Rain, Traffic, 9 Hour Work & Country Music

Now that is some rain! Last Friday and then last night and today. It’s been raining since mid-afternoon. It was raining cats and dogs and there was thunder and lightning in the middle of the day. It let up at around 6pm, enough for me to try and make it back home in an Uber.

Some areas of the city haven’t seen that much rain but in Kakkanad it was pretty heavy. I finished my work at 5:30 pm (having come in for work for the 8:30 am shift) and spent sometime having a cup of coffee with a colleague who is leaving us and it was his last day in the office. After that it was down to the rain and looking for an Uber.

We braved the traffic and it took much longer for him to get to my office gate and for us to get on the way to my apartment. And it may have cost me a lot more but I just wanted to get back home and relax in my lungi and in my room and have some black coffee sitting at the laptop and listening to Blackhawk – a country music band.

Megan Is Missing

Megan Is Missing is a 2011 American drama horror film written and directed by Michael Goi. The film is presented by way of “found footage” and follows two early-teen girls that go online to find friends but instead go missing. Produced by Mark Gragnani the indie horror flick stars young actors Amber Perkins as Amy Herman & Rachel Quinn as Megan Stewart.

While Megan is a straight A student and highly popular her best friend Amy is a loner and only has her for a friend. She lives with her mom and her dad left them when she was very young. Her step dad apparently raped her for 2 years but her mom never believed it, even if he is prison now. Perhaps due to her broken home life, Megan a lifestyle of hard partying, drugs, alcohol, and indiscriminate sex. At 14! Ā Together, these two girls forge a deep friendship based on their mutual needs and regularly communicate by web chat cameras or cell phone. Megan often goes online to videochat with people outside of her friend circle and meets Josh, a 17 year old skater who’s webcam is broken but he can see her.

After a series of conversations, Megan goes to meet Josh behind a restaurant and is not seen again. The police begin an investigation but after several days of finding no clues, they start to dismiss the idea of an abduction and believe that she simple ran away. Amy contacts Josh to find out if he knows anything and finding him suspicious tells the police about his possible involvement. Josh warns her off and stalks her, grabbing her out in the woods as she is making a video diary. She is grabbed by someone and taken to an abandoned building’s basement in the woods. Days later her camera is found by the cops and they see the footage.

Josh, who is a fully grown man, has her stripped to her underwear and locked in a basement cell. He degrades her by making her eat food out of a bowl like a dog and then violently rapes her. Later he says he will let her go and tells her to get into a barrel so she can’t see where he has kept her. But in the barrel is Megan’s rotting corpse and a screaming Amy begs to be let out. Josh loads the barrel into the car and then drives to a forest, where he digs a large hole as Amy screams and begs for her life. Josh pushes the barrel in the hole and fills it up before walking away, leaving Amy to die. The film concludes with a clip of Megan and Amy relaxing on her bed together, talking about their plans for the future.

Where do I start? 14 year old girls partying so much and drinking beer? Parents too dumb to smell the alcohol on them once they return? The boy who runs the party is one of the biggest douches I have seen in a film and he talks like he is 21. 14 year old girls having sex or giving head and it’s not their first time? To see Megan giving a blow job to a classmate throwing a party as a favour for letting Amy is, was disgusting to say the least. This movie is scary to say the least. Not in a ghost or scary monster kinda way. But is this what kids in cities and suburbs do? Most of the film is boring and the acting is terrible in some cases, except for the two leads. 6 outta 10!

Star Trek Discovery : Lethe

Hmmm, an episode in which I am quite torn about, I really liked some aspects of it and did not agree with some of it. This episode has been said to be very Star Trek-ish but to me the aspects I did not like was a bit off putting.

