The Human Centipede (First Sequence)

Made in 2009, this is a movie which I have avoided for so long. I kept hearing about this movie during the year before and after it’s release by a lot of horror fans. I watched a lot of people reacting to the trailer and doing reaction videos of watching or having watched the movie. I wanted to watch it but I was also disgusted by it. Just last night I gave my sister the synopsis and she was utterly disgusted.

The Human Centipede (The First Sequence) is s a 2009 Dutch horror film written, directed, and co-produced by Tom Six. The film tells the story of a German surgeon who kidnaps three tourists and joins them surgically, mouth to anus, forming a “human centipede”, a conjoined triplet. It stars Dieter Laser as the creator of the centipede, Dr. Josef Heiter, with Ashley C. Williams, Ashlynn Yennie, and Akihiro Kitamura as his victims. According to Six, the concept of the film arose from a joke he made with friends about punishing a child molester by stitching his mouth to the anus of a “fat truck driver”. Inspiration for the film also came from Nazi medical experiments carried out during World War II, such as the crimes of Josef Mengele at the Auschwitz concentration camp.

That is the story – seriously who the fuck comes up with this twisted and demented idea? LOL, seriously it’s not as gross as I expected it to be. The German actor Dieter Laser does a great job of acting as this crazed doctor who is obsessed with this idea of creating a centipede with humans after years of making a name for himself separating Siamese twins. He plays the mad scientist to a T, even threatening the cops who come searching for the missing tourists. He plans to combine the two girls as the middle (Lindsay) and end (Jenny) and connect them to the front of the centipede, a third victim he‚Äôs abducted named Katsuro (Kitamura).  I also think that making the Japanese tourist speak only in Japanese, spitting out his rage and frustration adds to the movie.

The shit scene – oh man, I was so scared and squeamish of watching that scene but it was only implied and you don’t get to see anything. Which is where the movie works best – the horror and disgust are mostly, not completely, but makes you imagine what is happening and that what’s in your mind is what disgusts you more. Full credit to Tom Six for that! 6 outta 10!

Long Weekend

Long weekend is here, lol. I get so many days off that it’s so awesome. I just wish that the bloody weather wasn’t this hot and humid. It’s actually making me feel miserable. Sweating in the night while trying to sleep is a big no-no. Today I woke up at around 11:30 am with a bad cold and wanting to go back to sleep. I must have caught the cold from the office. I stayed in bed for another 15 minutes before getting up.

Due to the heat and feeling tired, I actually fell asleep at around 3:30 and slept for 90 minutes. I was watching and catching up on some tv shows when sleep hit me. The evening has been a bit better but come 7pm and having to close the windows or else bugs and mosquitoes will come in, it’s been hot again. But it’s not as bad as the last few nights. I personally cannot wait for the monsoon.

Tomorrow I plan to go out but my plans as to where and with whom are not fixed yet. Two different set of folks (just 2 on each side actually) that do not really mix or know each other. My cousins on the left and two girls, former colleagues, who I am very close with on the other. If things go well I will still enjoy a nice day out. And I want some pizza, if possible.

7 Tips To Make Blogging Easier

  1. Have a nice, comfortable place to sit in when you blog. If it’s a desk, keep it as clutter free as possible. Anything other than a coffee mug or a glass or can of drink puts me off. Keep it neat.
  2. If you are in a house or apartment with other people, have you own secluded spot for blogging. Better yet, have it in a closed room.
  3. Music: yay or nay? Personally I would prefer to not have music playing unless it’s some instrumental stuff. That is pretty ok. But I wouldn’t want my favourite rock anthems to be playing while I try to blog. I wouldn’t get anything done.
  4. Only write about the stuff that you want. Do not get pressured into writing about stuff you are not into.
  5. Read a lot of other blogs. Get inspired by the blogs you are interested in.
  6. Set aside some time for everyday or how many days of the week you want to blog. Keep that time aside and make sure that you just keep typing.
  7. Take notes throughout events, movies, parties – any time of the day really. You may want to blog about it later. So your smartphone is really handy for that. And ofcourse you can blog straight from your phone too.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi¬†(also known as¬†Star Wars: Episode VIII ‚Äď The Last Jedi) is a 2017 American¬†epic¬†space opera¬†film written and directed by¬†Rian Johnson. It is the second installment of the¬†Star Wars¬†sequel trilogy¬†and the eighth main installment of the¬†Star Wars¬†franchise, following¬†Star Wars: The Force Awakens¬†(2015). It was produced by¬†Lucasfilm¬†and distributed by¬†Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. The¬†ensemble cast¬†includes¬†Mark Hamill,¬†Carrie Fisher,¬†Adam Driver,¬†Daisy Ridley,¬†John Boyega,¬†Oscar Isaac,¬†Andy Serkis,¬†Lupita Nyong’o,¬†Domhnall Gleeson,¬†Anthony Daniels,¬†Gwendoline Christie¬†and¬†Frank Oz¬†in returning roles, with¬†Kelly Marie Tran,¬†Laura Dern¬†and¬†Benicio del Toro¬†joining the cast. The film features the final film performance by Fisher, who died in December 2016, and it is dedicated to her memory. The plot follows¬†Rey¬†as she receives¬†Jedi¬†training from¬†Luke Skywalker, in hopes of turning the tide for the¬†Resistance¬†in the fight against¬†Kylo Ren¬†and the¬†First Order.

