as I really liked the first two films and they way that they were headed. I give this film a 6 outta 10. But it’s lovely to see both Ali Larter & Milla again.

Make Me Smile

If you’re feeling blah, what is the one thing you do that you can count on to put a smile on your face?

There are a few things that never fail. My fav sit-coms are a sure way of making me smile no matter what. Frasier, Friends, Corner Gas, Everybody Loves Raymond, Will & Grace, The Big Bang Theory & Little Mosque On The Prairie. The Simpsons too. These shows will never fail to make me smile and laugh out loud.

How about some movies? Off the top of my head Abbott & Costello films, Wayne’s World, School Of Rock, etc etc. Those films will always make me smile. Some of my fav non-comedy films will also work. I just have to think of them much less put them and they bring a smile to my face.

Reading my old blog posts and thinking about the good, fun times also tend to do that. That’s kind of what I still maintain a blog for.

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Uniform. I think the person who submitted the one word prompt probably meant it for another reason but when I think of the word uniform, I think of the school uniforms I wore in my 3 schools.

I was born in Kuwait and I went to two schools during my 11 years there. My first school was called Carmel School, run by nuns mostly from India (a lot of the schools in Kuwait were owned and run by Indians) and our school uniforms were dark blue pants and lighter blue shirts with dark blue ties (blouses and skirts for the girls). And during the winters we had dark blue sweaters. I went to this school until the 4th grade.

My second school, New Indian School, was only for grade 5 as I left Kuwait in 1987. So for 1986-87 I went for the afternoon classes for boy (they had segregation for boys and girls past the 4th grade, a rule in Kuwait not by Indians) and we had white shirts, blue ties and dark blue pants for boys. In the winter, dark blue sweaters. And then I moved to India.

For the next 5 years I went to Hill Valley High School (until grade 10 after which I went to a pre-degree 2 year course in a college, instead of 11 & 12 grades in a school, which were the norm back then). Our uniform was bottle green pants, a light cream colour shirt with green spots and a dark green tie with the school logo in yellow! People could spot us coming from a mile away!

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Instant Celebrity

If you could be a famous person for a day, who would you be? Why?

Why would I want to be some other famous person? I want to still be me but famous and popular and stinking filthy rich. But I still want to be me! There’s no one else I’d rather be. But I want to be so loved and so popular and — did I mention rich? – and so desirable and sexy that women and teenage girls will wet their panties as soon as I arrive before them in person and flash a smile in their direction.

If I could change places with a famous person who is living, I’d pick ……. Hugh Hefner. Man does he know how to live and what a life! Surrounded by all those Playboy Playmates in his mansion 24/7! I’d be swimming in perfect bodies all day long and all night long. He is my hero and I’d want to swap places with him right now or even 10 years back. That is the life to live.

Otherwise, I’d want to make my own crazy rich, indulgent and wild life. With busty & gorgeous women holding on my arms, and other body parts, having a party.

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Information To Change Your Life!

Walking down the street, you encounter a folded piece of paper on the sidewalk. You pick it up and read it and immediately, your life has changed. Describe this experience.

There I am walking down the street minding my own business and as I walk on by, I spy a big piece of paper lying on the sidewalk. Now usually I do not pick up stray bits of paper but this one was large, A4 size and it was neatly folded and lying on the clean section of the sidewalk and it had my name printed in bold, large font on the side that was facing top.

The text on the paper tells me about the existence of aliens, who have been here for 1000s of years and who have influenced the lives of us humans and have steered the course of our history. It quotes evidences and where I can find them around the world and with details all given. It tells me that I can easily find all the evidence I need to prove that this is true and how most of the religious figures from history were aliens. And that they have plans to come out and annihilate mankind and keep the planet, animals and birds and all it’s resources for themselves.

Finally the paper tells me that they are watching and to trust no one and that to be on my guard. I fold it and put it in my pocket and suspiciously stare at people who pass me by. They are watching me!

