2018 Is Almost Done

  • I celebrated the New Year in the usual style – quite day in listening to music, watching Youtube and relaxing
  • I decided to dip into my savings and finally get a higher end & expensive cell phone and bought the OnePLus 5T
  • We had a wonderful and mostly entertaining World Cup with France winning it all.
  • I turned 42 in August
  • We had that devastating flood in Kerala that caused so much property damage and some lives
  • Lost an uncle in September, when my mom’s second eldest brother passed away
  • I bought my first ever tv! I’ve usually watched on my family’s tv and for the last 10 years never watched anything on a tv except for a little bit here & there. But I bought a new smart tv.
  • I started my collection of dvds, bought a display shelf and have a good growing collection now.
  • Started getting more online work and it’s paying good.
  • I also started a collection, just 2 now, of Funko Pops. I don’t see that as becoming a huge collection but a few is ok.

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