So I finally got around to it and to be honest there were parts of it which I found to be boring in some parts and a bit predictable. I am not a big fan of Star Wars and I have this say this – I do not see why this franchise is so popular and why a lot of people find this franchise and universe so fascinating. I am not that impressed. Also I am one who likes the prequel trilogy and think that they were essential for us to understand the main characters in the original trilogy and especially Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader. And I wasn’t impressed with the Force Awakens which is just a rehash of A New Hope (JJ is known to do that, what say Star Trek : Into Darkness?) .

What did I like from the movie? The special effects, the fight scenes, the spaceship fight scenes, the light sabre fight scenes with Kylo & Rey and everything with Leia, Poe and his character development and the new character Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo (Laura Dern) who becomes a hero with her death. What didn’t make much sense is the new Jedi trick of projecting themselves across great distances of light years and interacting with someone, Luuke’s behaviour throughout his interaction with Rey, the casino “royale” scene which made no sense and the whole adventure that Finn & Rose go through to get the codebreaker – for nothing! And Phasma – wow, that was a slap in the face. I was expecting a lot from this character and they ruined it!

And what the heck is with the porgs if that’s what you call them? Stupid, idiotic looking animals. Luke, who is completely out of character in this film milking some animal and then drinking the milk that he just squeezed out of it’s tits? The final fight scene between Kylo and Luke – don’t get me wrong, it was cool but the fact that Luke was mind projecting all that while and not really there was a bit weird. And he dies or decides to die in peace once that is done as he looks up at the rising suns on his exile planet. Finn was a supporting character and not very impressive in this movie.

The Last Jedi¬†had its world premiere in¬†Los Angeles¬†on December 9, 2017, and was released in the United States on December 15, 2017. It has grossed over $1.3¬†billion worldwide, making it the¬†highest-grossing film of 2017, the¬†7th-highest-ever grossing film in North America¬†and the¬†9th-highest-grossing film of all time, as well as the second-highest-grossing film of the¬†Star Wars¬†franchise. It’s beyond me but then money and Disney and the Star Wars machine defies odds. 7.5 outta 10!

4 Day Weekend Coming Up?

Well it’s coming to the end of the first part of my holiday. As mentioned earlier, I had applied for 9 days leave and off combined at work so I could relax and recharge before the upcoming busy schedule at work which will see me and my department have multiple new training batches to handle as we are expecting 350 new people to join our company and process. That is a big number but no where as big as the initial numbers floated.

So I got my leaves but I have to be in to work tomorrow. After that I was to get the three day weekend that everyone is getting as it’s the Good Friday-Easter weekend. However that may stretch to 4 days as it has been confirmed that we are to have a nationwide strike on Monday. And its a 24 hour strike which means no offices, businesses, shops or stores will be open all Monday till Tuesday midnight. Sheesh!

So this will mean I and my colleagues along with many others will get a 4 day weekend to enjoy and relax and party. Party on Monday in the comfort of your, family’s or close friends’ homes. Better stock up on beer and the essentials.

Tuesday Shopping In Town

These are really hot and humid days. Last night I could barely sleep as I had a pool of sweat right under my head as I lay in bed while watching a movie. Sleep isn’t that fun these nights. Whew!

