Purchased A New Phone

Me, the guy who did not like to spend more than Rs.15k or so on mobile phones has just bought a phone that’s worth Rs.33,000.

Me, the guy who said he didn’t think that his phone should cost more than his laptop just bought a Rs.33,000 phone and his little-over-2 year old laptop was Rs.23,000 when he bought it (and with discount got it for Rs.21,000)

I have never bought anything this expensive since my motorbike back in 1994. I always looked for lower end phone or mid-level phone around the Rs.12,000-Rs.15,000 range. When I bought a BlackBerry Bold in 2013 for Rs.17k, I almost screamed inside me.

Times have changed and I have been thinking for well over a year that I would like a good flagship phone. And this one, the OnePlus 5T is known as the flagship killer. It comes in two variants – 64GB and 6GB RAM one and the more expensive 8GB and 128GB RAM one. I bought the former. In midnight black colour.

I wanted white (keeping with the colour trend for the past three phones I have had) but they were out of them. Then there is the lava red colour but it only comes in the more expensive variant and I can’t fine the Star Wars (in white) variant as well but then I wouldn’t want that either. So black it is.

Stay tuned for an unboxing soon.

Change Of Place

If you could change anything about your apartment or house what would it be and why?

Well I would totally change where I live – yuk, yuk! Why this place, this apartment and this city? As the years go by, and I know it’s kinda too late for me already, but I keep thinking that I should have taken the plunge years ago and moved to Bangalore. Let’s face it; I would have enjoyed living and working there.

The last time I went to Bangalore, was work related and it was in 2010, I stayed in this old building which was partly renovated on the inside. So some of the apartments had newish painted walls and the flooring was less than 8 to 10 years old, though the buildings would have gone up in the early to mid 80s. I was so comfortable there during the 3 days I stayed in it. It had two bedrooms – the one I stayed in was very large with bay windows – a small living room/dining and a kitchen in the main floor and on the top (yes it was a semi-duplex) it had a bedroom and a large balcony/terrace.

All three bedrooms came with bathrooms attached. The negatives were that yes the living room was tiny – two 2-seater sofas and a 4 seater (6 if you can cramp in) dining table and a tv just in front of the steps going up to the second level and it felt cramped. But the bedrooms were big and the balcony was good sized too. I want that kind of a place. I’d make the top bedroom a media room com home office.

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