Fur Parent Without A Dog

You know the saying, that some people say about certain kinds of women who don’t have kids but are motherly and very caring? “She’s a mother without a child!” In that case then I’m a dog owner / fur parent without a dog since 2005!

I love dogs; cats too but given a choice of only being able to keep one or the other, I would pick a dog as my companion any day. I love most dogs – not rabid or wild or aggressive street dogs – and I love looking at videos or pictures of dogs. When I am out and about and see someone with a dog, I always ask if I can say “hello” to their dog. I give the dog a nice pet and a couple of times I have bought biscuits for them as well.

I love many breeds but my favourite is the Golden Retriever, just the way my dog Shawny was. I also love Labradors, German Sheppards, Dobbermans, etc etc. Small dogs, big dogs are all cool and sweet. Sometimes I find myself lost in watching and rewatching puppy and dog videos on Youtube for hours at an end. Just a few minutes ago I watched this guy’s video in which he was actually reviewing his guitar but the beginning was a very cute 45 seconds of his Malamute, like the one pictured here.

And oh, I so want one. Ofcourse, Kerala is not exactly the right weather for a dog this furry but still I can wish for one. Someday, if I ever do get outta this building I live in, I will get a dog again.

Thinking Of Getting A Major Phone Upgrade

Well, well, well. I never thought this day would come but it has. Atleast, I never thought this day would come, unless I suddenly feel into some unexpected and large enough sum of cash or got a job that paid me around 20k to twice more than I what I currently earn. I never thought it would come but it has. I am thinking about purchasing a higher end phone!

Gasp! Egads! Yes I am. It still is a phone that is supposed to decently priced for it’s features and is infact called a flagship killer as other phones are more expensive. It’s more than twice the price of my last phone, the Moto G4Plus, which I got with a Rs.6,000 discount as I also exchanged my previous phone, the Samsung J7 (2015 model). The most I have paid for a phone is the 17k I paid for a BlackBerry Bold 9780; my next phone was a BlackBerry Q10 which was Rs.13k and change which I got on a discount online.

So this time it’s about Rs.33,000 and the phone in question is the OnePlus 5T which is something I have been looking at for a few weeks now. When the 5 was launched I was eager but could not fathom spending that kind of money but after the 5T was launched in November of 2017, I have been drooling. Look for this space in the next few days if I do get the phone.