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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a 2017 American superhero film based on the DC Comics character of the same name. Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, it is the fourth installment in the DC Extended Universe. The film is directed by Patty Jenkins, with a screenplay by Allan Heinberg and a story by Heinberg, Zack Snyder and Jason Fuchs. Gal Gadot stars as the titular character with Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Danny Huston, David Thewlis, Connie Nielsen and Elena Anaya in supporting roles. Wonder Woman is the first live action theatrical film starring the character, following her first live action theatrical appearance in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

This is not your usual DC or Marvel superhero fare. It is more like a World War 1 movie (with gorgeous cinematography) with a supernatural angle in it. You can say a WW1 movie mixed with lots of elements of Captain American The First Avenger. Starting of in a gorgeous locale that makes you wish you could live there and moving on to the battle front and villages devastated by battle, Wonder Woman is a really good film to watch. The first part of the film is about a young Diana, who years to learn how to fight from her aunt General Antiope sister of Hippolyta, Diana’s mother. Her mother, the queen of the Amazons, forbids it but aunty is more than willing and feels obligated to do so. Diana sneaks out and learns with her aunt and finally her other agrees until a grown up Diana almost blasts everyone with her power. She rescues an American spy serving with British intelligence, Steve Trevor, who was undercover in the Ottaman kingdom, from the ocean as his plane is shot down.

The Amazons engage and kill the German soldiers in pursuit of him, but Antiope dies protecting Diana. Interrogated with the Lasso of Truth, Steve reveals that he is an Allied spy in World War I and has stolen information from a weapons facility in the Ottoman Empire run by German general Erich Ludendorff, whose scientist Doctor Maru is producing a new, deadlier form of mustard gas. Although the Amazons won’t interfere, Diana believes that Ludendorff is infact Ares, the god of war corrupted mankind and killed all the other gods except Zeus. Led to believe that a dying Zeus had left the godkiller, a knife that can kill Ares, with the Amazon, she steals it and goes with Steve to London. In London, Steve delivers Maru’s notes to his superiors at the Imperial War Cabinet, including Sir Patrick Morgan, who is trying to negotiate an armistice with Germany. Steve believes Ludendorff will complete and use the gas regardless of an armistice, and Diana concludes Ludendorff is Ares himself and slaying him will end the war.

With Sir Patrick’s blessing, Steve and Diana travel to the front lines to stop Ludendorff, accompanied by Steve’s team: spy Sameer, marksman Charlie, and smuggler Chief. Arriving at the Western Front in Belgium, the group’s progress is halted by enemy trenches, until Diana pushes alone through the German lines, rallying the allied forces behind her to liberate a village from German control. Diana and the team celebrate the freedom of the villagers, and Diana grows close to Steve. Learning that Ludendorff will attend a gala at a nearby castle, Steve infiltrates the party and is followed by Diana, who intends to kill Ludendorff. Steve stops her to avoid jeopardizing the mission to destroy the chemical stores, and shortly after Ludendorff uses the gas to bomb the nearby village. Diana is devastated that Steve interfered, blaming him for the loss of life. In rage, Diana pursues Ludendorff to a complex where the gas is being loaded into a bomber to attack London. Diana fights and slays Ludendorff, but is stunned when his death does not stop the war.

Sir Patrick appears to her, revealing that he is the true Ares; he tells her that though he has subtly influenced them to destroy themselves, humans themselves contain the impulse to cause war and violence. As they fight, Ares attempts to convince Diana that humanity does not deserve to be saved, and reveals that her mother lied about her origins: Diana herself is Zeus’ weapon, his youngest child. As Ares overpowers Diana, Steve hijacks the bomber containing the gas and sacrifices himself to incinerate it at a safe distance. Inspired by Steve’s selflessness and his final words, Diana dedicates herself to defending mankind and summons her power to finally destroy Ares and spare humanity. In London, the team solemnly celebrates the end of the war. In the present day, Diana e-mails to Wayne thanking him for the photograph of her and Steve and reaffirms her mission to protect all life.