Episode Synopsis:

On his way to broker a peace deal with two renegade Klingon houses, Sarek is injured when a “logic extremist” attempts to assassinate him. Burnham senses this, and Lorca agrees to help rescue him. Admiral Katrina Cornwell questions this decision and others that Lorca has been making. Burnham enters the nebula in a shuttle with her roommate, Cadet Sylvia Tilly, and Tyler. Burnham attempts to connect with Sarek’s mind, and finds him remembering the time that her application for the Vulcan Expeditionary Group was rejected. Sarek reveals that the VEG would only admit one of his children, and he chose Spock, his half-human son. Spock ultimately chose to join Starfleet, rendering Sarek’s decision futile. Burnham helps Sarek regain consciousness and activate a locator beacon. Lorca and Cornwell sleep together, but she is concerned by his paranoid behavior and plans to have him removed from command of Discovery. With Sarek unable to meet the Klingons, Cornwell takes his place; however, the peace talks are actually a trap, and she is taken captive.

Ok, I cannot stand this long range Vulcan means of communication just because some of Sarek’s katra is with his adopted daughter Michael Burnham. I do not like it as it is more fantasy than science fiction. Other than that the story of Burnham and Sarek is actually good and very interesting. But why would the Vulcans be so racist (alienist) against humans at this stage of their relationship with them? This is 100 years or a bit less after the formation of the Federation. And why paint the Vulcan society in general as such jerks?

Michael who is older than Spock was a good student and cleared her tests to get into The Vulcan Science Academy. But they don’t want both her and later on Sarek’s half-human son in the academy as well. They make him choose and he makes the logical choice – he chooses Spock because atleast he looks more Vulcan and hence will not face too much of a problem. Burhman, being fully human, would be more at home in Starfleet among humans. So he lies to her and Amanda (played by Canadian actress Mia Kirshner) and says that she did not clear the tests. Hence, she is sent to Starfleet.

Now Lorca! We see him being visited by his friend Admiral Cornwell, who is worried about him. They end up in bed – apparently they have been an on-off thing earlier on before she got promoted to Admiral – but while he is asleep she notes a triangular shaped mark or torture remnant on his back and when she touches it, he wakes up with a jolt and pulls his phaser on her. She pushes him away and informs him that she was right about her suspicions of him being too disturbed and not fit to command. As she has to go take Sarek’s position in the peace talks on neutral territory, she puts off informing Starfleet command about Lorca until she gets back. And ofcourse the meeting turns out to be a trap.

Her aids are killed as are the neutral aliens hosting the peace talk by Kol’s men and they take Cornwell as a prisoner. What is in store for her, we don’t know. Are Burnham and Tyler going to have a relationship more than friendship as it looked like at the end of the episode? Is Ash actually Voq? I dunno. I give this episode a 7.5 outta 10!

McDonald’s India Has Some Dumb Menu Items

Went into McDonald’s (Vennala) this evening on the way back from work and saw that they had new stuff on the menu. Sweet! thought I. But nay….I was disappointed soon.


The Cheesy Italiano Chicken – it is enough for Italy to declare war on India. A dry chicken patty with some melted mozzarella and what looks like Italian dry powdered herbs. Or McD’s stole some oregano and chilli flake packets from Dominos and powered them even further and put it on this patty with a couple of small pieces of onions. Voila – instant Italian classic…NOT!


It was kinda bland and disappointing. Bun was multigrain or multiseasame or something stolen from Subway. It totally felt like something from Subway without all the options for toppings and sauces. This is part of McDonald’s India’s new “Flavours without Borders” menu – More like Borders without Flavours!! They describe the burger as – “juicy chicken patty, sprinkled with aromatic Italian herbs, layered with a rich and creamy onion-cheese sauce and shredded onions in a square toasted bun.” Seriously??? The preparation looks more like some guy in Bombay who was smoking some fine weed and coming up what he thought was “Italian”.


They also had a new McFlurry – Phirni McFlurry a rice pudding dessert prepared to perfection with delicate flavours of rich condensed milk along with rice bits. It was ok but not as good as the others that they have!

Arsenal 2 Swansea City 1

Arsenal ended a tricky week off the pitch with a fourth successive win on it as Aaron Ramsey scored the decisive goal in manager Arsene Wenger’s 800th Premier League game. Shareholders attempted unsuccessfully to vote out chairman Sir Chips Keswick at the club’s annual general meeting on Thursday, in protest at the way the club is being run. And the gloom looked set to deepen when Sam Clucas slotted in a goal very much against the run of play from Tammy Abraham’s pass to give Swansea a half-time lead. It was the first touch Swansea had managed inside Arsenal’s penalty area, and came in the 22nd minute.

