Change Needed

Write about something you’ve been avoiding.

I’ve been avoiding finding a different job to work in. I need to find a new place and make a move within the next few months if not in the next month. It would be better for my health and I could also use with a good hike in my salary. I am not talking about 2-5k more but way, way more.

I am not ready to blog about other stuff that has been happening. Let’s just say that I am done with being so frustrated at work. I could use a change of pace and it’s now a good enough time that I have spent in my current place of employment that I can move without there being much question about any lack of stability.

I also need to get out of these night shifts if I can. I don’t mind it so much but I get so tired and jaded that I cannot wait for the weekend to begin so I can rest.

Prompt from 365 Blog Post Ideas and Writing Prompts at SeaJaneWrite