Really an awesome movie to watch. Gal Gadot kicks ass and how she is gorgeous! Totally kissable lips. I give the film an 8.5 outta 10!

Busy, Busy Day

So like I said yesterday, today I was a little busy but I am glad that I could come back home by 5pm so I can relax on this lazy feeling, dull but nice & cool rainy day. It didn’t rain too much but the weather is so cool nowadays that I need to switch on my water heater before I take a shower otherwise my balls will be cold. The agenda like I mentioned earlier is buying cloth for new pants and find a tailor to stitch them for me, watch Wonder Woman, lunch and shopping for groceries. I added buying medicines in there too.

Thank the internet and software gods for Uber because I did save some money in the travel. Had I taken autorikshaws today I would have been charged much more but because of the discounts I get, I was charged 30% less for each ride. And I took 6 of them today. That was the most I have every taken. Anyways, I left home without eating breakfast and went to buy some medicine near Medical Trust. Then it was off to Center Mall and to Cinepolis where I watched Wonder Woman at the 11:15 am show. Once the movie was over, at around 1:45 or so I went to Cocoa Tree in Avenue Regent for lunch, which was fish n chips and a smoothie.

Then I went to Seemati and to the Men’s Studio section to buy some black pant material for me. I walked over to a tailor store a few minutes away and after measurements and giving them my order, I took another Uber to Panampilly Nagar as I wanted to buy groceries from Farm Gold supermarket. After my shopping, I came  back home. Tired and wanting some coffee and snacks. It’s been a busy day.

Busy Day Schedule Coming Up

I have a busy day tomorrow. The hope is to finish everything by 5pm or so and come by home for a relaxing evening and then spend Sunday in bed or online. The agenda – buy cloth for new pants, give them to a tailor for stitching, watch Wonder Woman and go shopping. The order is not important.

So I had a check at the movie timings and see that I can either make the WW movie at the 11:15 am show or the 5 pm show. Which is weird that they don’t have anything in between. I would have liked a 1:30 pm or 2:30 pm show which would have been perfect, giving me enough time for the shopping and then giving the cloth for stitching before the movie. And lunch ofcourse. But Cinepolis has these weird timings. So I booked a ticket for the 11:15 am show and after that I will either have lunch and then go to buy the cloth and then go shopping or buy the cloth, give it for stitching and then lunch and shopping.

I hope I can be back home by 5pm or atleast 6. I wanna relax.

Like A Rolling Stone?

If you could live a nomadic life, would you? Where would you go? How would you decide? What would life be like without a “home base”?

I have seen and know of some people who kind of live the nomadic life in that they do have a home, usually a family home where their parents live, but they themselves travel a lot. This one guy I know is home only 20 weeks out of a year and the rest he has to travel to various cities in India where the company he works for has offices. He spends about 2 weeks or more in each center / city and hence lives out of a couple of suitcases.

Now the company being a really big one, he gets to stay in nice hotels with free wifi and large screen tvs and laundry done for him so he doesn’t mind it so much. Plus he travels in planes so no sitting in a train overnight. I am not sure that I could live that kind of life but he doesn’t mind it too much and has been doing it for over 5 years now. His posts on Facebook and on Whatsapp have been of scenic landscapes, large luxury hotel rooms, excellent looking menu from the best eateries and beers from all over. Now that he too is turning 40, I guess it will start to become a bit more tedious. Being a bachelor helps though.

I used to think that being in a rock band where you travel in a big bus with some comforts of home and travel to many cities and playing in arenas was the best kind of life. At one time. But then I feel, especially during the monsoon, I wanna lie in my cozy bed and watch a few movies on Sunday and I couldn’t do that if I was a rolling stone. No sir, I could not do that.

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