But two quick goals after the interval turned the game around, with Sead Kolasinac firing in an equaliser before cutting back from the left for Ramsey to steer in his 50th goal for the club via the foot of goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski. Despite the turbulence off the pitch, Arsenal have discovered some character on it – this was the third game in a row in which they have won after conceding the first goal. That ensured a cheerful end to the week for Wenger, who revealed during Thursday’s stormy AGM that his position would be reviewed at the end of the season, even though he signed a two-year contract in May. Those comments add an extra degree of uncertainty to Arsenal’s long-term future, with Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez both widely expected to leave when their contracts expire at the end of the season.

Ozil, Sanchez and Alexandre Lacazette played together as an attacking trio for only the second time – but their chief threat came from elsewhere. Kolasinac, playing in the left wing-back role, provided their attacking impetus, taking every chance to get forward as Arsenal laboured in the first half, before playing a central role in the turnaround. The Bosnia-Herzegovina international finished a terrific move for the equaliser, as Arsenal finally managed to pass their way around and through a well-organised Swansea side. Hector Bellerin, Granit Xhaka, Lacazette and Ozil were all involved, with the German’s shot bouncing off a defender and running loose for Kolasinac to thump in via a deflection. The wing-back’s positive run to the byeline then set up Ramsey for the second, and there were other inspired moments, notably a beautiful, dragged backheel that sent Sanchez away down the left for a cross-shot that was saved.

Sunday, Monday Off

So I am working today, a Saturday. Has the world gone insane?

No, not really. As I had to take an emergency leave on Wednesday due to getting hurt and swelling just above the knee, we had to cancel the training for my current training batch of new hire employees. That was to have been day 1 of their training on the product & process. So we have to work this Saturday to compensate. I would have just taken a leave if the batch wasn’t scheduled to finish their training in 10 working days.

So I work today but I will be taking Sunday and Monday off and then next weekend I will be working on Saturday and only taking Sunday off. Bummer! I wanted to do the 1 day weekend thingy this week but my trainees have to go home to their hometowns and some of them live a little far away so they need two days off this week. Oh well! I guess I will go out tomorrow, I could use a haircut. Actually, I am over due for a haircut.

And then maybe I will go for a pizza or a couple of beers. I dunno. If I feel lazy on Sunday then I will go out on Monday morning. I will be working evening next week so that’s something.

The Earl Of Sandwich Should Be Proud

Sandwich Day! Share your best sandwich recipe.

Is there such a thing as the best sandwich? I dunno cause I have a lot of sandwiches that I like a lot. There is the ever popular club sandwich in various forms which suit almost every taste bud and belly. It is a double decker sandwich with usually a chicken salad, egg (in many forms like egg salad, fried egg or omelet), then tomatoes, onions, cucumbers (optional) and lettuce and plenty of mayo. Sometimes bacon. Which for me is mandatory!

Even a nice BLT would be fine! Lots of crispy and delicious hot bacon, lettuce and tomato with mayo. How about a fried chicken sandwich? What about a pulled pork sandwich? Oh my, i am feeling hungry now! But I would like to let you that I was a co-creator or atleast a bystander when an impressive sandwich was invented. My cousin Navin at the age of 10 or 11 came up with the cheese and tapioca chips sandwich which I dubbed the Navin sandwich after him.

And then there is the almost bizzare sandwich created by my other cousin Arun. A double decker sandwich – one layer is filled with spicy pickled prawn achaar and the other with jam. The jam was to cool down one’s tongue as the spicy prawn achaar was too hot!


The Best Infomercials That Tempted Me

Ā Have you ever bought one of those ā€œas seen on tvā€ items? Was it worth it?

No never though I have been tempted on many occasions. There have been a few that have caught my eye, but most have been ridiculously priced that I have y doubts about them. Anyway, I will tell you about a couple that I did want to buy.