Today I was out shopping. First I went to Panampillly Nagar to meet a friend and went to ITnet as he wanted to buy a new laptop. We checked out various models until he finally selected one that was just under his budget (4GB ram and 1TB HDD, I forgot the processor but I think it’s core i5) and then went to French Toast for some cold coffees and discussion. I must say that French Toast has a lot of pretty and rich (and in some cases just pretty rich) people, mostly women coming in.


Having done with the coffees I said goodbye and took an Uber to Seemati and went to their 2nd floor Men’s Studio to buy some shirts. I select two, the ones you see in the shot above. Very small selection for the large person. Anyway, I spent 10 minutes there before leaving for Center Mall and shopping for some essentials and a few snacks and some juice in Big Bazaar. After that I went to Burger King for a nice burger and a Pepsi with fries. After that I came back home, sweating and tired.

My 21st Was 21 Years Ago???!!

Write about your 21st birthday

1997, August 2nd. That was the day I turned 21. Seems like a lifetime ago. 20 years ago —– almost 21 years ago; man has it been that long? I had to go and check up and see what I did for my 21st birthday because I wasn’t blogging at the time. I only started blogging in 2002 and only became aware of blogs in 2000! See how useful blogs are?

1997 means I was studying at NIIT and having a really good time with the friends I made over there. This must also have been around the time that my cousins from Scotland came to stay in my grandmother’s hometown for a long summer vacation. I cannot remember if they came before or after my birthday though.

I kinda think I spent my birthday alone at home or went out for some beer. I think it’s the latter. I think my next birthday was at my grandmother’s house and we had some snacks or something. 21 was real mellow.

Prompt from See Jane Write


Annihilation is a 2018¬†science fiction¬†horror film¬†written and directed by¬†Alex Garland, based on the¬†novel of the same name¬†by¬†Jeff VanderMeer. The film stars¬†Natalie Portman,¬†Jennifer Jason Leigh,¬†Gina Rodriguez,¬†Tessa Thompson,¬†Tuva Novotny, and¬†Oscar Isaac, and follows a group of military scientists who enter “The Shimmer”, a mysterious quarantined zone full of mutating landscapes and creatures. The film was released in North America by¬†Paramount Pictures¬†on February 23, 2018, and in other markets on March 12, 2018 by¬†Netflix.

From the skies something flashes by and hits a lighthouse in an area in Southern California and a shimmer like dome appears surrounding it. Over the course of three years the area inside the shimmer, deemed Area X, grows and expands until it reaches almost city size. Cellular biology¬†professor and former¬†U.S. Army¬†soldier Lena’s husband and Army Special Forces¬†soldier named Kane is one of the military men sent in to investigate the inside of the shimmer as part of the 3rd group sent in – no one comes back out. A year later, after deemed to have been lost, Kane returns back home surprising Lena without much memory of what happened and suddenly become ill. Lena calls an ambulance but a government security force intercepts Lena and Kane on the way to a hospital and brings them to Area X.

Psychologist Dr. Ventress recruits Lena into the project, after being question by her as she feels that a group of scientists should follow the all military 3 expeditions. The research expedition consisting of them, physicist Josie Radeck, anthropologist Cass Sheppard, and paramedic Anya Thorensen. Lena does not reveal to her teammates, other than Ventress, that Kane is her husband. Once inside the shimmer they lose track of time and events that happened and their equipment save for supplies and ammo are useless. Inside the now swamp like environment they are attacked by a mutated crocodile which has teeth like a shark, which the manage to kill. They then find Kane & group’s base of operations inside an abandoned military center and in a memory card find a recording that shows Kane cutting open a living expedition member to reveal that something inside him is moving.

At night a mutated, bear-like creature drags Cass away and kills her; the following morning, the team see Cass’s boot. Lena investigates further alone, and she discovers the mutilated corpse of Cass, which she reveals to the others. As the team continues toward the lighthouse at the center of the shimmer, they find a settlement filled with human-shaped plants. Josie hypothesizes that the shimmer is acting on organisms the way a¬†prism¬†distorts and¬†refracts¬†light. The team members realize they are rapidly changing as well. That night when Anya discovers that Lena is Kane’s wife, she gets paranoid and restraints the other three. Anya hears what sounds like Cass screaming for help outside, and investigates. The creature that killed Cass enters the house, and the screams are coming from the creature. It kills Anya and attacks Lena before Josie shoots and kills the creature.

