9 Things That I Despise

9 things you just can’t handle {gross things like ugly toes etc etc}

  1. Use of loudspeakers (especially religious and political stuff)
  2. Aviyal – which is a vegetarian dish that reminds me of puke
  3. Cockroaches – I see one I have to kill it
  4. Too much body hair, including mine. Shave that shit off!
  5. People being fake
  6. People being way too full of themselves. Self confidence is fine, but you aren’t that special
  7. Rap & hip-hop music
  8. Devotional songs – god is great and we are shit!
  9. Working overtime without getting paid for it

Prompt from Sweet Ideas : 50 Things To Blog About at FatMumSlim

Mid-Week Break – Diwali Holiday

So I had yesterday, off as it was being the day that the corporate HR selected as being Diwali for the state of Kerala. In most of the other states that the company has offices, the holiday is today – Thursday. Why is it different for Kerala? Who knows but what is important is that it is a mid-week day off which is great. Two days working, 1 day off then 2 more days of working before the weekend.

And I need this. My brain is ok but my body is not. I have a sprained back or rather side of my back and it hurts when I get up from bed. This has been going on for a few days now. Oddly enough it doesn’t hurt when I am sitting or standing but when I lie down and stretch and also when I get up from lying down. I woke up today and I am tired body and soul.

I woke up late yesterday and did not want to do much at all. I planned to go out for some dinner, maybe a pizza, but as my folks and aunt were going out to my sister’s place and having dinner there, I thought it was a good evening to stay in, order some fried chicken and drink a couple of vodkas. I needed that but I am still tired and hurting a bit.