There is this mop – can’t remember the name – that is almost futuristic in it’s application and the technology that it uses. I remember watching it with my mom one late evening and I was asking her if she wanted to buy it. She did and so did I but we had our doubts about the genuineness of the sellers on the infomercial.

And then there is the Magic Bullet! Truly the best infomercial on the planet ever. I mean the almost 30 minute video – which was shown here in clips of 8 or 10 minutes each is hilarious, though it surely wasn’t meant to be. But it has become my favourite and even a nostalgic favourite of mine. I want to buy the Magic Bullet someday.



Jesus fucking Christ! What is the point of this all? Another day at work and another 13 fucking hours at the office! This is getting beyond any sort of reasonable expectation. Work like a dog and do you get overtime – hell no!

This is getting a little out of hand. You can’t work your regular shift and then 4 hours extra and add an hour and a half of getting to and from the office to your home. I am getting rather tired and my health is getting affected badly. And I and am getting rather irritable and short tempered because of this nonsense.

Anyways I think we are coming to the end of this drivel. By the end of next week it will be done and I think we can get back to normal working hours and more peaceful working conditions.

Arsenal 2 Norwich City 1

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger predicted a bright future for teenager Edward Nketiah after his two goals helped the Gunners edge past Championship side Norwich City in extra time to reach the Carabao Cup quarter-finals. Substitute Nketiah, 18, scored twice after Norwich had taken the lead when James Maddison’s pass released Josh Murphy, who dinked a shot past Gunners debutant goalkeeper Matt Macey. The Canaries, sixth in the second tier, had chances to make it 2-0, but Macey pushed away Nelson Oliveira’s curled effort with Murphy and Mario Vrancic also missing chances.

Those misses proved crucial as Nketiah grabbed a late equaliser from close range only 15 seconds after coming on to leave it level after 90 minutes. The England Under-19 international then headed in from Mohamed Elneny’s corner for the winner. The 18-year-old former Chelsea youth player is the first player born since Wenger started his reign as Arsenal boss in 1996 to score for the club. The England Under-19 international then headed in from Mohamed Elneny’s corner for the winner. The 18-year-old former Chelsea youth player is the first player born since Wenger started his reign as Arsenal boss in 1996 to score for the club.

The second goal for the hosts came in the 96th minute through a powerful Nketiah header from Elneny’s fine delivery. Nketiah had a chance for a hat-trick, but Angus Gunn produced a fine save. Even though Canaries wanted a late penalty after Debuchy clashed with James Husband, Arsenal held on. The draw for the quarter-finals will take place at 16:00 BST on Wednesday, 25 October.

ROSHAN’S ELEVEN : Vlogs & Other YouTube Channels I Watch

Youtube Channels that I watch on a regular basis – these are the vlogs and other kinds of channels that I watch regularly. I am not counting in very professionally done videos or channels like FBE / Buzzfeed / Facts /

  • Ken Domik’s Vlogs / KBD Productions
  • Truck Josh Vlogs
  • Greg’s Kitchen / Grego (vlogs)
  • Trekyards
  • Geekology
  • Bowlestrek
  • Jack On The Go/Cooking With Jack
  • Irish Tekkie
  • My Virgin Kitchen
  • MLKKAEFEnterprises
  • Rob Chapman

Bought A New 2TB External Hard Drive

After more than 3 weeks of arguing with myself, checking prices, checking other people’s opinions and checking the varying prices and offers on Amazon.in I finally caved in and bought myself a 2TB external hard drive.

Some of you, old time readers or if you have accidentally found those particular blog posts will know that I rip my mp3s, dvds and blue ray copies onto external hard drives. I have 3 1TB drives (all Western Digital), a 320 GB Transcend drive and a 160 GB old Western Digital drive. the 160 GBĀ drive that serves as a back up for my mp3 files and aĀ 350 GBĀ drive that has mostly movie files. My three 1TB drives have music, photos, my own vids, photos, downloaded images, some other files and tv shows and movies. My vast collection of things from the internet or from my phone’s camera.

Space is running out soon as I also shoot a lot of videos myself plus I want a lot more space for the data. This 2TB drive is from Adata and it’s the ADATA HC660 2TB USB 3.0 Elite External Hard Drive (Titanium). I expect it on Wednesday.