Ventress, who is dying of cancer, goes to the lighthouse alone while Josie, seemingly gives herself to the mutation happening and changes into a human shaped plant. A distraught Lena heads to the lighthouse where she finds a corpse, incinerated by a phosphorous grenade. A video recording footage in the camera next to him shows Kane ranting about the shimmer’s effects on him, urging someone offscreen to find Lena, and finally committing suicide and his doppelganger appears near him. Lena descends into the hole and finds Ventress, who tells her the forces at work will spread to encompass everything. Ventress disintegrates into a glowing¬†nebulous structure¬†that absorbs a drop of blood from Lena’s face and creates a humanoid entity that mimics Lena’s every motion and eventually transforms into an identical copy of her.

Lena manages, after a tussle, to set an active phosphorus grenade in its hands before fleeing. The creature is set ablaze by the grenade and it spreads the flames everywhere engulfing the lighthouse, and the various constructs in the area collapse and the shimmer fades away. Lena goes back and is questioned by the military while under quarantine and is reunited with the doppleganger Kane.¬†She asks him whether he is the real Kane, to which he replies, “I don’t think so.” He asks her if she is Lena, to which she does not respond. The two embrace as their¬†irises¬†shimmer and shift in color.

Here is a scifi movie that is slow and methodical and yet brings enough intrigue and some terror and thoughtfulness into the plot. You are left wondering and guessing as the movie ends, which is what good scifi does. I will give it an 8 outta 10!

My Blog & Why

Describe how you started blogging and what inspires you.

I remember reading a couple of blogs during the 1999-2001 period. Maybe it’s more 2000 and 2001 and I kinda liked the idea of an online log. I have kept diaries during various times of my life. At the age of 15 I kept a diary in which I would enter a few lines about the day and my thoughts about certain things on a daily basis and even back then I had a song for the day section at the end of each entry. I soon started writing about my feelings and opening up my heart about certain stuff that was going on in my life.

When I went on a 3 day school trip to Kodaikannal, it was a way of recording the things that happened there on that fun trip. I stopped writing in my diary the next year ‚Äď although I should have continued as so many things happened to me during the ages of 16-19. During my 1 month rest post operation at the age of 21, being mostly restricted indoors and mostly staying in my room, I started writing a bit again but it didn‚Äôt last beyond those 30 days. Mostly I wrote in a book about the albums & songs I listened to each day (and I listened to a lot). I also managed to create a scrap book of the 1998 World Cup in France and wrote stuff about the matches that I would see. In 2002 I moved to Calicut and mostly to keep a record of things there, I started a blog after having started reading a few during the past few months.

I created a blogger account and the blog is still there but I lost track of why I kept it once I moved back to Cochin and around 2004 it became a hockey & football oriented blog with the occasional blog post. Then in 2005 September I started a new one in blogger ‚Äď also called Awake & Dreaming ‚Äď and it became the kind of style that you see today. And in 2007 Jan 1st onwards ‚Äď I started this blog you see here. It’s a big release for me, it’s a way to get my creative side out and it’s a way for me to keep a track of things and as I grow older I can look back at events and read them and enjoy them again. That’s why I blog.

Prompt from 31 DAYS OF MARCH WRITING PROMPTS at The SitsGirls

Pacific Rim Uprising

Pacific Rim Uprising is a 2018 American science fiction film directed by Steven S. DeKnight (in his feature-film directorial debut) and written by DeKnight, Emily Carmichael, Kira Snyder, and T.S. Nowlin. It is the sequel to the 2013 film Pacific Rim, with Guillermo del Toro, director of the original, serving as a producer here. The sequel stars John Boyega (making his producer debut) as well as Scott Eastwood, Cailee Spaeny, Jing Tian, Adria Arjona, and Zhang Jin, with Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Day, and Burn Gorman returning from the original film. Set in the year 2030, the plot follows humanity needing to again fight Kaiju, giant monsters set on destroying the world.

Set 10 years after the events of the 2012 film, ¬†former Jaeger pilot Jake Pentecost‚Äďson of Kaiju War hero Stacker Pentecost‚Äďmakes a living by stealing and selling Jaeger parts on the¬†black market. While trying to steal part of a disabled Jaeger’s power core, he and teenager Amara Namani (who stole the core to power her homemade and much smaller Jaeger, Scapper)¬† is arrested by the Pan-Pacific Defense Corps. His adoptive sister and PPDC General Secretary Mako Mori gives Jake a choice between prison and returning to the PPDC as an instructor. Both Jake and Amara, who is recognized for her talent, are taken to the PPDC where Jake starts training Jaeger program recruits with his estranged former co-pilot Nate Lambert. Nate and his sister reveal to him that the Jaeger program is threatened by Shao Corporation’s drone program, which offers to mass produce remote controlled Jaegers developed by Liwen Shao and Dr. Newt Geiszler.

