Saturday Working

Yo homies, how are you doing? Happy Cinco de Mayo and Revenge of the Fifth! This is one rare Saturday that I am working. So therefore that also means that yesterday was a rare Friday that I could never exclaim “Thank Godzilla or The God Particle It’s Friday” since I am working today.

Good thing I have a lighter schedule today. I have covered a lot of my topics during the last 10 days and hence I can even relax a little bit today. And as I am still recovering from that cold and cough (cough is almost all gone) I feel a lot better. Hey, maybe I might even have that beer in the fridge that’s left over from the haul a couple of weeks ago.

Since I only have one day off this weekend, and I am working till 3:30 am and so I will only wake up by 11 am or 12 pm. That usually means I won’t feel like going out that day and will stay in and see if my folks want to order in and I will order some good food and watch a movie, some football and relax.