Star Trek Discovery : Choose Your Pain

We finally see one of the main cast members, after 4 episodes, and see an old familiar character albeit played by a different actor as well as a different look. Also, what the heck is up with Stamet’s reflection?

Episode Synopsis:

After a month of successful operations, Lorca is ordered to protect the spore drive until it can be replicated for other Starfleet ships. As he returns to the Discovery, he is taken captive by the Klingons. Burnham has grown concerned with the toll that the drive has taken on Ripper. Along with Stamets’ partner, medical officer Hugh Culbert, Burnham convinces Stamets to find an alternative to run the drive. Lorca is imprisoned with captured Starfleet officer Ash Tyler and human criminal Harry Mudd, and in discussions Lorca reveals that he killed his entire crew during an earlier battle to spare them from the Klingons’ torture, but escaped himself. Lorca is tortured by L’Rell, who wants the secret behind Discovery’s new form of travel, but Lorca and Tyler escape before the Klingons learn anything. For the final jump needed to escape the Klingons, with Lorca and Tyler onboard, Stamets connects to the spore drive himself using Ripper’s DNA. Later, Burnham frees Ripper, while Stamets’ reflection does not walk away from a mirror when he does.

We see a lot of things – Lorca’s back story is very interesting. A captain not going down with his ship and instead is the only one survivor while the rest of his crew is dead? Apparently seeing that the crew would be captured by the Klingons and unable to save them and not wanting them to be tortured by their enemies, he took the decision to blow up the ship. This makes us understand his willingness to win the war at all costs.

Saru shows some character growth and development here. Saru gets his first taste of command when Lorca is captured and he asks the computer to list out the best captains in Starfleet’s history – a list which has Robert April, Phillippa Georgou, Matthew Decker, Christopher Pike and Johnathan Archer – and asks for common characteristics. He wants the computer to analyse his performance and check to see if has common traits. At the end, despite the rescue of Lorca and fellow Starfleet officer / POW Ash Tyler, Saru does not want to know the results from the computer, instead he lets his actions speak for themselves.

That brings us to Ash Tyler, a POW who has been on this Klingon ship for about 6 months. Klingon Lā€™Rell (Mary Chieffo) has taken over as captain of the ship and has taken a liking to him which has eased up his torture. And when I say liking – yeah, she is using him as a sex slave! Lorca meets Ash as well as Harry Mudd, who was captured while trying to escape his debtors. I think this Mudd is interesting; he has been a snitch for the Klingons and thus has been so far almost bruise free while other prisoners get beaten. He has a creature named Stewart who he has trained to steal food as well.

Lorca and Ash are able to escape, after Lorca has had a torture session, beat up and kill a few Klingons. When Ash is alone, L’Rell comes to find him and asks him how he could leave her after what they have been through. It’s a threat more than a lover’s lament and the look on Ash’s face says it all. Lorca shoots at her but it hits a beam and sparks ricochet off it onto her face, giving her a massive burn. She yells him pain as Lorca and Ash make their way to some shuttles and escape to be picked up by the Discovery, evading chasing Klingons.

The poor torturedĀ Tardigrade is being put through the wringer and Burnham is feeling empathy for it. She questions usage of the spore drive, which is hurting the creature so much. At one point it shrivels and shrinks down and Stamets uses it’s dna on himself and connects himself to the spore drive making the rescue of Lorca and Ash possible. And what the heck happens to him? After seeing him and his partner, Dr. Hugh Culber, are in their quarters brushing their teeth in the bathroom and while Stamets says he is fine, after he walks away we see his reflection still in the reflection with a sinister smile and then it walks away. What the hell?

Is this a foreshadowing of the mirror universe? Does the Discovery’s work with the spore drive cause the mirror universe to connect with us from time to time? We don’t know. Only time will tell. Also, is Ash a Klingon spy? Talks have been around that he is actually Voq, who has undergone surgery at a genetic level to disguise himself as a human. As wonderfully unique as that would be, it does not seem feasible and will have a lot more questions. I give the episode an 8.5 outta 10!