Mako is due to deliver a final assessment to determine the authorization of the drones at a PPDC council meeting in Sydney, but is killed by rogue Jaeger¬†Obsidian Fury¬†before she can report. The drone program is authorized and before her death Mako reveals the location of a defunct Jaeger production facility in Russia, which she suspects¬†Obsidian Fury¬†is using as a base of operations. Before Jake and Nate can investigate the area in their own Jaeger,¬†Obsidian Fury¬†destroys the complex and engages them in battle. Upon destroying its reactor, they find that¬†Obsidian Fury¬†was controlled by a Kaiju’s secondary brain. Later, the drones are taken over by cloned Kaiju brains and simultaneously attack Shatterdomes worldwide, inflicting heavy casualties on the PPDC forces and incapacitating almost all Jaegers. Hermann Gottlieb seeks out Geiszler for help, unaware that Geiszler is the mastermind behind the attack, as he has been corrupted by regularly drifting with Kaiju brains.

Seeking to destroy the world for the Precursors, the alien race who created the Kaiju, Geiszler has installed a backdoor in the drone program so that the Kaiju brains could take over the drones, destroy the PPDC and open new breaches all over the world. Although Shao is able to destroy the drones, three powerful Kaiju successfully emerge from the Breaches and unite in Tokyo. The team realizes that the Precursors’ goal is to activate the¬†Ring of Fire¬†by having the Kaiju fall into¬†Mount Fuji, where their blood will react with the volcano’s rare earth elements and activate all of the volcanoes volcano in the ring of fire, wiping out all life on Earth and terraforming the planet for their colonization. Using the recruits and 4 jaegers, the team launch an attack at the the Kaiju, Geiszler merges them into one gigantic beast that quickly overpowers the team. The PPDC use¬†Gipsy Avenger, the last operational Jaeger to destroy the Kaiju with a rocket designed by Shao. In the aftermath, Geiszler is taken into custody by Nate.

The captive Geiszler threatens that his masters will attack the world over and over again. Jake replies that next time, humanity will be the ones attacking the Precursors. Setting up what could be an awesome third movie, which could be made if this movie is successful. I must admit, initially I was not impressed with the movie as it looked and felt like so many other films. The original movie was much better but in the second part of the film, things picked up and the action is riveting. Albeit the actors do look cheesy with all the stuff they have to do but it was fun. No characters really stand out. I’ll give it a 7 outta 10!

Here Comes Another Staycation

So here I am in the beginning of a staycation. Yeah, no warning eh? Totally out of the blue eh boys and girls? Well I was planning one a few days ago as we got to know the schedule of a major ramp at work. That ramp will mean long working hours and we (atleast the 6-7 people) in my department won’t be able to take leaves in the middle from April 6th till the end of June.

So I applied for and got some leave. I am on leave from today till the 2nd of April. A total of 9 days including two Saturdays and two Sundays off and with the next Friday being a holiday it’s actually only 5 days leave but 9 days vacation. Well, I may have to go in to work on Thursday if the two calls and 1 meeting are taking place. Most probably they will and so I won’t count that day.

So today after I woke up at 12 pm I had coffee and then dilly dallied for an hour or so before I went to take a shower and shave and got ready to leave the house just before 2pm. With no breakfast or lunch I left to go to Lulu Mall for the 3 pm movie showing of Pacific Rim : Uprising. I had a large Coke and a small Caramel popcorn as I was starving by then. Once the movie was over, I went to have a late lunch and then bought a few things and then came home. The next two days will see me relaxing at home doing nothing.


What does the word ‚ÄúResurrection‚ÄĚ mean to you?

Resurrection for me does not mean a flight of fancy where someone comes back from the dead and performs miracle. Resurrection means bringing back the past glory or just bringing something back that wasn’t around for a while.

A fashion trend, a particular style of music or art or movies. Anything. It also reminds me of a good tv show that lasted a couple of seasons with the same name. It was alright; I thought it started out with a lot of promise but the problem was that we had so few characters that stood out and hardly anyone was rooting for them. But it was good enough.

I have no clue what else resurrection could stand for. This is what it means to me, atleast.